Course description

  • Why learn Tableau?

    Everything we do is increasingly contributing to huge amounts of data which can be leveraged by organizations to increase their business. Organizations across the world make use of Tableau to analyze this huge amounts of data and derive actionable insights from it. Tableau can help you to create complex and beautiful data visualizations. With its intuitive and user-friendly approach to data visualization, Tableau is today, a popular choice for big and small organizations.

  • What are the course objectives?

    Tableau Desktop 10 is one of the most widely used data visualization, reporting and business intelligence tools in the world and has regularly been ranked as a “leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Tableau is simple to use and has extensive visualization capabilities that make it the reporting tool of choice for enterprises around the world.
    The Tableau online training provided by Simplilearn is designed to ensure you pass the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification exam and are ready to begin a new job assignment requiring Tableau Desktop expertise. The Tableau training focuses on acquiring important skills you can use on the job such as using statistical tools and analytics, creating reports and dashboards, and mastering the many aspects of data visualization.

  • What skills will you learn?

    With Simplilearn’s Tableau certification training on Desktop 10, you will be able to: 
    • Grasp the concepts of Tableau Desktop 10, become proficient with Tableau statistics and build interactive dashboards
    • Master data sources and datable blending, create data extracts and organize and format data
    • Master arithmetic, logical, table and LOD calculations and ad-hoc analytics
    • Become an expert on visualization techniques such as heat map, tree map, waterfall, Pareto, Gantt chart and market basket analysis
    • Learn to analyze data using Tableau Desktop as well as clustering and forecasting techniques
    • Gain command of mapping concepts such as custom geocoding and radial selections
    • Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields and the process of creating and using parameters
    • Learn how to build interactive dashboards, story interfaces and how to share your work

  • Who should take this Tableau training course?

    The Tableau certification training provided by Simplilearn is the perfect course for anyone who wishes to excel in the field of analytics. This Tableau training is designed for:
    • Analytics professionals,
    • IT developers and testers
    • Data analysts,
    • Data scientists
    • BI and reporting professionals
    • Project managers
    Professionals aspiring for a career in the growing and demanding fields of real-time big data analytics
    Business users and students who want to develop a set of core Tableau Desktop proficiency
    Professionals planning to take the Tableau certification exam

  • What project will I be working on?

    Category Performance Analysis
    This project involves ranking subcategories by performance. According to the Performance Evaluation Program, the Subcategories yielding consistent profit across last 4 years are awarded as the Best Performing Subcategories. Help the manager identify the top subcategories based on the profits and use advanced dashboard features to portray a complete picture for Subcategory sales.

  • What types of jobs can benefit from Tableau skills training?

    Top job sectors that need Tableau certified professionals are:

    • E-commerce
    • IT services
    • Social media
    • Financial services
    • Hospital and healthcare services

Course preview

    • Lesson 01: Getting Started With Tableau 19:50
      • 1.1 Introduction to Tableau and an overview of the different versions10:27
      • 1.2 Installing Tableau Desktop03:13
      • 1.3 Tableau Help and online resources06:10
    • Lesson 02: Working With Tableau 36:53
      • 2.1 Understanding Tableau User Interface08:28
      • 2.2 Exploring Tableau File Types02:30
      • 2.3 Understanding Green and Blue Pills10:56
      • 2.4 Working with Available Data Sources09:36
      • 2.5 Working with extracts instead of live connections05:23
    • Lesson 03: Deep diving with Data and Connections 18:48
      • 3.1 Working with Excel Data Interpreter06:33
      • 3.2 Learning how to Split fields02:21
      • 3.3 Pivoting Data03:29
      • 3.4 Understanding Metadata and sharing data source connections02:16
      • 3.5 Filtering data from your data source 04:09
    • Lesson 04: Creating Charts 49:02
      • 4.1 The Show Me Feature03:35
      • 4.2 Crosstabs and Heat Maps08:12
      • 4.3 Using Bar, Stacked Bar and Side-by-side Bars05:35
      • 4.4 Pie Charts08:49
      • 4.5 Line and Area Charts04:43
      • 4.6 Working with Packed Bubble03:11
      • 4.7 Using Treemaps01:59
      • 4.8 Creating a Basic Scatter Plot06:19
      • 4.9 Creating a Basic Map06:39
    • Lesson 05: Adding calculations to your workbook 1:06:25
      • 5.1 Introduction to Calculations03:58
      • 5.2 Understanding Basic calculations05:50
      • 5.3 Understanding String Calculations06:29
      • 5.4 Learning about Boolean, If-Then calculations, and Case statements13:03
      • 5.5 Understanding the Basics of Date Calculations11:48
      • 5.6 Understanding Aggregation and Disaggregation14:29
      • 5.7 Using calculations to add insight to your visualizations10:48
    • Lesson 06: Mapping data in Tableau 50:28
      • 6.1 Introduction to Mapping in Tableau10:02
      • 6.2 Create a standard map view10:02
      • 6.3 Dealing with map errors07:49
      • 6.4 Customizing a standard map view10:20
      • 6.5 Using filters in maps12:15
    • Lesson 07: Dashboards and Stories 38:12
      • 7.1 Introduction to Dashboards06:11
      • 7.2 Understanding Dashboard Actions11:53
      • 7.3 Understanding Dashboard formatting basics08:58
      • 7.4 Understanding Workbook level formatting03:17
      • 7.5 Assembling Your Dashboards Into A Story07:53
    • Lesson 08: Visualizations For An Audience 39:30
      • 8.1 Focusing on the narrative07:48
      • 8.2 Using color with purpose09:09
      • 8.3 Understanding the importance of using tooltips for your audience05:41
      • 8.4 Using a Parameter To Focus the Audience’s Attention07:01
      • 8.5 Removing clutter in your Dashboard06:32
      • 8.6 How to export your dashboard to another file type03:19
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  • How do I unlock my Simplilearn certificate?

    Online Classroom: 
    • Attend one complete batch
    • Complete 1 project

    Online Self-Learning:

    • Complete 85% of the course
    • Complete 1 project


    Dinesh Wadekar
    Dinesh Wadekar Senior Software Engineer at IBM, Bangalore

    I had taken The Tableau training program from Simplilearn. This is the first time I have completed the online learning, earlier I attended classroom training. But now considering the way Simplilearn taught, arranged course, their continuous support during the session etc, I will go with Simplilearn in future as well. I like the support provided on chat and emails. Really amazed with the support, Thanks for standing with me for all my concerns. Thanks again and looking forward to a lot more learning on Simplilearn!

    Read more Read less
    Vaibhavi Vichare
    Vaibhavi Vichare SAP BO 3.X/4.X/BODS Consultant, Bangalore

    I was working as BI Consultant in leading IT Company and wanted to add on to my knowledge and skills. After all the research based on my experience, demand and time span for learning and implementing things based on new skill, I decided to learn Tableau. I went through to different sites which provided the basic course for Tableau. After going through content ,course material and fee structure, I decided to go for Simplilearn's Tableau course. The course is structured and presented in such a layman way that anyone without any technical Knowledge can easily grasp the content and self-learn. Most amazing part was they were providing access to Tableau along with Licence. Each and every query raised was answered quickly. In addition to above simulation test are also there which are indeed very helpful for further Certification in Tableau. I would really recommend this course if you are keen on learning Tableau. I would like to appreciate and convey my BIG THANKS to the entire Simplilearn team.

    Read more Read less
    Ravi Chandra
    Ravi Chandra Package Solution Consultant (Cognos BI) at IBM Global Services, Pune

    The training was excellent. Appreciate the trainer's capability to answer all the queries. Thanks to Simplilearn for such a good course content.

    Read more Read less
    Sukrit Vashist
    Sukrit Vashist Associate DBA at UST Global, Delhi

    The trainer has great knowledge about the subject. She interacts well with all the participants. All the queries were answered appropriately.

    Read more Read less
    Sriramadevi Nanduru
    Sriramadevi Nanduru Lead Consultant at Deloitte, Hyderabad

    Simplilearn's Tableau 10 certification is simple, effective and easy to learn. The certification helped me grow my career from a Senior Project Engineer at SPSoft Private Ltd. to Lead Consultant at Deloitte with a salary hike.

    Read more Read less
    Vijayanand Thangavel
    Vijayanand Thangavel Project Manager at IBM, Bangalore

    My learning experience with Simplilearn started about 18 months ago and have been continuing. I have got some excellent support from their consultants in meeting my learning demands. They have persistently supported my queries and learning needs, through which I could achieve 2 certifications now. Appreciate Simplilearn for the support and variety of courses that they could offer on various skills / career paths in the industry. Thank you!

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    • What is the average salary for a Tableau Developer in Mumbai?

      According to PayScale, Tableau Developers in Mumbai can earn an average salary of Rs 584,656 a year. The earning potential can increase for individuals who have undergone a Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Training program.

    • What are other types of roles within the Data Science & Business Intelligence space available in Mumbai?

      Other roles within the Data Science & Business Intelligence space available in Mumbai are

      • Junior Tableau Developer
      • Senior Tableau Developer

    • Which companies are hiring Tableau Developers in Mumbai?

      Companies like Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Capgemini, Fractal Analytics are looking for skilled Data Science & Business Intelligence experts in Mumbai.

    • Who are our instructors and how are they selected?

      All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

    • What are the modes of training offered for this Tableau course?

      Live Virtual Classroom: With instructor-led online classroom training, you have the option of attending the course remotely from your desktop or laptop via video conferencing. This format enhances productivity and reduces your time spent away from work or home.

    • What if I miss a class?

      Simplilearn provides recordings of each class so you can review them as needed before the next session.

    • Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

      Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our Refund Policy.

    • Who provides the certification?

      Tableau provides the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification, and Simplilearn provides Tableau training to prepare you for the certification exam.

    • How do I enroll for the Tableau online training?

      You can enroll for this Tableau training on our website and make an online payment using any of the following options: 

      • Visa Credit or Debit Card
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Diner’s Club
      • PayPal 

      Once payment is received you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information via email.

    • I’d like to learn more about this Tableau training program. Whom should I contact?

      Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives can provide you with more details.

    • What are the prerequisites for learning Tableau?

      There are no prerequisites for learning this Tableau training course.

    • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

      Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours for this Tableau training course.

    • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

      We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We also have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your Tableau training course with us to discuss Tableau related topics.

    • Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?

      Yes, we have group discount options for our training programs. Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives will give you more details

    • What is online classroom training?

      Online classroom training for Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Training is conducted via online live streaming of each class. The classes are conducted by a Tableau certified trainer with more than 15 years of work and training experience.

    • Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

      If you enroll for self-paced e-learning, you will have access to pre-recorded videos. If you enroll for the online classroom Flexi Pass, you will have access to live training conducted online as well as the pre-recorded videos.

    • Are the training and course material effective in preparing me for the Certification Exam?

      Yes, Simplilearn’s Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate training and course materials guarantee success with the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate training certification exam.

    • What certification will I receive after completing the training?

      After successful completion of the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Certification training, you will be awarded a course completion certificate from Tableau.

    Tableau Certification Training Course in Mumbai, India

    Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and the most populous city in all of India. As the financial and commercial capital of India, Mumbai hosts many national and multinational companies. This includes some Fortune Global 500 companies including many foreign banks and companies like TCS and Accenture. Thus, the city has a huge scope of options to offer to professionals for moving ahead in their careers. Becoming certified can be a good option in helping career advancement in such a large city. Tableau is a software that allows you to systematically and visually manipulate data for analysis. After taking Simplilearn’s Tableau course in Mumbai, you will be able to make dynamic presentations that can be used by managers to make informed business decisions. Becoming an expert in Tableau will also enable you to fully visualize and understand data in order to be more intelligent about your business. Data scientists have the potential to earn about 17 lakhs a year in Mumbai and are in demand throughout the world. Simplilearn is a Tableau Alliance Partner and offers a Tableau certification course in Mumbai. If you’re interested in upgrading your data science skillset with our course, Simplilearn’s learning delivery model combines the personal motivation of live virtual classroom instruction with the reinforcement of relevant practical projects. Our experts will ensure that you become capable of utilizing databases and spreadsheets in a way that can easily communicate data analysis results to everyone, from business partners to ordinary people. If you ever have any questions about your training, the support of our 24/7 live teaching assistants is another benefit of learning with Simplilearn. Let Simplilearn help you make the most of your current or future data analysis career with an intensive training course for Tableau certification.

    Our Mumbai Correspondence / Mailing address

    Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd, 601, 6th Floor, Rupa Solitaire, Millennium Business Park, Plot No.A-1, Mahape, Navi Mumbai - 400710, Maharashtra, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

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