The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential stands out as the main industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally in-demand and recognized, this certification demonstrates that one has the competency, education, and experience to direct, manage and lead projects. With a PMP® credential, project managers enjoy increased salaries, among other perks.

To pass the exams related to the certification, it is important to be adequately prepared. To ensure this is the case, you must possess the necessary resources and books.

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The following are the top ten books and resources to refer to for PMP® certification:

Head First PMP®

Popular with aspirants, the Head First PMP® series offers an informal, enjoyable approach to preparing for the PMP® exam. Head First PMP® provides 100% coverage of the principles and certification objectives in an easy to understand way, with concepts explained in a unique method that goes way beyond the answers to specific questions to give you a new perspective to project management.

By putting all concepts into context, readers are able to understand, remember, and apply the principles not only in their exams, but also to their careers.

The core part of this book also includes the latest research in neurobiology, learning theory, and cognitive science.

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Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)


This exceptional project management book reflects the state of the industry, collating knowledge from a number of working project managers from across the globe. Apart from covering all the essentials of project management their application on a wide array of projects, this critically acclaimed book also provides project managers with the essential tools to effectively practice project management. It also equips these managers with extensive knowledge of how to deliver organizational results.

One of the core areas of the book is ‘Project Stakeholder Management’, which expands on the importance of properly engaging project managers and other stakeholders in key activities and decisions.
Another important topic the book covers is ‘Project Data Information’. This advises project managers on how they can effectively align data, information, wisdom, and knowledge in their practice.

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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Study Guide

This highly acclaimed project management professional study guide is exactly what you need to clear your exams. It is completely updated for the latest exam, and is perhaps the most comprehensive resource on this list. By browsing through the book, readers benefit from an array of comprehensive discussions on a variety of key PMP® terms, concepts and topics, covering the entire gamut of project management procedures and processes.

You may use this book even after your exams as a reference. Every chapter of the book covers a set of objectives that are followed by in-depth and detailed discussions of the objectives. You’ll find hands-on and real-world scenarios that prepare you for the countless situations you are expected to face in your line of duty.
This resource is ideal for anyone who is studying for the CAPM® program.

Among other things, the book includes:

  • A detailed coverage of exam objectives in methodical fashion. You can rest assured that you are getting the right instructions for your exam.
  • Practical or real-world scenarios which place all lessons learnt in the context of actual job roles.
  • Extremely challenging review questions in every chapter for adequate preparation.
  • Exam fundamentals – a vital feature in each chapter that identifies all the critical areas which you ought to become proficient in prior to the exam.

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Principles of Project Management

This e-book helps both project managers and students of project management understand the principles or fundamentals of project management. The book also outlines how the processes provided therein support them. The book covers project management in a whopping sixteen chapters. Some of the chapters are:

  • Chapter I – Project Management Principles
  • Chapter II – Introduction to the Guidebook
  • Chapter III – Project Management Definition
  • Chapter IV – Engineering Projects/Management Projects
  • Chapter V – Project Management Perspectives
  • Chapter VI – Project Organization and Structure
  • Chapter VII  - Projects in Matrix-Management Environment
  • Chapter VIII – Project Stakeholders Definition

By the time you finish reading this awesome eBook, you will have learnt the following:

  • The definition of projects and why they are different from business processes
  • How an organization’s structure impacts project management
  • The definition of project management responsibilities and roles
  • The specific types of projects that lend themselves to PMBOK® Guide

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PMP® Exam Prep, 8th Edition

This is a proven, time-tested study guide to help readers succeed on the PMP® exam. Some of the amazing features of this information-rich book are:

  • Tricks of the project management trade
  • Exclusive exercises
  • Cross references to the PMBOK® Guide pages for an easy lookup
  • Practice exam questions (over 400 of these throughout the book)
  • A whole chapter dedicated exclusively to providing tips that will ensure candidates pass the exam on their first attempt

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PMP® Exam Certification Kit

This is the sole study tool for PMP® candidates. A certification kit, this resource provides candidates with an inside look at both the major and minor tasks that a project manager encounters in the field. This study kit contains a host of other resources that any candidate will find important.

Because PMP® students are required to put thousands of hours in practice as project managers, this kit equips them with all they need to know about the job. The kit contains a variety of other essential resources such as Project Manager Street Smarts and the Project Management exam guide.

The kit will definitely provide helpful insights on how to pass an exam as well as make it in your career. It includes:

  • Full coverage of exam objectives
  • Challenging practice exams
  • CDs with a leading-edge examination prep software
  • Countless sample questions
  • Exercises to develop and build your skills

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PMP® certification study guide

This is an update of the current PMBOK® Guide. It contains crucial information on how to prepare and pass your exams. In the resource, you’ll find:

  • Exam readiness checklist
  • Full coverage of PMP® exam objectives
  • A highlight of all key exam topics covered
  • Simulated exam questions
  • Two-minute drills for your quick review in each chapter

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PMP® Exam: How to pass on your first try

Authored by Andy Crowe, this book is definitely a must-have for any PMP® candidate. Built around preparation techniques to clear the exam on the first attempt, the book contains insider secrets, hundreds of sample questions, test tricks and tips as well as plenty of exercises designed to strengthen your mastery of main concepts.

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Project Planning & Scheduling

Authored by Gregory T Haugan, this book is the only resource that makes all planning tools and methods available to existing and prospective project managers. It is very easy to understand, and includes a cohesive, step-by-step approach to improve both operational and strategic planning. With this book, you are sure to master all the advanced scheduling techniques as well as tools like strategic planning models. You’ll also discover time and error saving checklists.

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Project Management Case Studies

This book offers a comprehensive collection of all the project management case studies that are available today. It features over one hundred case studies. The book illustrates both the successful implementation of projection management and the failures, too. This helps avoid problems in real world situations.
In this edition, you’ll find:

  • Case studies that illustrate poor and successful implementations of project management
  • An array of industries including manufacturing, aerospace, finance and banking, medical and telecommunications
  • Follows and supports the preparation of PMP® certification exam

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This list of books is comprehensive enough to enable you to prepare adequately for both the exam and your career, and clear the PMP® certification exam on the first attempt.


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