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PRINCE2® Vs PMP® – The Battle of Certifications

PRINCE2® Vs PMP® – The Battle of Certifications

Five years of project management experience; it’s time to move ahead in my career. Certification seems an ideal bet to rise up the corporate ladder; but which will serve me better – PRINCE2® or PMP®?

Prior to going for a project management certification program, this indecision is common for most project managers and aspirants. PRINCE2 and PMP are two of the most demanded credentials in project management across the globe. This is one of the major questions that many of you might ask yourself before opting for one. There are yet other questions such as: Is comparison between the two credentials likely to assist me in my career? Can either one’s value be determined to be greater than the other’s? Choosing which should be the best step ahead for career growth? Let’s try to find out answers to all these questions. PRINCE2 Certification and PMP Certification involve two different project management frameworks. Both give different approaches or plans to manage projects effectively. Each has its own favorable area and expertise and therefore a choice between the two depends on various factors. The ideal choice should be based on the company and the type of project one is leading or directing. Both the certification programs are of equal value, albeit in different aspects of project management but may also prove to be adverse due to lack of right approach and effort.

PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 Certification is a process-based project management approach that is considered as the de-facto standard used extensively by the UK government and is widely recognized both in the UK and internationally. PRINCE2 is a series of management approaches that answers to what, when, how and whom in a project life cycle. It is a certification program administered by the APMG which originated in the UK but soon got recognition across the globe. PRINCE2 is prescriptive. It is a process-based approach that defines the roles for not just the project manager but for the entire team and everyone involved in the project.

PMP Certification

PMP Certification is the most popular credential in project management recognized across the globe. It is administered and controlled by the PMI Institute. It is a knowledge-based approach to project management. The PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide that describes the core practices and areas of project management including the five process groups and nine knowledge areas. PMP is non-prescriptive. PMP Certification unlike PRINCE2 Certification focuses more on the roles and responsibilities of a project manager. Thus, both the certifications have different approaches and different values. PRINCE2 and PMP both serve well towards building up a rising project management career. A professional needs to make a choice based on few factors. The professional who is looking forward towards gaining proficiency in project management approach with a project team point of view can opt for PRINCE2 Certification training. On the other hand project managers who are looking forward for an individual growth as a project manager may opt for PMP Certification training. PRINCE2 Certification program is encouraged hugely by an organization while the PMP Certification is more of an individual approach.

However, both the credentials play an active role in the recruitment process of organizations. Both the credentials have worldwide recognition and are valid across industries but both the credentials have their specific areas. PRINCE2 is favored in the UK and PMP is favored in the USA. Thus, the choice between the credential depends on the organization, project and your goal. As per the numbers, there are more qualified PMP Certification holders than PRINCE2 Practitioners. PMP is ideal to enhance capabilities and knowledge in a project management while PRINCE2 helps one to enter in the PM world and specifically to get a job in the UK.

Thus, the battle that starts in the beginning concludes with the fact that a professional needs to choose between PRINCE2 and PMP considering various factors. Besides, as the certification programs are different frameworks in project management, a professional with both the credentials has the maximum benefits. Having both increases the marketability of a professional. To know more about PRINCE2 and PMP Certification training, you can explore Simplilearn’s project management training courses.  

Prior to going for a project management certification program, this indecision is common for most project managers and aspirants.

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