What Is Express JS?

Node JS is a fast JavaScript runtime environment that we use to build server-side applications, but it does not know how to perform serving files, handling requests, and handling HTTP methods, so this is where express js comes in.

Express JS is a Node.js framework designed to build API's web applications cross-platform mobile apps quickly and make node js easy.

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What Is Express JS?     

Express is a node js web application framework that provides broad features for building web and mobile applications. It is used to build a single page, multipage, and hybrid web application.

It's a layer built on the top of the Node js that helps manage servers and routes.

Why Express JS?

  • Express was created to make APIs and web applications with ease,
  • It saves a lot of coding time almost by half and still makes web and 
  • mobile applications are efficient.
  • Another reason for using express is that it is written in javascript as javascript is an easy language even if you don't have a previous
  • knowledge of any language. Express lets so many new developers enter the field of web development.

The reason behind creating an express framework for node js is:

  • Time-efficient
  • Fast 
  • Economical
  • Easy to learn
  • Asynchronous

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Features of Express JS

  • Fast Server-Side Development 

The features of node js help express saving a lot of time.

  • Middleware

Middleware is a request handler that has access to the application's request-response cycle.

  • Routing 

It refers to how an application's endpoint's URLs respond to client requests.

  • Templating 

It provides templating engines to build dynamic content on the web pages by creating HTML templates on the server.

  • Debugging 

Express makes it easier as it identifies the exact part where bugs are.

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Advantages of Using Express With Node.js

  • Express is Unopinionated, and we can customize it.
  • For request handling, we can use Middleware.
  • A single language is used for frontend and backend development.
  • Express is fast to link it with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
  • ​​Express allows dynamic rendering of HTML Pages based on passing arguments to templates.

Limitations of Express JS

  • Sometimes, there is no structural way to organize things, and the code becomes non-understandable.
  • There are so many issues with callbacks.
  • The error messages that will come are challenging to understand.

Companies That Are Using Express JS

  •  Netflix 
  •  IBM 
  •  ebay
  •  Uber

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Installation and the First Program

To install Express JS on your system first you need to install node js then we will write a command to install express in the terminal.

  • npm install express

The express js will be installed in your system.

Now let’s write our first basic program in which we will print “Welcome To Simplilearn” on the server.


Fig: Node.js Express framework, "Welcome to Simplilearn"


Fig: Output “Welcome to Simplilearn”


This article has touched on all the features of express JS, advantages, and the companies using express js. To learn more about Express, you can enroll in Simplilearn's Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development. This certification training course will help you gain in-depth knowledge and concepts of Express.js, Node Packet Manager (NPM), NPM Vet, REST, shrink-wrap, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite CRUD operations. This Express JS training focuses on the essential concepts of Node JS and Express Js which provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP server.

If you have any questions or feedback, do let us know in the comments section of “Express js” article, and our experts will get back to you as soon.

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