If you have an interest in technology and love for data, a career as a big data engineer may be ideally suited for you. Mastering several big data tools and big data software is an essential part of executing big data projects. It’s something you’ll need to understand to work in big data technologies. After all, once you begin working as a big data professional, these tools will likely be part of your daily duties.

Some of the essential big data tools you’ll want to master to jumpstart your career include, but are not limited to:

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5 Big Data Tools

1. Apache Cassandra

Many of the big data tools and programs typically used are open source, meaning that they are freely available and can be changed and redistributed. Apache Cassandra is one of these must-know open source tools that all big data professionals should master. With Apache Cassandra, you can easily manage your database, as this tool is equipped to handle large amounts of data.

2. Statwing

Statwing isn’t just a useful tool for those working in big data, but it is also a valuable tool for those working in other professions, such as market research. This statistical tool can take massive amounts of data and quickly create bar charts, scatterplots, and other graphs, and then export these visuals to PowerPoint or Excel.

3. Tableau

Tableau is another tool that can create visuals with your data, but it also allows for no-code data queries. For optimal convenience, users can operate Tableau while on the go with its mobile option. Tableau is too grand for teams, as it has shareable and interactive dashboards.

4. Apache Hadoop

When it comes to big data frameworks, Apache Hadoop is often the go-to tool. Providing cross-platform support, this Java-based tool is highly scalable. It has the capability of handling any variation of data needed, including photos and videos.

5. MongoDB

Data can change often, and if you’re dealing with large datasets that continually require modifications, MongoDB is a great tool. As such, mastering this tool is crucial if you’re pursuing a career in big data. It allows for the storage of data from various sources, including product catalogs, mobile applications, and much more.


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