The key to ace an interview is to be confident and honest in your answers, which you can do if you are aware of the questions being asked. In this article, you will get to know the most frequently asked American Express interview questions, and also get to know about the organization and its interview process.


About American Express

American Express is the largest financial services MNC in the United States. It provides fantastic rewards, gift cards, savings, travel, and world-class credit cards, among other things. American Express (abbreviated as Amex) was created in 1850. Other American Express subsidiaries include lounge buddies, travel impressions, and so on. Because of its credit card, American Express has grown in popularity. They provide prepaid debit and credit cards to a wide range of commercial and retail customers.

American Express Recruitment Process

Job applications, aptitude tests, and interviews are part of the American Express hiring process. Knowing about American express interview questions can improve your chances of landing a job with the company. (Also note that, Amex hires full-time employees and students interested in completing an internship program with the company.) 

1. Send Your Application

This is where you may tell the company about yourself and why you want to join Amex. You will be required to take a few steps after submitting your application, to help them assess you.

2. Written Test

The first session is all about coding. Your coding abilities and aptitude will be put to the test. In the aptitude test, you'll be asked questions about time and speed, permutation and combination, probability, and time and work. (Questions on data analytics and algorithms, and database management systems can be found in the technical section) In the coding part, you'll be assessed on your coding skills, with topics ranging from the knapsack problem to task scheduling to Java.

3. Interviews: Technical and HR

The interviewers will put you to the test on your technical competence. After that, there will be a semi-technical one, while the last session is HR which consists of general questions on many subjects and current events.

American Express Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about a life obstacle you've overcome. How did you get through it?

This will assist them in determining whether you let personal challenges affect your job life. The interviewer also asks this question to examine how you deal with obstacles in your life and career. You must consider the problems and obstacles you have overcome while answering this question. It can be anything; for example, if you are a freshman, you can discuss the obstacles you face in college and how you plan to overcome them.

Sample answer:

One of the most difficult trials I've faced is one of my proudest achievements. I graduated from college debt-free with a bachelor's degree in finance. I worked quite hard to earn the scholarship, and I am extremely pleased with that accomplishment.

2. What do you consider to be your most significant career achievement?

This is one of the most common American express interview questions. The interviewer wants to know more about you. When you are answering, you first have to talk about the situation, what problem it was causing, what actions you took, and what the results were. 

Sample answer:

My greatest achievement was during my previous position as an HR administrator. Our department was having issues with document management and identifying specific files. And this produced issues, particularly during peak periods. So I set out to fix this problem and boost productivity by reducing our time hunting for documents. As a result, I implemented a new HR document management program for my team. It can be used to consolidate file management within a department and assist with other minor duties. As a result, we cut our time spent hunting for documents by 5 hours. Each team or individual could promptly access the papers they needed in one HR filing system, boosting overall productivity.

3. What would you say to an underperforming employee?

The interviewer is interested in learning about your leadership style. A single employee's bad performance can have a detrimental impact on the rest of the team, but how you manage the situation can exacerbate the problem.

Sample answer:

The first thing I'll look into is if the underperformance was something I discovered myself or something brought to my attention by someone else. I'd check to see if the underperformance is limited to a few projects or is widespread. I'll gather some facts, and if I have to intervene, I'll first offer the employee an opportunity to explain why he's underperforming.

I'd tell him what I saw and offer him the chance to determine whether the problem was recurring or self-correcting. I'll also inquire if he's having any problems and how I can assist him.

4. How would you describe your managerial style?

Whatever the case may be, try to stay away from particular categories. Most organizations prefer managers that can adapt their talents to diverse conditions.

Sample answer:

 I'm always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I enjoy encouraging my staff to do the same. They are typically capable of overcoming many difficult challenges, so I use my creative management style to assist them in completing this difficult work when necessary.

5. What do you hope to gain from this role at this company?

This question separates you from other job applicants, and a potential employer may ask it to learn about your expectations for the available position. Your responses can assist the interviewer in determining whether you and the firm are a suitable fit for the job.

Sample answer:

I'm curious how this position can help me develop emotionally and professionally. I'm looking forward to honing my cooperation abilities by working with others and getting a glimpse into my future professional path.

6. Who has been a source of motivation for you?

You must mention one person who has impacted your life. Parents, leaders, and celebrities are all plausible examples. You'll need to describe why they're your role model and how they've influenced your life.

Sample answer:

I get ideas from a large number of people and things. My grandmother, without a doubt, has been the most influential person in my life. She likes everyone and has always had a smiling face, no matter how hard she worked. She was well-liked and was known for always giving more of it than she received.

7. How do you manage to finish many projects on time when you have a lot on your plate?

It would be best to talk about the process you will use to handle the situation. Interviewers want to know how you can handle the work pressure. The interviewer is interested in hearing about your strategy and ideas for bringing several tasks, each with varying difficulty levels and priority. 

Sample answer:

Even if my chores appeared impossible, I would persevere and work out the best way to complete them. I'd start by prioritizing the tasks and sorting them from the most important to the least important. After that, I'd get to work on the most critical assignment. I would not be scared to seek help if there were any chores I could assign to other skilled teammates. 

8. Tell me about a situation when you needed to make a strategic decision.

Employers use these questions to discover applicants who can build effective solutions for their company's needs.

Sample answer:

I worked as a sales manager in my last job, and it was my job to be able to think strategically. I need to develop several tactics to sell the goods and do so, and I need to reach out to customers and earn their trust in the product and myself, and my organization.

9. Tell us about a proposal you have made that has helped a company you have worked for.

Keep in mind that the consequences of your recommendation are likely to pique the interviewer's attention. It can be challenging, but the greatest answers will include specific evidence of the change. Not everybody has the chance to offer a proposal that saved a company or caused some fundamental changes to the way it operates. Even if you don't make any significant changes, you must find a way to make a difference.

Sample answer:

When I first started working in the HR department of my previous employer, the onboarding process for new employees was lengthy and complicated. New hires must devote a significant amount of time to studying training videos. If they had learned on the job, they could have made greater use of their time. So I suggested that they divide the new hires into teams and appoint each one a team mentor. The mentor and new hires began meeting every week, and the mentor walked them through the onboarding process. This modification was so effective that it increased our new employee retention by over ten percent. 

10. What is your go-to method for resolving conflicts? Could you give me an example?

To properly respond to this question, demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a good listener who can accept conflicting viewpoints without offending. You could also stress the importance of resolving conflicts in a private setting. If you want a good American express interview experience, then present an example.

Sample answer:

I was a project manager on an IT project, and one of the technicians was always late with his job. When I asked him a question, he became defensive. I kept my cool and told him that the deadlines were difficult, and I asked how I could help him improve his performance. He calmed himself and said that he was also working on other projects and had to accomplish things that were not part of his job description. Our team had a meeting, and we reached an agreement that reduced the technician's work. The technician did an excellent job on the rest of the project.

American Express Technical Questions

1. What do you mean by dangling pointer?

Dangling pointers are created when an object with an incoming reference is removed or deallocated without changing the pointer's value, resulting in the pointer still pointing to the deallocated memory location.

2. What is the purpose of the post-increment operator?

After utilizing a variable in an expression, the post-increment operator is used to increase its value. The value is used within the expression and then incremented by one in the post-increment. If the statement is a = b++, and b is initially holding 5, a will likewise be holding 5

3. What's the difference between depreciation and amortization?

Amortization is extending the cost of an intangible asset over its usable life. Depreciation is known as expending a designated asset throughout its functional life.

4. How do you discover the point where two linked lists of differing lengths merge?

A straightforward method is to look at each node in the first list and see if it can be accessed from the second. The intersection point is the first node in the first list that can be reached from the second list. 

5. How can you determine whether a binary tree is a subtree of another binary tree?

Determine whether the first binary tree is a subtree of the second. A tree's subtree. T is a tree S that contains a node and all of its descendants. The complete tree is the subtree corresponding to the root node; any other node's subtree is called a proper subtree.

How to Prepare for an American Express Interview

The American express recruitment process can be exhausting, but you can easily ace this one if you are prepared well. 

  1. When entering the interview room, you should be well attired. If you wear formal clothes, you will make the best impression.
  2. Keep a few copies of your résumé on hand.
  3. Examine all of Amex's recent news. The interviewer will ask you questions about the company. As a result, you should visit their website and read all the information.
  4. Have a rudimentary understanding of the company, such as when it was founded, who the founders are, and the CEO.
  5. Don't forget to read about the company's recent award wins and accomplishments.

American Express Careers

American Express provides several career opportunities to job seekers. 

  • Customer service: this company has set bars for excellent customer service. 
  • Technology: You may design, build, and deploy software that helps us become an indispensable part of our consumers' digital life.
  • Marketing: You have the opportunity to leave your stamp on one of the world's most recognizable businesses.
  • Sales and relationship management: With the powerful backing of an established brand, you may build valuable customer relationships.
  • Finance: You can influence the strategic decisions that drive Amex's business forward.
  • Product: you may create goods and experiences that improve the consumers' lives.

Tips for Candidates

If you want a perfect American express interview experience, then keep the following tips

 in mind. 

1. Be Prepared for Difficult Interview Questions.

It would be best if you were well prepared to answer some difficult questions in addition to discussing your career and work experience. You can excel by preparing the American Express interview questions beforehand. You should go through the mock questions; that is the most important factor. 

2. Keep Notes

Making a list of all your professional highlights that you want your interviewer to know is always a good idea. So, if you need to refresh your memory before the interview, you can consult the notebook. Also, note crucial things you discover from the interviewer; this will assist you in the future.

3. Prepare Your Questions Too

Most hiring managers give you time to ask questions at the end of the interview. Demonstrate that you've done your study by asking questions that will help you figure out if this organization is a good fit for your career and personal goals. This is also a wonderful moment to discuss work-life balance, advancement prospects, and the company's goals.

4. First Impression

You have heard it, the first impression is the last impression, so you have to make it your best impression. Check your clothes, shoes, and other documents the day before a job interview to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You should always do your best. Select business-appropriate attire that makes you feel confident and powerful.


1. Is getting a job at Amex difficult?

It can be challenging to get a job with American Express because they have a lengthy interview procedure that can go up to four rounds. Since it spends so much on its workers, Amex hunts for the finest and brightest in the banking industry.

2. Does Amex pay a good salary?

The average American Express employee earns 83K/year; however, incomes vary greatly depending on the job. Risk Manager, Director, Lead Developer, and sales manager are just a few of the high-paying professions at American Express.

3. What is the length of the Amex interview process?

It takes around two weeks, just like any other task that might take the same time elsewhere.

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Working with American Express offers the chance to earn a respectable salary. Still, it also gives you the pride of working for one of the world's largest and fastest-growing corporations. So, it's fine to feel a little nervous, but if you're properly prepared with the American Express interview questions, you'll rock the interview, and earning a job at Amex is a good addition to your resume. So, always prepare mock interviews to get the best American express interview experience. 

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