Scrum Project Management – Pros and Cons

Scrum Project Management – Pros and Cons


Last updated August 11, 2017


Scrum is a popular framework that works very well for innovative and complex product development projects. However, it has its disadvantages too. But before we jump into its pros and cons, let's understand the Scrum framework.

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Here's an overview of the Scrum framework

  • The product owner creates a product backlog (a wishlist of tasks that need to be prioritized in a project)
  • The Scrum team conducts a sprint planning session where the wishlist is broken down into small chunks
  • The team creates a sprint backlog and plans its implementation
  • The team decides a time duration for every sprint
  • The team gets together every day for a scrum meeting where they share daily updates and assess the progress of the project
  • The certified Scrum master guides the team and keeps them focused and motivated
  • The stakeholders and the product owner conduct a review at the end of each sprint

This is the cycle followed by a Scrum team in a product development project. The three roles mentioned above - the Product Owner, the Scrum Team, and the Scrum Master together play a major role in exercising this framework.

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Here's why the framework is so popular today:

The Pros

  • Scrum ensures effective use of time and money
  • Large projects are divided into easily manageable sprints
  • Developments are coded and tested during the sprint review
  • Works well for fast-moving development projects
  • The team gets clear visibility through scrum meetings
  • Scrum, being agile, adopts feedback from customers and stakeholders
  • Short sprints enable changes based on feedback a lot more easily
  • The individual effort of each team member is visible during daily scrum meetings

But like every framework, scrum also has few disadvantages.

The Cons

  • Scrum often leads to scope creep, due to the lack of a definite end-date
  • The chances of project failure are high if individuals aren't very committed or cooperative
  • Adopting the Scrum framework in large teams is challenging
  • The framework can be successful only with experienced team members
  • Daily meetings sometimes frustrate team members
  • If any team member leaves the project in the middle, it has a huge negative impact on the project
  • Quality is hard to implement, until the team goes through aggressive testing process

Needless to say, proper planning and smart decision making can help you get rid of these disadvantages. For example, in larger teams, each member needs to have defined roles and responsibilities with definite goals, so that there is no compromise on quality and no excuse for failure. This will keep the team focused to project goals. Plus, the Scrum Master needs to guide the team effectively to avoid pitfalls and ensure 100% project success.

Agile Scrum Master Certification

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And if you have anything more to add, comment away.

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