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With this Salesforce App Builder exam, you can test your proficiency in Salesforce. This Salesforce app builder certification is a representation of the real exam and professionals looking to get certified in the salesforce app builder certification exam will benefit from this mock test. This salesforce developer certification dumps can be taken multiple times for free. For those who prefer a systematic approach of studying this app builder certification will benefit them greatly. Give it a go today!

  • 60 Questions,
  • 60 Minutes
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1. This is a FREE test and can be attempted multiple times. But it is recommended to take the test when you are ready for best practice experience.

2. Test Duration: 60 Minutes

3. Number of questions: 60 Multiple Choice Questions

4. Each question has multiple options out of which one or more may be correct

5. You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later. Your test will resume from where you left, but the test time will be reduced by the amount of time you've taken in the previous attempt.

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1. Leads can be added to:
2. Standard Fields Labels can be modified by going to:
3. Leads Home Page is not used to:
4. Formula fields cannot be used for:
5. Roll-up summaries are only available in:
6. What is the limit number of recipients for the Salesforce standard mass-email feature?
7. The length limit for any numeric field such as currencies, percentages, numbers, is:
8. Which of the following statement is true about 'Phone' Fields.
9. Products are added to:
10. What is the term used when a Picklist can relate to another Picklist and control the reflecting values of the second one.
11. Who can view Encryptions?
12. Which of the following is not a type of button.
13. An Object's Fields, Page Layout, Rules, Triggers, Record Types are known as:
14. Tasks are for Date Sensitive items and ___ ___ are for Time-Sensitive Actions.
15. Standard Object Fields can be modified in all these areas, except:
16. A Salesforce org can access an external data source by:
17. How many custom objects can be created in a Salesforce org?
18. Which of the following is required to create a Custom Object.
19. Which of the following action can be performed by Visual Flow and not Workflow.
20. You can alter the Visual Flows only when:
21. Lead Assignment Rules are used for:
22. Which of the following action can be performed by Visual Flow and not Process Builder.
23. Record Types allow the use of different:
24. How many templates can you create for Quotes?
25. Objects and Fields cannot be created via:
26. Which of the following action can be performed through the Schema Builder?
27. Validation Rules are used:
28. Validation Rules have a formula character limit of:
29. The validation rule will stop a user from saving when the formula evaluates it as a:
30. Which of the following factors can a Case Escalation Rules be based on?
31. Which of the following statement is true about All Lighting Components?
32. A Sandbox is not:
33. Change sets contain all forms of customization to deploy over to Production such as:
34. The feature called Knowledge is meant to be used as:
35. Which of the following format is the web-to-case form created in?
36. The four report formats are:
37. Select the Report Formats compatible with Report Charts.
38. What is the import limit in Import Wizard?
39. What is the limit of the 'Mass Delete Record' feature in Salesforce?
40. When is it advisable to use Dataloader instead of Import Wizard?
41. Which of the following statement is NOT correct about Report Formulas?
42. Which of the following Import file format is accepted by Dataloader.
43. Which of the following do you require to delete a record?
44. Which of the following statement is NOT true about deployments?
45. Eclipse is not:
46. Which of the following feature would you need to enable for an Organization to share records with another?
47. 'Set History Tracking' keeps track of:
48. Which of the following format is the web-to-lead form is created in?
49. You can use the AppExchange to find all, except:
50. The four report formats are:
51. Which of the following Report Formats are compatible with Report Charts?
52. Which of the following statement is NOT true about Report Formulas?
53. How many Dashboards can be displayed in the Home Page at once?
54. To be able to view a Dashboard on your iPad a feature needs to be enabled in:
55. List views are criteria-based filters that can be saved for the viewing of one or many individual.
56. In the process of converting a Lead, creating an Opportunity is optional and all other
57. Which of the following statement is true about Dashboards?
58. There are different layers of security settings in Salesforce, except:
59. Which of the following is revealed by Audit Trail?
60. Administrators can reset all passwords by going to:
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All test progress will be lost in case you close the browser without finishing the test. Please finish the test to access your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Salesforce mock test?

    The Salesforce App Builder certification dumps is similar to the Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam. The mock test contains 60 questions that must be answered in 60 minutes just as in the actual Salesforce exam. The objective of this test is to enable the candidates to master the concepts of the Salesforce Platform App Builder.

  • Who can take up this Salesforce App Builder practice exam?

    The Salesforce App Builder practice exam is free of cost and is most suitable for individuals who want to start a career in Salesforce. Also, professionals who want to get certified in the salesforce app builder certification exam can benefit from this exam simulator.

  • What will I learn from this practice test?

    The Salesforce App Builder exam simulator contains 60 multiple choice questions that test the candidate’s proficiency in Salesforce. The practice test will provide you with a systematic approach to prepare for the app builder certification.

  • What are the requirements to take this practice test?

    This Salesforce App Development practice exam does not have any requirements.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    Yes. Our practice tests are updated frequently to provide you with the latest information every time.

  • Will this App Builder practice test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    The Salesforce exam is designed to make you more comfortable in taking the Salesforce exam. While it does not guarantee you clear the exam, it ensures that you are better prepared to take the real deal.

  • What is included in this practice test?

    The Salesforce App Builder practice test is inclusive of 60 MCQs and can be attempted any number of times for free. You can pause the test halfway and continue later.

  • Can I retake this Salesforce App Builder Practice Test?

    Yes. You can practice the Salesforce App Builder online test any number of times as you like. However, it is best to take the exam when you are well prepared with the Salesforce App Builder concepts.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The Salesforce questions are similar to the questions you will face in the Salesforce App Builder certification exam.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    You are allowed to take the Salesforce App Builder online test any number of times. If you were not able to clear the test in your first try, you can learn more about Salesforce concepts are from our Salesforce App Builder Course and re-attempt the test.

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