Microsoft Office Suite is one of the most populous software available in all PCs and devices used in project management. Most learning institutions include basic Microsoft office training as part of their curriculum. Once an individual has the basic training, various components can be self learnt and many people never get to seek certification unless they intend to pursue IT.

However, information technology has become an integral element of modern businesses and employees are expected to have the capacity of handling Microsoft projects with ultimate ease. Although one can reach a certain level of skills after using the software for a long time, the importance of Microsoft project certification is still unmatched. From employment credentials to constant touch with new trends and updates, certification is the surest way to convince another person of your skills sets. If you were wondering why you need to do Microsoft project certification? Find out the various benefits you will gain.

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What It Entails

Like any other certification program available,  project management certification involves a number of processes that include training and testing. Certification is only provided after successfully passing exams given by the Microsoft Corporation. This certification also includes a provision for training on the tested skills before taking the exam. The test basically evaluates your level of skills and ability to effortlessly use the software to handle project management.

Training can be divided into two main categories; for beginners and seasoned users. Beginners generally have little to no knowledge and therefore need comprehensive training. However, most schools teach basic Microsoft office and how to use various applications. Therefore, people partaking in this certification have a given level of knowledge and skills in using Microsoft suite. Microsoft offers a 3 day course training session that involves lectures and availing resource material that can be used to polish skills in readiness for examination. Those who are already conversant with all aspects of the software can skip the training sessions and immediately take the tests.

Microsoft will quickly evaluate participants and issue back results. All candidates who pass the tests are accredited with a legit certification that shows their level of skills.

Advantages of the Certification

The benefits of receiving Microsoft project certification are quite clear for any modern age employee. Most businesses with computer infrastructure depend on Microsoft suites for various projects. As more businesses continue their transition into digital world, it will be very unlikely for employers to hire computer illiterate personnel. Since most organizational projects rely on Microsoft office, learning how to use this software is not only a requirement for the IT staff. Every employee will be expected to have profound knowledge in Microsoft project management.

In fact, current statistics indicate that employers are looking for personnel capable of handling modern software and SaaS applications. 81% of today’s employers rely on certification to determine the risks of hiring employees. One thing for sure is that Microsoft is a well-established service provider and their software will be used for years to come. Many people have satisfactory knowledge and level of skills in Microsoft project management. This can be explained by the mere fact that training only takes around 3 days.

However, certification is still very important. How can employers be sure you have the required set of skills? Of course it is through certification. It is a way in which potential employers use to calculate the risk of hiring employees. Any employer will choose certified personnel over uncertified ones. Certification is only the right thing to seek once you have the require set of skills. It increases your chances of getting employment since it proves your knowledge of the software even before you are put to trial. It is also an advantage to companies as they no longer have to spend money in training employees. Once businesses find a way to reduce expenditure, they will certainly explore it and choose employees with certification.

You can find Microsoft project certification online, which is indeed the easiest way to get certification. You can also find training programs from various institutions, which is recommended for beginners who have no knowledge and skills on the software. Those who have already interacted with Microsoft suites already know it is simple and easy to use. The three day certification plan is therefore the most suitable option for such people. If you are an expert IT specialist already adept in the use of Microsoft suites and applications, you can go for the exam. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to brush up your skills by enrolling in the three day training. This will help you anticipate questions and remember various aspects of the software that you have not used in a long time and may have forgotten certain simple things.

Certification Cost

Well, the Microsoft project certification cost is very affordable considering the weight it adds to your credibility. A three-day course and certification program costs around $150 inclusive of the lectures and accreditation. However, additional costs may be incurred when you download resources such as e-books. Some people may be skilled in only one section of the software and therefore need slightly modified training on the other sections before taking the exam. Alternatively, they can opt for certification on the specific skills they have expertise in. It is important to note that price will vary depending on the sought skills and level of training.
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Computers have become an indispensable part of modern business with the ongoing digitalization of enterprises. Microsoft project management is one of the common activities businesses engage in especially since Microsoft is known as a worldwide computer software applications provider. Managers and employers are continuously looking for skillful employees who can effortlessly handle Microsoft project management. A project management certification is the only way to assure potential employers of your capacity to fit that requirement.

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