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Tutorial Highlights

➤  With the cut-throat competition that exists today, every organization depends on data-driven methods to keep up with market trends and discover new growth opportunities. The continuous growth of data has given rise to the demand for business analysts.

➤  However, there is a huge mismatch between the supply and demand of business analysts. In this business analysis tutorial, you will learn all about the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst and how you can successfully become one.

➤ This business analysis tutorial will also help you understand some critical aspects of business analytics like cost-benefit analysis, reports, dashboards, and documentation.

Start learning our business analysis tutorial today to start your journey towards a lucrative and exciting career.

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Skills Covered

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Database and SQL
  • Documentation and presentation
  • Creation of reports and dashboards
  • R and Python
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this business analysis tutorial are:

  • Who is a Business Analyst?
  • Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities
  • Business Analyst Skills
  • Steps to Become a Business analyst
  • Salary Structure of a Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Why Learn Business Analytics?

Organizations rely heavily on business analytics to boost their profitability and optimize costs. This makes business analytics one of the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs out there. The huge mismatch between the supply and demand of business analysts ensures that this job is here to stay. 

Applications of Business Analytics

Business analytics help industries function effectively on a day to day basis. This business analysis tutorial will help you understand the applications of business analytics in various industries. Here are some of the industries where business analytics is of utmost importance: 

1. Marketing

Business analytics reveal key statistics about market trends and consumer behaviors. This enables companies to identify their target customers and potential markets to increase their growth.

2. Manufacturing

Business analytics help companies use their data for effective inventory management, supply chain management and scale up the efficiency of their operations.

3. Human Resources

Business analytics tools help HRs to conduct background checks on potential candidates. These tools can find out important information about a candidate’s performance, attrition rate, and so on.

4. Finance

Business analytics is crucial to the finance sector because there is a huge amount of data available at their disposal. These data can unravel valuable insights on stocks and bonds for their clients.

Who Should Learn Business Analytics?

Business analytics is not for everyone because it requires a lot of heavy thinking and analytical skills. If you are interested in coming up with creative solutions to organizational problems and are not afraid to take technology head-on, then you should start learning this business analysis tutorial.


In order to land a job as a business analyst, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, information systems, or a related field. However, if you have robust IT and business skills, you can also get started with this business analysis tutorial to become a business analyst. 

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Business Analysis Tutorial: Table of Contents

1. Who is a Business Analyst and Steps to Become One, Roles and Responsibilities, Salary and more

A business analyst acts as a mediator between the IT and business teams in an organization. They help solve business problems, establish strategies and validate business requirements. This business analysis tutorial will help you learn all about a business analyst and why they are the most in-demand data professionals today.

 Business analytics is a lucrative career that attracts a lot of freshers as well as experienced professionals from different fields. As such, it can be hard for freshers and experienced professionals to follow the same roadmap. This business analysis tutorial contains two roadmaps that clearly depicts the different steps for freshers and experienced professionals to become business analysts. 

The job of a business analyst comes with several roles and responsibilities. From identifying the business objectives to collecting requirements from clients and stakeholders, there are many duties that fall upon the head of a business analyst. In this business analysis tutorial, you will learn all about the daily activities performed by a business analyst. The salary structure of a business analyst depends a lot on the location and business industry. This business analyst tutorial will provide you with a detailed comparison of business analyst salaries across the world. This business analysis tutorial also has a list of the most popular companies with the highest salary package for business analysts.

2. Business Analyst Skills

A business analyst needs to have a rich technical and non-technical skill set in order to handle multiple facets of a business. They should have deep analytical and negotiating skills coupled with a strong knowledge of data and multiple programming languages. This business analyst tutorial will help you learn all the hard and soft skills you need to acquire to become a business analyst.

 3. Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Business analytics as a career has gained a high prominence in current times, both for entry-level and experienced job candidates. However, a high job demand does not guarantee a job and you still need to go through the interview process to become a business analyst. This business analysis tutorial will provide you with the top business analyst interview questions that are usually asked during an interview and how to answer each one of them. The questions are broken down into beginner, advanced, and intermediate-level questions to make the course suitable for all learning levels.

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Here’s Your Next Step to Success

Business analytics has become an integral part of the business world. If this sounds like a smart career move to you, it is best to start learning business analytics today using this business analysis tutorial. You can also check out Simplilearn’s Data Science & Business Analytics certification courses to boost your career and shape the future of businesses. With the shortage of business analysts in the industry, you have a huge chance of becoming a successful business analyst in the future by taking the right steps today. To know more on Business Analysis subscribe to Simplilears Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis.

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