Whether or not you’re a project manager, you’ve probably heard of Agile. It’s a framework of behaviors and approaches that encourage “just in time” production that enables project teams to complete projects on time, with higher quality.

Agile encourages that a little of everything, including design, development, and testing. Portions of the project are done at the same time—as opposed to the traditional approach to projects, where one phase is closed and completed before the next begins. Agile encourages short, frequent feedback loops and embraces changes to requirements. In traditional project management (sometimes known as Waterfall), feedback is usually not collected until the very end of the project and changes are discouraged.

Agile Project Management has been around for decades, yet thousands of companies and managers have difficulties when transitioning from traditional to Agile when managing projects. 

Here is a list of top 18 free Agile tools for project managers to help them improve decision making time:

  1. Icescrum
  2. Taiga
  3. Scrumpy
  4. Hansoft
  5. YouTrack
  6. Scrumblr
  7. ScrumDo
  8. Yodiz
  9. ScrumDesk
  10. Kanbanchi
  11. Pipefy
  12. VivifyScrum
  13. KanbanTool
  14. Targetprocess
  15. VersionOne Lifecycle
  16. Zoho Projects
  17. Agilefant
  18. Kanbanize

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1. Icescrum

Created by a French company called Kagilum (KAnban-aGILe-scrUM) SAS in 2011, Icescrum is a free and open source solution for teams of any size. This tool is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac—and integrates with a variety of popular apps like Box, Excel, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Cost: free download. The cloud version starts at $35 USD per month.

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2. Taiga

Awarded Best Agile Tool 2015 by the Agile awards, and Top 11 PM Tools 2016 by Opensource.com, Taiga offers better functionality than many paid tools, including backlogs, sprints, Kanban boards, and QA, along with the ability to import from Trello, Jira, Asana, and Github.

Cost: Public projects are completely free; private projects start at $19 a month.

3. Scrumpy

The unique selling point of Scrumpy software is that it allows long-term story views and is completely written in Java. It is specifically designed to help a product owner maintain a meaningful long-term backlog of user stories.
Cost: Completely free.

Explore our library of Agile and Scrum articles. Happy reading!

4. Hansoft

Hansoft’s fast and intuitive interface, powerful find/report tools, and a host of other features can run different project management methods depending on your project. Hansoft is scalable and configurable since it was inspired by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and Large Scale SCRUM (LeSS). Its core feature critical for planning and tracking is the backlog, which can be refined by any custom attribute to your deliverables.

Cost: Completely free for up to 2 users. It allows unlimited projects and programs.

5. YouTrack

We found that YouTrack has the best reporting feature of any tools on this list. Whether you’re looking for burndown charts, timeline reports, and more—all available on a live dashboard. Newest features include improved, project-based swimlanes, advanced visibility options, and time report improvements. 

Cost: Free for ten users and 5GB of storage. Paid options are based on the number of users and start at $20 per month.

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6. Scrumblr

Scrumblr is an open-source scrum application that enables real-time collaborative support for managing an Agile sprint board. It is created with node.js, jquery, CSS3, and WebSockets (using socket.io). It has an intriguing user interface that attempts to replicate a real board.

Post-its can be placed on the collaborative whiteboard known as Scrumblr. In addition, you can split the whiteboard so you can manage an exact task board equivalent. This tool is also helpful for retrospectives. 

7. ScrumDo

Users may plan, monitor, and improve their work processes using the Agile and Kanban work management and collaboration application known as ScrumDo. The cloud-based platform's robust features and intelligent notifications enable users to maintain tabs on everything in their organization.

Users can be informed about everything going on in the company, including project statuses and due dates, via Slack and email with ScrumDo's smart notifications. Users can plan iterations and prioritize tasks using the hierarchy of work feature in ScrumDo, and they can track their projects' status in real-time using the project timeline. Additionally, the user can manage each task's subtasks and save details about its features.

8. ScrumDesk

ScrumDesk is a project management tool. ScrumDesk is an online application for Agile product management and Scrum project management for teams utilizing Scrum or Kanban. With ScrumDesk, we hope to give Agile teams the ability to oversee product development from conception to completion.

Small or medium-sized teams that are working on one or more projects concurrently are the main emphasis of ScrumDesk. The tool should offer excellent transparency for the team's daily work and the backlog. ScrumDesk encompasses all aspects of a business. It assists product owners in quickly understanding the backlog and determining priorities. 

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9. Kanbanchi

With its integrated project management tool, Kanbanchi enables teams to work more efficiently. In addition, it offers a disciplined methodology for setting up your work to make your daily tasks more productive. 

The only online project management, task management, and collaboration tool, including a Kanban board, Gantt chart, and time tracker, is Kanbanchi for G Suite. A sequence of all your tasks and activities is visualized on project boards with lists and cards. It enables real-time team collaboration and visual project management.

10. Pipefy

Pipefy enables top-tier managers to design and manage effective workflows. For teams like finance, human resources, and customer service, the no-code workflow management tool boosts team productivity, centralizes data, and standardizes processes. As a result, those making service requests, processing those requests, and overseeing the operation are all more effective.

Pipefy improves speed, boosts visibility, and produces outcomes of higher quality using ready-to-use, customized processes and a no/low-code platform. It transforms the team digitally in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months.

11. VivifyScrum

With the help of collaboration boards for Scrum and Kanban, users of VivifyScrum, a web-based Agile project management tool, can plan, arrange, manage, and complete projects all in one place. In addition, the platform provides management tools, such as time management, invoicing, customer base, team engagements, project calendar, reports, and more, to meet the demands of both small Agile teams and large businesses.

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12. KanbanTool

The Kanban Tool is a program for using the Kanban methodology to manage tasks and projects. The Kanban technique is based on two principles: a graphic, clear picture of the workflow and a limitation on the number of functions that can be carried out concurrently. Kanban Tool is the original program for setting up your Kanban board and tracking your work process step by step. As a result, clients and team members can effortlessly communicate in real time by exchanging tasks, information, and comments at any time and location.

13. Targetprocess

To help software development organizations manage their projects more simply, TargetProcess offers Agile project management solutions. An easy-to-use yet effective solution for Agile project management is TargetProcess. It is easy since it has a user-friendly interface and provides a complete Scrum and Kanban process by default for software development organizations transitioning to Agile . It is effective because it enables the customization of item content, status, and workflows, promoting the development of a flexible approach to visual project management.

14. VersionOne Lifecycle

VersionOne is a cloud-based Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that aids enterprises in involving stakeholders, tracking progress, and reporting on diverse software portfolios, programs, and projects. It offers features of Agile  development tools connected to Scrum and Kanban methodologies, such as project boards with targets, problems, and faults, spring plans, project road mapping, release planning, and test management.

15. Zoho Projects

A well-known cloud-based project management application is Zoho Projects. You may use it to support your Agile software development workflows because it has many project management tools. By itself, Zoho Project is capable of setting up fundamental features like timesheets, Gantt charts, and resource use.

16. Agile fant

Agile provides the fundamental characteristics of Agile project development tools connected to the Scrum and Kanban methodologies in both open source and cloud-based versions. The tool offers functions including storyboards, burn-up, and burn-down charts, and timeline views. In addition, numerous cutting-edge capabilities for iteration management, project management, product management, and portfolio management are offered by Agile fant.

17. Kanbanize

Agile project management software called Kanbanize creates a virtual workspace by merging business automation and Kanban-style features. You may use this Agile solution to manage your software development projects, programs, tasks, and portfolios because it was designed with scalability.

18. Yodiz

Yodiz is an easy-to-use yet complete Agile tool that aids in managing Agile projects of all levels of difficulty.

The best and most effective approaches to complete story-related Agile tasks are outlined by Yodiz, which simplifies the management of Agile projects.

By using well-planned and practical approaches to provide a great user experience, it lessens the difficulty of handling project and team-related data.

A few of its many unique features include simple user story management at the release and sprint levels, thorough reporting, current performance indicators, issue tracking, dynamic chat, and connection with other applications.

How to Choose Which Tool Is Right for You?

Choosing the appropriate Agile tool to match your business needs and methodology is crucial. Your decision-making process for a solution that supports your team and their Agile methodology can be aided by the five features listed below:

  • Encourage communication and collaboration
  • Accountability and History Tracking
  • Central Searchable Storage
  • Scaling Ability
  • Analytical Services


As a project manager, you know that getting everything done on time is a top priority. These Agile tools can help you and your team become more productive and more nimble. 
Project managers are always in high demand, and an Agile certification validates your knowledge in Agile and Scrum practices. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, take Simplilearn’s online Agile and Scrum certification training.

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