With most nations easing restrictions and opening their borders, a good number of students are again opting to study abroad. By the end of 2021, nearly 11 million Indian students were studying abroad, and the number is constantly rising. Overseas education not only provides amazing opportunities for students to expand their career and personal horizons but also a high return on investments. The benefits of studying abroad should encourage you to pursue higher education at a renowned international university. So much so studying abroad may be your best decision in 2024. 

Still unsure about why study abroad? The number of Indian students choosing overseas education has steadily increased over the years. Top-quality education, better facilities, with a focus on research work, are some of the main reasons for studying abroad and earning an international degree. Overseas colleges offer a wide variety of courses and specialized degree programs that aren't easily available back home. The job opportunities and pay packages after a degree from a top international college are unmatched.   

Some of the most popular courses to study abroad include Business Administration, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Law, Hospitality and Tourism, Accounting, Fashion Design, Film Studies, Social Sciences, etc. 

Studying abroad in Europe is every student's dream, and Germany is one of the top destinations for Indian students planning to move abroad. Home to some of the most renowned universities in the world, Germany is a student's dream destination. World-class education, multi-cultural environments, affordable lifestyle, great food, scenic beauty, amazing nightlife – you get it all in Germany. Enroll in a global MBA program at a top-ranked university in Germany to experience the best that the educational world has to offer.  

Here's a list of the top benefits of studying abroad:

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Learn the Fundamentals of How Business Works

1. Varied Course Options to Choose From

There is a diverse range of courses offered at international universities, including research opportunities and skill-based training. This helps open up numerous new educational options and expands your personal horizon. With certain programs, you can even take different courses at the same time. Thus, you can pursue your interest while studying at the university. 

2. Improves Communication and Language Skills

While at an overseas college, you'll be interacting with individuals from around the world, which will help you develop intercultural communication skills. This is a very valuable skill, well worth the effort. 

For example, for studying in Germany, you must learn German because most individuals in Germany don't speak English. This can improve the chances of your bagging a job in your preferred field. In several careers - especially in international relations and diplomacy – foreign language expertise is preferred. Your language skills can become a key component of your competitiveness while applying for certain job roles.

3. Makes You More Employable

One of the main reasons for studying abroad is to gain a competitive edge when you step into the professional world. Pursuing a degree abroad suggests to employers that you possess the courage, flexibility, cultural awareness, and know-how about how others work and think. This makes you highly sought after by employers. The pay packages and job roles offered by top tech companies to international degree holders are unmatched.

4. Focuses on Skill Building 

Studying abroad can not only help you grow academically but also develop skills that can be useful to adapt to various environments at colleges. You can learn how to ask questions and find answers through exploration besides developing critical thinking skills. 

5. Enhances Your Network

International universities are the melting pot of large communities of students from across the world, providing plenty of opportunities to interact with people from various walks of life. This can help enhance your network by building invaluable relations with varied people. The larger the network, the higher your chances of getting connected to a lucrative career and also to better social space.   

6. Scholarships and Funding

Many foreign universities offer scholarship programs based on merit or provide funding assistance to international students to support their education and daily expenses, especially housing costs. Such assistance is provided once you gain acceptance as a student during the duration of your course.  

Learn the Fundamentals of How Business Works

Executive Certificate In General ManagementExplore Program
Learn the Fundamentals of How Business Works

7. Opens Up Career Prospects Abroad

Depending on your course of study, studying in a foreign country can open up numerous job prospects. If you're interested in pursuing an MBA, consider looking for courses in Germany, which has renowned centers for thriving businesses. 

Employers looking to hire foreign employees want to ascertain that the right candidates can function well in a global setting. Studying abroad provides you the opportunity to showcase critical abilities and relevant experience in your resumes, like intercultural communication and a strong understanding of international affairs. 

8. Research Options

Research opportunities abroad are far more advanced and accessible than in India. This is one of the key benefits of studying abroad for Indian students. A large number of students complete their research and become academic professors. Several others return to India after completing higher education abroad, which helps them upgrade their resumes and speed up their job hunt.   

9. Develop Global Perspective

Students studying abroad learn to adapt to different cultures and different ways of life. No matter what subject you're studying, being able to think from a multinational perspective will help you tackle modern challenges and devise innovative solutions. You will develop a well-informed mindset and grow into a mature, responsible individual. Global exposure can accelerate your career growth.

10. Experience of a Lifetime

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime while pursuing a degree abroad. Travel to tourist hotspots or let your hair down during weekends and holidays in your chosen study-abroad country. Explore the land, its life, its people and come back with interesting stories to share with friends and family. 

Why Study Abroad in Germany?

Germany is among the most popular destinations for studying abroad. The number of international students in Germany has been growing steadily over the years. From 2014 to 2021, the numbers have increased by nearly 40%.   

Here are the top advantages Germany offers that draw students from all over the world;

1. Low or No Cost of Education

International students can enjoy free tuition in German public universities for bachelor's or master's degrees. They only need to pay a small administrative fee or semester fee. This is why so many Indian students choose to study abroad in Germany. 

2. Choose From Top Ranked Universities

Get a world-class education, almost for free, at German universities that rank among the world's best. Germans believe everyone should have free access to higher education and contribute to the economic growth of the country. A degree from a reputable German university will open doors for career growth for you internationally.

3. Scholarships for International students

Several scholarship providers like DAAD offer financial support to needy students in Germany.

4. Affordable Living

The cost of living is relatively affordable in Germany, with accommodation and airfare constituting the bulk of the cost. Students have many options to handle accommodation costs like living in a dorm, student halls, renting a room, sharing an apartment with friends, etc.

5. Endless Work Opportunities

There are plenty of work opportunities in Germany, and they want international students to stay after completing their education and keep working in Germany. Giant companies like Daimler, BMW, Audi, Adidas, Siemens, and Bosch are among the top recruiters.

6. Extensive Focus on Research

Top German universities enjoy partnerships with local and international research institutes and offer state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories for students.    

7. Travel to Europe on a Student Visa

Travel anywhere within the EU with your student visa in Germany.  

Enjoy the historical sites in Berlin and Munich to get a taste of Germany's rich history. 

Ready to move abroad and study in Germany? Jumpstart your career in management and business administration with Simplilearn's Executive Certificate Program In General Management program with IU, Germany. Get job-ready for the global market with a British degree while living in Berlin or Bad Honnef. 

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