The most preferred tool today for load testing is the Apache JMeter. What makes this tool preferred is its ability to extend its capabilities and functionalities. These extensions are referred to as Plugins and are popularly known as JMeter Plugins. These plugins ensure even better performance of JMeter, making it more suited for its users.  

What Is JMeter?

The Apache JMeter is open-source software that is purely Java-based. The application provides a user-friendly interface, simulation, testing strategies, and several other testing features. 


Initially, JMeter was developed to test web applications, but it has now expanded to several other test functions like functional testing, database server testing, etc. The software is used to load test web servers, web applications, and websites to simulate real-user behaviors and testing environments. 

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What Are JMeter Plugins?

JMeter Plugins may be defined as software functionalities used in JMeter to extend features and insert functions. JMeter is one of the most popularly used tools for load testing, and what makes it even more popular is the ability to extend its capabilities using plugins. 


There are hundreds of plugins in the market today, that are used to enhance the functionality of JMeter. JMeter Plugins provides a more simple way to install and maintain the working of JMeter for its users. 

How to Install Plugins Manager?

Plugins Manager enables users to automatically install various plugins, i.e., no more manual installing of several plugins. The manager will save the users from being bothered with the JAR files.

The steps to install Plugins Manager are as follows:


  • Open JMeter
  • Click on the Options tab → Plugins Manager.
  • Click on Plugins Manager - a window will appear on the screen


In the window there are three tabs:

1. Installed Plugins

Installed Plugins show all the plugins that are installed in the system. 


2. Available Plugins

Available Plugins show all the plugins that can be installed. 


3. Upgrade Plugins

Upgrade Plugins include all the plugins that might have some upgrades.


This is all about the installation process. The next important thing is to know the top 5 JMeter Plugins.

Top 5 JMeter Plugins 

1. Custom SOAP Sampler

The Custom SOAP Sampler is the JMeter Plugin that works with multiple attachments and also without them. The Sampler is used to send a SOAP request to a web service, add and delete attachments from the code.


2. PerfMon (Servers Performance Monitoring)

The PerfMon plugin extends JMeter with the listener PerfMon Servers Monitoring listener, enabling the user to monitor the CPU, Disks I/O, Network I/O, and memory of the servers.


3. Custom Thread Groups

The Custom Thread Groups plugin is used to add five different thread groups:

  • Stepping Thread Group
  • Concurrency Thread Group
  • Free-Form Arrivals Thread Group
  • Arrivals Thread Group
  • Ultimate Thread Group


4. Flexible File Writer

The Flexible File Writer plugin extends JMeter with the Flexible File Writer listener. The listener is used to write test results into a flexible file format specified via JMeter GUI.


5. Dummy Sampler

The Dummy Sampler plugin is referred to as the most obedient Sampler in JMeter. It is used to emulate the requests and responses without actually running them. This plugin makes it very convenient to debug post-processors and extractors.


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By now, you would have learned about JMeter Plugins in detail. You began with learning the basics of JMeter and JMeter Plugins. After that, you learned the process of downloading Plugins Manager in JMeter and then learned about the top 5 JMeter Plugins today.

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