One of the world's largest tech companies by market cap, Apple ranks 1st on Forbes' list of the world's most valuable brands. Apple owes its success to a carefully assembled team of world-class engineering talent. The specifically curated Apple interview questions aim at shortlisting the best software engineers with honed soft and technical skills. The Apple interview questions focus on coding and behavioral skills, emphasizing communication abilities, data structures, algorithms, and system design. As a leader in the tech industry, Apple concentrates strongly on innovation, the latest technological developments, market trends, and job-specific requirements.

Top 5 Apple Interview Questions 

The following latest Apple interview questions will help you to develop the optimal approach to preparing for an interview at Apple.

1. Which Apple product or device is your favorite?

This Apple interview question aims at discovering your knowledge of Apple's devices and products. In your answer, include different Apple products you use but zero in on your favorite. Elaborate on its primary features, technology, and benefits. Mentioning advantages over similar competing products, such as what makes it a big attraction in innovation, design, and functionality. Also, draw a connection between your technical skills and interest in the Apple product to highlight how you would contribute to Apple.

2. Tell me about a time you handled a disagreement with your manager.

The question explores a candidate's key behavioral skills like teamwork, conflict resolution, and communication. Structure your while being appreciative of the lesson as follows:

"I contradicted my manager once over the best way to extend customer support. Rather than questioning his authority before the staff and causing disgrace, I spoke to him privately in his office. I ensure that I remain open and honest about my idea of handling the situation better. He agreed, and the customer left content. The situation taught me the importance of open communication in the workplace."

3. How would you differentiate Cocoa and Cocoa Touch?

Cocoa Touch and Cocoa are application development environments for iOS and OS X, respectively. Although both include the Objective-C runtime, the major differences are as follows:


Cocoa Touch

An application framework for creating apps that run on Mac OS. 

An application framework for building apps that run on iPhones and iPads. 

Combines frameworks Foundation and AppKit.

Combines frameworks Foundation and UIKit.

Cocoa classes use the NS prefix, such as NSWindow.  

Cocoa Touch classes use the UI prefix, such as UIWindow. 

4. What are the different ways of achieving concurrency in iOS?

iOS has three ways to achieve concurrency: 

  • Dispatch queues
  • Threads
  • Operation queues

5. Which JSON framework does iOS support? What are its advantages?

The SBJson framework is supported by iOS. It has the following key benefits:

  • It is a lightweight data-interchange format.
  • It is easy to read and write for both computers and humans. 
  • Server support.
  • Flexible APIs and additional control.

Apple Data Scientist Interview Questions 

  1. What are the different joins in SQL?
  2. Is it possible to roll back after using the ALTER command?
  3. What are the major differences between the Truncate and Drop commands?
  4. Explain the purpose of SELECT and FROM statements.
  5. What would you suggest for the improvement of Siri?

Apple QA Interview Questions

  1. What steps will you take to test a vending machine?
  2. How would you deal with scalability problems?
  3. Explain the steps of the bug cycle.
  4. Which software testing types are you most proficient in?
  5. When would you use CRUD testing?
  6. What do you understand about the traceability matrix?

Apple Program Manager Interview Questions

  1. What makes you eligible for this position at Apple?
  2. How would you deal with an angry co-worker?
  3. How would you satisfy a client with unrealistic expectations? 
  4. Given a task you don't know, how would you learn it quickly?
  5. Apple is regarded as picky when it comes to app listings. Is this feature favorable for you? Why?

Apple Front-End Developer Interview Questions

  1. What is the composting layer in CSS3?
  2. How would you find the position of the first duplicate element of a string?
  3. How do browsers render the UI?
  4. What is the most challenging task for a front-end developer?
  5. Which language do you prefer for front-end development? Explain with reasons. 

Apple Coding Interview Questions 

  1. How would you check the completeness of a given binary tree?
  2. Write a program to check whether any permutation of a given string is a palindrome?
  3. Write a function contains_cycle() that indicates whether the list contains a cycle by taking the first node in a singly-linked list and returning a boolean.  
  4. Given a positive integer and target, write a program to print the possible combinations of positive integers whose sum is the target number.
  5. For a given list of intervals, merge the overlapping intervals and give a list with only mutually exclusive intervals.
  6. Explain event-driven programming with an example in C.
  7. How would you test whether a high-order bit is set in a byte?
  8. Given the root node of a binary tree, write a program to switch the 'left' and 'right' children for each node.


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