How to Create a Tableau Dashboard?

A Tableau Dashboard is a presentation of multiple data visualizations and insights on one single screen. Tableau Dashboard acts as a one-stop solution to simultaneously monitor a wide range of real-time business intelligence information and make result-oriented decisions.

In this “Tableau Dashboard tutorial, you will work with this COVID - 19 Dataset. Using Worksheets, you will learn to draw some insights related to the data and eventually design a Tableau Dashboard.

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Creating a Tableau Dashboard

The COVID-19 datasets used in this article have the following columns.

  • Serial number
  • Observation Date
  • Province/State
  • Country/Region
  • Last Updated Date
  • Confirmed cases
  • Deaths
  • Recovered cases

The Tableau Dashboard that you will now learn to create will include the COVID-19 data related to India. It will need multiple worksheets, and the visualizations generated, will be combined to create a Tableau Dashboard to present the viewers with detailed insights on one screen.

WorkSheet - 1 (COVID-19 Confirmed in INDIA)

The first worksheet will include the insights related to the total number of confirmed cases in the Indian states.

Let’s learn to use the Group Function to filter the Indian States out from the States/Province Column in the data and create a group of Indian States.

The next step will be to use the data from the “Indian States” group to generate a Map Chart that describes confirmed case count and state name details.

The final worksheet should look something like the map shown below.


Once done, let’s move ahead to create a new worksheet that will describe the COVID-19 recovery rate in INDIA.

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WorkSheet - 2 (COVID-19 Recovery in INDIA)

In the second worksheet, let’s create another visualization that provides insights on the COVID-19 recovery in Indian states.

This worksheet will use the Indian States Group and the Recovery column from the dataset and draw the recovery insights.

Additionally, you can use a Bar Chart to represent the Recovery Rate in India. The final visualization will look something like shown below.


Moving on, let’s create the next visualization to look at the COVID-19 variations happening in the INDIAN states.

WorkSheet - 3 (COVID-19 Variation in INDIA)

Moving to Worksheet three, let’s now summarise the COVID-19 cases in India, from the least values to the highest values.

You should use the Indian States group, and the COVID confirmed cases column from the provided data. The Boxes and Whiskers plot will be used for presenting the visualization. The resultant chart will look as shown below.


Next, let’s create a line chart that will describe the COVID-19 trend in the Indian states.

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WorkSheet - 4 (COVID-19 Trend Line in INDIA)

The current worksheet helps us understand trends in the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Indian States, from day one to the current date.

In one line graph, include all the states. And from this, filter out a selected state out of the available 29 states in India.

For this, use the Indian States Group, confirmed column, and the Last Updated Date column from the Data. This visualization will be represented by using a line graph.

The visualization will appear as shown below.


Next, let’s create a visualization for predicting the Future of COVID-19 cases in India.

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WorkSheet - 5 (COVID-19 Forecast Line in INDIA)

In worksheet five, let’s work on predicting the upcoming COVID-19 cases in the INDIAN states.

Use the Indian states and the confirmed cases against the last observation dates column in the dataset.

To move ahead, the forecast method can be used in analytics to generate this visualization. The resultant chart will look as follows.


Next, let’s will create our COVID-19 Dashboard.

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Dashboard - 1 (COVID-19 INDIAN Dashboard)

First select the “Create New Dashboard” option from the menu, or just click on the Dashboard button in the bottom menu.


The next screen will be inside the dashboard window that looks like the following image.


On the left-hand side, the worksheet visualization created will now be available. Creating a Tableau Dashboard is simple, just drag and drop the worksheets onto the Dashboard Canvas.

The left-hand panel of the dashboard provides you with various options for setting the presentation screen according to the device. The screen size can be manually set as well.

The COVID-19 IND Dashboard just created looks something like the image below.


The current screen shows the details related to all the states in India. Using the filter option on the right-hand side of the screen, you can get the information about a specific state or a collection of different states together.

For example, let us select the INDIAN state - Jharkhand. The Tableau Dashboard will specifically show all the details related to Jharkhand on one screen, as shown below.


With that, you have come to the end of this “Tableau Dashboard: Your One-Stop Solution for the Dashboards in Tableau” article.

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To move forward, the link to your next stage is here, Tableau Projects.

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