MLOps is the next evolution of operations.

It's a new way of approaching your day-to-day operations that can make it much easier to manage and more efficient for your team.

MLOps is about streamlining your organization's processes, automating those processes, and ensuring that you're using the right tools correctly. It's about taking the time to understand your team's needs and making them happen.

What is an MLOps Engineer?

MLOps Engineers are the people who build, maintain, and optimize machine learning solutions. They are the ones who ensure that your algorithms are performing as expected. 

They are also responsible for building new models and improving existing ones.

They have a wide range of skills, including knowledge of data science, software engineering, and domain expertise in the industry in which they work. 

They also need to be able to understand business problems and come up with solutions to them using machine learning techniques.

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Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

Difference Between Data Scientist & MLOps Engineer

There are many parallels between the roles of a data scientist and an MLOps engineer, but there are also some key differences. 

Both positions require a deep understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence and the ability to implement those technologies in an enterprise setting. 

However, data scientists focus more on research and development, while MLOps focuses on production.

The difference between these two roles is subtle but essential: 

  • Data scientists often spend more time thinking about what could be done than actually doing it.
  • MLOps engineers spend more time doing than thinking (but still think about how things could be done).
  • Data scientists may be tasked with developing new models or algorithms for solving specific problems, but they only sometimes work directly with the code that implements those models. 
  • MLOps engineers generally do develop code that runs in production environments—they are responsible for implementing new models or algorithms in ways that real-world systems can use. 

MLOps Engineer Job Role

The MLOps Engineer will work with the data science team to develop and maintain a platform that automates creating, training, deploying and updating machine learning models.

The MLOps engineer will have extensive knowledge of Apache Spark, Scala, and Python and will have experience building large-scale data pipelines using Apache Kafka.

The MLOps Engineer should be able to work independently and in a team environment and be passionate about creating highly scalable, efficient, and easy-to-maintain solutions.

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

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Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

MLOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

The MLOps Engineer is responsible for ensuring that ML engineers can scale the machine learning models across the entire organization. They are responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure that will allow this scaling to occur. 

They also ensure that data scientists can use these models without having to worry about how they're built or maintained.

An MLOps Engineer is a person who designs, builds, and runs machine learning systems at scale.

They are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that supports the models and algorithms that power the products of their company, including:

  • Monitoring the performance of these systems
  • Identifying ways to improve their performance
  • Investigating issues when they arise

They also monitor the performance of your models, and they need to be able to troubleshoot any errors or bugs that may occur.

In addition to these responsibilities, an MLOps Engineer might be tasked with improving your model's accuracy by tweaking its parameters or updating the data it uses for training.

MLOps Engineer Skills

MLOps Engineers are the bridge between machine learning and operations. They ensure that the machine learning models are being deployed and updated correctly, not causing any problems.

MLOps needs to have the following skills:

  • Have experience working in an agile environment
  • Be a problem solver and quick learner
  • Understand the importance of continuous learning and personal development
  • Demonstrate knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python or Java.

They also need to interpret the results of their models, which means they need to be able to read data on a fundamental level and understand how it relates to the problem being solved by the model.

The technical skills you need to be an MLOps engineer are:

MLOps Engineer Salary

Salary in the US

If you're looking to make a career change or want to make more money, MLOps Engineering might be the right choice.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an MLOps Engineer is $94,608 annually.

Salary in India

You can make a lot of money as an MLOps Engineer.

If you're looking for a new job or thinking about retraining and returning to school, consider learning how to be an MLOps Engineer. The average salary for this job is ₹10,48,920 in India.

MLOps Engineer Job Outlook

The job outlook for MLOps engineers is strong. The field of machine learning and operations, or MLOps, is still new and multiplying. As more companies automate specific processes, there will be a need for people who can ensure that these processes are working as intended.

MLOps engineers are in high demand because they can solve problems at a time when many companies are still trying to figure out how to use machine learning effectively.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 21% increase in jobs for MLOps engineers between now and 2024, which is higher than average for all careers in this field.


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1. What is an MLOps engineer?

An MLOps engineer is a developer who focuses on the operations and management of machine learning models, algorithms, and processes. They work with data scientists to help make sure that their projects are being used effectively, and they monitor the health of the models they create.

2. What is the job of MLOps?

The job of MLOps is to help the company build and maintain an ML platform that supports the company's goals. They create pipelines for data to flow through, train models, and set up applications.

MLOps are often responsible for ensuring their systems are running smoothly, but they can also work on projects like improving the model or design itself.

3. Is MLOps a data engineer?

No, MLOps is not a data engineer. 

A data engineer specializes in the development and deployment of data-driven applications. They typically work with structured data stored in databases and structured files. They focus on ensuring that information is available to others who need access. 

4. What is MLOps vs. DevOps?

DevOps and MLOps are two different processes that can improve your company's operations. DevOps is a process that focuses on the development side of things, while MLOps is a process that focuses on the machine learning side.

5. Do I need to learn DevOps for MLOps?

Yes, you do.

As the name suggests, DevOps is about creating software for an organization. MLOps is about using machine learning to help an organization make better decisions.

6. How do I learn MLOps?

You can learn MLOps through several methods:

  • Self-study
  • Courses
  • Online courses

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