Germany is one of the most popular choices for finding jobs that help in career enhancement. Taking up a job in Germany is not only good for boosting your resume, but it also provides an individual with enough learning experience to become a true professional. Although Germany offers great scope for employment and career improvement, it is important to consider a few points before taking up a job in this Western European country.

Dos and Don’ts of Working in Germany

Dos of Working in Germany

  • Learn the Native Language

Learning the native language (in this case, German) is extremely important before taking up a job in any foreign country. Language barriers can pose great difficulties in both your work and social life. Although learning German might not be mandatory for your job role,  it can significantly improve your living experience in Germany.

  • Be Punctual

Efficiency and punctuality are two qualities that you need to develop in order to succeed in Germany. Even a few extra minutes can cost you a lot when working in Germany.

  • Focus On the Details

Germany, also known as the land of ideas, has a population of excellent planners. Always bring your A-game and focus on details in every proposal or presentation you put forward.

  • Act Respectfully and Professionally

Germany is known for its formal and efficient work culture. Make sure to strike only relevant and formal conversations in the workspace. 

Don'ts Of Working In Germany

The don'ts of working in Germany are closely related to the dos.

  • Don’t Expect Sugar Coated Conversations

The work culture in Germany is known for its straight and to the point communication system. If you wish to work in Germany, you must know how to handle straightforward communication and criticism. 

  • Don’t Initiate Small Talks

The German workspace will expect you to only communicate ideas that are significant and formal. Never blur the distinction between personal and formal conversations when working in Germany.

  • Don’t Rely on Credit Cards Too Much

Unlike other places where credit card usage is common, Germany has a population that is more inclined towards cash usage. While some people prefer accepting cash over cards, others frown upon card usage for small purchases.

10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Working in Germany

Below mentioned are a few points to consider before starting to work in Germany.

1. Taxes and Insurances

Germany offers lower salary packages than some other countries since the cost of living is lower in Germany. Taxes and insurance take up a significant amount of your salary. Although tax credits, like child benefits are available, paying taxes can sometimes feel burdensome.

2. Excellence

Germany's work culture has zero considerations for shortcuts. Every idea you present must be logically backed. Your work will have to be perfect and flawless for you to succeed in Germany. 

3. Time Management

Work in offices starts as early as 7:30 am in Germany. Promptness and time management are considered extremely important. Being even a few minutes late to work can be considered offensive. Having a strict schedule can prove to be helpful.

4. Formality

Addressing individuals using their last names and appropriate certifications is considered very important in Germany. Make sure you always speak to your superiors using the appropriate formal pronouns and last names unless you are asked otherwise.

5. Strict Rules and Regulations

German people love rules and strictly adhere to following rules and regulations. You must go through the rules and regulations that you would need to follow in your day-to-day life before working in Germany. 

6. Professionalism

You won’t be able to ease your way towards success with gifts and small talks in Germany. People living in Germany value a clear differentiation between workspace and personal space. You should always go for handshakes over hugs in workspaces. Make sure to be professional and respectful towards their values and boundaries.

7. Bluntness

German people believe in honest criticism. They consider sugar coating words tricky and superficial. Do not confuse their blunt criticism with rude comments.

8. Privacy

People in Germany love and value their privacy. You would notice that not many offices in Germany have an open cubicle system. Although this system obstructs socializing in workplaces, it does allow employees to prioritize their work and enhance productivity.

9. Social Life

Socializing with colleagues outside work is considered very common in many countries. However, this is not the case in Germany. Socializing outside of work is not a norm and is considered quite rare and uncommon in Germany. 

10. Quiet Hours

In Germany, there are quiet hours regulated by the law. Quiet hours do not permit any loud noise (drilling, music, vacuuming, or otherwise) on Sundays or between 1 pm - 3 pm. Make sure you don’t disrespect the quiet hours on Sundays, bank holidays, or during the night.

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