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When you take our SalesForce platform developer 1 certification dumps of 2017, you become more confident when you write the real certification exam. With this SalesForce certified platform developer 1 mock exam, you can identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie in this domain. These SalesForce platform developer 1 questions are representative of the real exam and give you an accurate picture of where you stand. Take the SalesForce developer certification dumps for free today!

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2. Test Duration: 60 Minutes

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1. In which of the following environments can Developers write code? Select all that apply.
2. How can a developer avoid exceeding Governor Limits when using an Apex Trigger? Select all that apply.
3. Which of these is an accurate statement about "with sharing" keywords? Select all that apply.
4. Which standard field mandatorily needs to be populated when a developer inserts new Contact records programmatically?
5. In the given code, from where does the Boolean inherit its value? _x000D_Boolean b = true;
6. Which of these is a characteristic of the Lightning Component framework? Select all that apply.
7. Visualforce components are similar to which type of tag library containing tag namespace prefixes?
8. A developer wants to display all of the available record types for a Case object. The developer also wants to display the picklist values for the Case.Status field. The Case object and the Case.Status field are on a custom Visualforce page. What action can the developer perform to get the record types and picklist values in the controller? Select all that apply.
9. On a Visualforce page with a custom controller, by using an ID parameter that is passed in the URL, how should a developer retrieve a record? Select all that apply.
10. A Visualforce page has a standard controller for an object that has a lookup relationship to a parent object. How can a developer display data from the parent record on the page?
11. A developer needs to provide a Visualforce page that lets users enter product-specific details during a sales cycle. How can this be accomplished? Select all that apply.
12. What is the preferred way to reference web content such as images, stylesheets, JavaScript, and other libraries that is used in Visualforce pages?
13. The Review__c object has a lookup relationship with the Job_Application__c object. The Job_Application__c object has a master-detail relationship with the Position__c object. The relationship field names are based on the auto-populated defaults. What is the recommended way to display field data from the related Review__c records on a Visualforce page for a single Position__c record?
14. Which of these statements are true about the "view state" inspector? Select all that apply.
15. What type of a programming language is Apex? Select all that apply.
16. A developer creates a Workflow Rule declaratively that updates a field on an object. An Apex update trigger exists for this object. What happens when a user updates the record?
17. A developer needs to automatically populate the ReportsTo field in a Contact record based on the values of the related Account and Department fields in the record. Which type of Trigger would the developer create? Select all that apply.
18. A developer uses a before insert trigger on the Lead object to fetch Territoy__c object, where the Territory__c. PostalCode__c matches the Lead.PostalCode. The code fails when the developer uses the Apex Data Loader to insert 10000 Lead records> The developer has the following code block: for(Lead l :{ if(l.PostalCode != null){ List<Territory__C> terrList = [SELECT Id FROM Territory__c WHERE PostalCode__c =:l.PostalCode;] if(terrList.size() > 0){ l.Territory__c = terrList[0].Id; } } } Which line of code is causing the code block to fail?
19. In what order does Salesforce execute events while saving a record?
20. What is the result when a Visualforce page calls an Apex controller, which in turn calls another Apex class, causing the code to hit a Governor Limit?
21. When would a developer use a custom controller instead of a controller extension? Select all that apply.
22. What is the value of x after the code segment executes? String x = 'A' Integer I = 10; if (I < 15){ I = 15; x = 'B'; } else if ( I < 20) { x = 'C'; } else { x = 'D'; }
23. In a single record, a user selects multiple values from a multi-select pick list. How are the selected values represented in Apex?
24. Which of these is a good practice for a developer to follow when writing a trigger? Select all that apply.
25. How can a developer determine, from the DescribeSObjectResult, if the current user will be able to create records for an object in Apex?
26. Which of these is an accurate statement about variable scope? Select all that apply.
27. Which code block returns the ListView of an Account object using the following Debug statement? _x000D_system.debug(controller.getListViewOptions());_x000D_
28. A developer runs the following anonymous code block: List<Account> acc = [SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 10;]; Delete acc; Database.emptyRecycleBin(acc); system.debug(Limits.getDMLStatements() + ', '+Limits.getLimitsDMLStatements()); What is the result?
29. What is an accurate construction for a custom controller named ''MyController''?
30. Which of the following is a valid Apex statement?
31. What must the controller for a Visualforce page utilize to override the standard Opportunity view button?
32. A person who does not have "View Encrypted Data" permission will see the field with masked characters. Assuming the field is in the page layout, what happens if he tries to edit the value by clicking on the Edit button?
33. A Position is a custom object containing details of each position. A Candidate contains the details of each candidate such as skills. When users view the Position records, they should also be able to see all those candidates who match the skills required for the post. A position record need not have details of candidates and a candidate record can also be kept blank. A position can be applied by multiple candidates, while a candidate can also apply for multiple positions. What can be done to achieve this?
34. A custom object has an organization-wide default setting of "Private" with Grant Access Using Hierarchies turned off. Which users can select the Sharing button on records for that object?
35. Universal Containers tracks reviews as a custom object in a recruiting application. The interview score is tracked on each review record and should have a numerical value, so that hiring managers can calculate scores. The scores should be restricted to integer values 1 through 5 and displayed as a set of radio buttons. How can a developer meet this requirement?
36. Universal Containers wants to create a custom order management application that allows users to enter order details such as the Product Name and Product Code. The application should be able to check if these values are consistent with the valid Product Name and Product Code combinations set up in a custom object. Which feature would a developer use to accomplish this?
37. A customer wants to add a custom validation to the "contact save" process. Before a contact is created, the customer wants to include the validation, which checks if the associated account is active. This validation should be active for all UI as well as integration requests. Which design accomplishes this goal?
38. How would a developer use Schema Builder to delete a custom field from an Account object that was required for prototyping but is no longer needed?
39. Where can custom roll-up summary fields be created using Standard Object relationships? Select all that apply.
40. A Developer wants to create a custom object to track Customer Invoices. How should Invoices and Accounts be related to ensure that all Invoices are visible to everyone with access to an Account?
41. A candidate may apply to multiple jobs at the company Universal Containers by submitting a single application per job posting. Once an application is submitted for a job posting, that application cannot be modified to be resubmitted for another job position. The candidate can apply for a different job posting only by submitting a new application. What can an administrator do to associate an application with each job posting in the schema for the organization?
42. An org has different Apex Classes that provide Account related functionality. After a new validation rule is added to the Account object, many of the test methods fail. What can be done to resolve the failures and reduce the number of code changes needed for future validation rules? Select all that apply.
43. A company has a custom object named Warehouse. Each Warehouse record has a distinct record owner, and is related to a parent Account in Salesforce. What kind of relationship would a developer use to relate the Account to the Warehouse?
44. A developer is creating an application to track engines and their components. An individual component can be used in different types of engines. What data model should be used to track the data and to prevent orphan records?
45. Which of these statements is true for encrypted custom fields? Select all that apply.
46. A developer created an Apex Trigger using the Developer Console and now wants to debug the code. How can the developer accomplish this in the Developer Console?
47. What is the minimum log level needed to see user-generated debug statements?
48. Which of the following can be done using the platform? Select all that apply.
49. Which of the following refers to the data model of Salesforce? Select all that apply.
50. Which one of the following is not possible to view in the Debug Logs?
51. By using which tool can the developer change the data model of a Salesforce organization?
52. Dashboard refresh can be monitored using:
53. Which of the following will you use for browsing objects and fields in the IDE? Select all that apply.
54. Each setSavepoint() and rollback statement counts against the total number of DML statements.
55. What should a developer working in a sandbox use to exercise a new test class before the developer deploys that test class to production? Select all that apply.
56. A developer creates an Apex class that includes private methods. What can the developer do to ensure that the private methods can be accessed by the test class?
57. What is the proper process for an Apex Unit Test?
58. Which of the following scenarios is invalid for execution by unit tests?
59. Where would you find identical IDs?
60. What would a developer do to update a picklist field on related Opportunity records when a modification to the associated Account record is detected?
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