Data is, indeed, the “new oil” that’s fueling the digital economy. Companies are constantly looking to find newer and more valuable meaning in their data. They are spending big bucks on data about their customers, competitors, and the market. According to reports, businesses are parking upwards of $180 billion annually on big data analysis, while the big data market is expected to be worth $229.4 billion by 2025.

In this scenario, the global demand for skilled data analytics professionals has skyrocketed. If you’re an aspiring data analytics manager interested in breaking into this exciting career or advancing your career path, read on. 

We've put together this career guide to help you understand how to become a data analyst manager. You will find this guide helpful if you are in an entry-level or mid-level data analytics position. 

Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

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Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

What Is a Data Analytics Manager? 

A data analytics manager interprets data using various tools and has a background in statistics, data analysis, and computer science. They use techniques that help businesses understand and benefit from data. For a world flooded with data, a data analytics manager is someone who knows what data is relevant and what is not and uses the right tools to process data to derive useful insights. 

A data analytics manager would be the one who designs statistical models which are used to help the stakeholders understand the data at hand. They create business intelligence and insights by translating large amounts of data into non-technical terms. The data is used to predict market trends, gauge competition, understand buying patterns, reduce inefficiencies, and increase the company’s overall profit. 

Data Analytics Manager's Job Description 

Now that you have identified a data analytics manager, let us look at what a typical data analyst manager's job description looks like. 

  • A data analytics manager leads and manages teams of data specialists and executes projects to produce the deliverables. 
  • A data analytics manager would be someone who identifies and addresses a client's needs and develops client relationships. 
  • They analyze large amounts of data to derive patterns in purchase trends and thus gain business insights
  • They solve problems using various strategies using logic and creativity.
  • They use data visualizations and storytelling to create custom reports and presentations. 
  • They report to the senior officials and stakeholders of the company with analytical conclusions.

Data Analytics Manager Roles and Responsibilities 

A data analytics manager’s roles and responsibilities are what they would be expected within a team and within the company. Here's a quick look. 

Data analytics managers are responsible for coordinating the tasks of their teams. They work on big data projects under the leadership of the data analytics manager. The manager ensures the team is productive and efficiently completes the tasks. These tasks usually include research, data collection using effective methods, information analysis, recommendation of business solutions etc. 

Data analytics managers are responsible for communicating with managers of other departments and ensuring that their strategies and goals align with the company's goals. 

They manage project forecasts and schedules for upcoming developments. They are also responsible for implementing technological improvements to a company’s database. 

A data analytics manager is responsible for managing teams composed of other data experts like data scientists, data engineers, data architects, data analysts, statisticians, database administrators and business analysts. The data analytics manager must have a firm understanding of what is expected from these roles and be able to harness and steer their talents towards the right direction while also cultivating their collective skillset. 

The data analytics manager would also be responsible for negotiating between different parties and maintaining diplomacy. They also ensure that each member has a strong sense of purpose and is at their effective best for the project. 

The data analytics manager is also responsible for translating the findings to the stakeholders in simple and clear language and presenting the business intelligence derived from the data. 

Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

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Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

How to Become a Data Analytics Manager? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to being a data analytics manager.

  1. Getting a degree: You can choose your undergraduate degree in a field like computer science, statistics, business or information technology. 
  2. Certifications: Make sure you find one or a few certifications that align with your career goals to fortify your resume
  3. Getting an entry-level job/internship: Internships and IT assistant positions are a great way to step into the world of data analytics. 
  4. Higher studies: If you want to advance in your career and gain managerial positions, you should consider a master’s degree. You may find you can do this while working as most jobs offer such flexible options. 
  5. Apply for data analytics manager positions: You can apply for this position once you have a couple of years of experience under your wing, as it is a senior position. Most companies ask for 4-6 years of technical and analytics experience, followed by a couple of years of management experience. 

Data Analytics Manager Skills 

Since data analytics manager is both a technical and managerial position, you need to focus on your technical and business and interpersonal skills. Juggling both roles requires a good skill set to help you excel in this position.

Some of the business skills you need are:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  •  Report writing and presentation skills
  • Excellent time management skills to meet deadlines 
  • Ability to manage project delivery with ease. 

Some of the technical skills that you require for this job are: 

  • Well-versed in programming languages like SAS, R, Python, Matlab, Java etc
  • Proficient in database systems of SQL and NoSQL 
  • Ability to work with data analytics and data visualization tools such as Tableau, QlikView and D3
  • Well-versed in machine learning 
  • Works with operating systems such as UNIX/LINUX
  • Know big data tools, such as Hadoop, Hive, Apache Cassandra and Spark
  • Knows data mining and data cleansing techniques, data modelling, and data architecture
  • Well-versed in cloud platforms such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google etc. 

Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

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Your Data Analytics Career is Around The Corner!

Data Analytics Manager Salary 

Here is a look at the data analytics manager salary sourced from PayScale in both the US and India

A data analytics manager's salary in the US is an average of $97,908. Depending upon where you are in the hierarchy, you can be paid anywhere between $69,000 - $129,000 annually.

In India, the average data analyst manager's salary is ₹1,802,570 annually. Depending on your experience and position in the company, you can get a pay ranging from ₹700,000 - ₹3,400,000 or higher.

Data Analytics Manager Job Outlook 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Labor Department, the job outlook for the data analytics manager post has an above-average job growth of 14% and is generally positive. The job is also estimated to increase by 27% in the coming ten years.

Companies increasingly recognize the importance of a data analytics manager’s skills and the benefits of employing one. They hold a unique position in the big data revolution as they have to handle both the communications and technical aspects of the job. They play a significant part in improving the company’s efficiency and cost control.

Companies either hire externally or often promote their data analytics managers from within. Entry-level positions often lead up to management positions. With companies more open to learning while on the job or even providing support for pursuing such external education, candidates can build up their careers with consistency and dedication. 

Data Analytics Manager's Career Path

Becoming a data analytics manager can open up avenues to a fulfilling and rewarding career. While a lot of hard work and persistence is involved, how long the journey is depends on what pathway you choose. 

You would have to complete a degree and postgraduate degree, which would take 5-7 years. Some companies also only look for graduate degrees. However, it should be fortified with strong certifications. You can also take a shorter course by enrolling in postgraduate programs like Simplilearn's Professional Certificate Program In Data Analytics

Coding boot camps are also a great way to get the relevant skills and have a stellar resume for your job. Hiring teams often look for the most up-to-date skills in resumes. With an expertly-conducted online course, you can learn the basics of data science and business analytics and progress to earn more advanced practical and technical skills for the role. Another huge plus is the certification you earn after course completion, which adds tremendously to your resume.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become an analytics manager?

You can become a data analytics manager by pursuing a career in data and acquiring managerial skills. 

2. What does a data analytics manager do?

A data analytics manager is responsible for bringing together a capable team of data experts who can achieve the business objectives as well as see that it benefits the business. 

3. Can a data analyst become a manager?

Yes, a data analyst can become a manager by gaining a master's degree in management and climbing the hierarchy. 

4. What qualification is required for data analytics?

A degree in computer science, statistics, data analytics, and machine learning can open your eyes to data analytics. 

5. What skills are required for an analytics manager?

A data analytics manager's skills include all the technical skills a data analyst requires as well as the business skills of a manager to efficiently carry out the job. 

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Final Words

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