AI has revolutionized numerous functions of the world. With the high risk of AI overtaking multiple jobs, industry experts suggest that not AI but a person using AI can replace you. So, it is wiser to start leveraging the AI potential by adding it to your daily work and increasing productivity. 

Assisting in tasks like content creation, video and image editing and much more, there are numerous AI tools available for each task. This article will guide you to the different trending tools in distinct fields while simultaneously enlisting each’s specialty. 

39 Best AI Tools for Productivity

AI tools increase productivity by completing redundant and easy tasks, providing more room for creativity. It eases the hard work letting users do the remaining smart work, subsequently saving their time and energy. 


It is a writing assistant that generates high-quality written content of different types. Serving as a source of good social media posts, ad copy and product descriptions, it combines the power of NLP and Machine Learning to deliver the promise. It also provides creative suggestions, grammar corrections and ready-to-use writing templates. 

2. Jasper

It is a voice-based AI that acts according to your voice commands. Be it scheduling meetings, providing information or setting reminders, Jasper can perform numerous tasks. It uses NLP to listen to you accurately. It comes with the option of integration with applications and devices to further aid in saving your time. 

3. Surfer

It is the SEO tool that allows using AI to gain data-driven insights and recommendations to improve website rankings. It analyzes different factors such as content length, keyword usage, headers and others to deliver SEO-friendly content. It is the right tool to enhance content strategy and improve the website’s visibility and organic traffic. Surfer is also a significant AI tool for optimizing meta-tags and title tags. 

4. WriteSonic

It is a content creation tool specializing in email campaigns, blogs and social media content. It writes creative, engaging, attention seeking and persuasive content based on preferences and prompts. Providing the facility to adjust tones and writing styles, it can be customized according to the brands and target audiences. 

5. Scalenut

Scalenut generates content ideas and optimizes content performance through data-based insights to enhance the content strategy. It focuses on search trends, competitor analysis, and social media signals to provide the trending and relevant topics crucial for content creation. It can also recommend optimization via SEO improvements, content length adjustment and suggestion of appropriate keywords. 

6. Grammarly

An AI-powered grammar correction tool, it provides the facility to improve grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing quality. Offering real-time suggestions and corrections for context-based spelling mistakes, style and structure improvements and grammar errors, it also provides conciseness, tone, clarity and engagement. 

7. Wordtune

It enhances the writing quality primarily by providing alternative phrases as suggestions to meet the requirement of clarity, coherence and writing impact. It analyzes the context and intent of the text through NLP to provide better results. It is also useful for refining vocabulary, writing flow and efficient communication with readers. 

8. Hemingway

Wishing to increase your readability to avoid boring the readers? Hemingway is the right tool serving specifically the stated purpose by reducing the complexity and complementarily enhancing the overall style of content.

9. Quillbot

It is a paraphrasing tool that is significant in rephrasing and rewriting sentences without a change in meaning. You can use it to understand the complex text and write the sentence yourself. It provides alternative sentences for refined coherence along with multiple creative and variable suggestions, subsequently adding diversity to the text. 


It is another text enhancement tool that maintains the originality and uniqueness of content by detecting plagiarism. Helping you write authentic content, it compares the text with a database comprising various sources. It highlights the lines with plagiarism while providing a detailed report for users to cross-check the same. 


It provides personalized and unique artwork based on users’ styles and preferences. It delivers almost all artistic concepts by providing customized results coupled with unique artistic expression. It can express your commands in landscapes, portraits, abstract designs, and more. 

12. Stable Diffusion

This AI technique generates and manipulates the image without compromising quality. It delivers realistic and enhanced images over time by application of noise on the initial image. The results are coherent and visually appealing images comprising textures, rich details and realistic appearance.

13. DALL·E 2

The DALL·E 2 is the advanced and specialized version of image generation from textual description. It harnesses the power of NLP and Generative Modelling for the interpretation and conversion of textual prompts to generate coherent and virtually realistic images. 

14. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is an all-in-one design platform with functionality beyond sole image generation. It is the source of illustrations, templates and design elements open to user customization and creativity to generate a further variety of visuals. The user-friendly interface has made users leverage its business strengths to create professional-looking images, presentations, social media posts and much more. 

15. Mem

It is based on NLP for text comprehension and identification of the key concepts, entities and relationships, attributing to the accuracy of organization and retrieval. It holds the capability to summarize lengthy texts and automatically tag for effortless location. It offers sharing and collaboration along with personalized insights and suggestions on preferences and note-taking patterns. 

16. Fliki

High quality meets speed at Fliki, where you can turn text into videos with AI voices or generate videos from blog posts or scripts in just 2 minutes. With more than 1000 voices in 75 different languages, it has millions of images, background music or video clips, and numerous brand color and font options. 

17. Synthesia

Synthesia specializes in the creation of realistic and customizable videos where it provides the option for the generation of reality-based avatars capable of speaking, expressing emotions and interacting with the audience. It is customizable based on the user’s preferences. Synthesia provides videos in multiple languages while taking input in a single language. It can also control the facial expressions and gestures of avatars. It generates realistic voices based on input text or script in natural-sounding voices with customization options for tones or styles. 

18. Pencil

The platform serves the action of e-commerce ad generation from existing assets, brands and ad account data. Allowing the generation of ready-to-run static and video ad creatives, users are free to format them for different channels. The process is simpler by requiring solely input of brand assets such as color hex codes, logo files, fonts, brand profiles and target customers, and they can create personalized ads for specific products by identification of objectives, metrics, targets, purpose and brand assets for the project. 

19. Pictory AI

The characteristic features of Pictory AI are a composition of advanced algorithms to edit video footage to create appealing videos automatically. It can merge and trim clips, add transitions and music, and optimize the overall video flow. Intelligent scene detection is useful for organization, video categorization, and quick access to specific scenes. The customization options for color schemes, themes, fonts and visual effects, voice-over, and text-to-speech from input text have increased its usage.


Based on NLP, it produces more than 570 voices regardless of gender, with human sound and tone finding wide usage in business and personal endeavors. It has a user-friendly interface and cheap prices with usage without any hardware or software. It comes with full commercial and broadcasting rights. Users can express emotional speech styles, customize pronunciations and pauses, edit voice tones and download, preview and revise the videos any number of times. It also offers podcast hosting, audio widgets, bulk audio creation, analytics and javascript recognition. 

21. Otter

Otter provides playback control to play-back meetings with synced audio and text. Users can edit time codes, speakers and text while controlling playback speed. The integration with commonly used meeting software like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others is also available. It allows the identification of speaker names, usage of admin controls such as user management, reporting, centralized billing and the ability to share via groups and links. 

22. Descript

Suitable for editing and sharing audio and video, the transcription option is both automatic and white glove. The screen and remote recording, with editing functions like video editing, podcasting, filler word removal, and overdubbing, are solely available at Descript. The sharing facility, such as multi-user collaboration, social video and publishing, are among other useful features available. 


The AI platform serves by providing slide design, presenter tools, auto-save, file sharing, charts, template creator and a library. It also provides collaboration, multiple device access and compatibility, and messaging. It also provides real-time updates, reporting analytics, search/filter, text editing, third-party integrations and video support. 

24. Pro Rank Tracker

It is an optimum tool for application management, benchmarking, keyword rank tracking, data import/export, visualization, dashboard creation, competitive analysis and integration with other software. The app benefits by monitoring the content, thus providing analytics and generating multi-language, caption and location-based content. The real-time data, updates and notifications, reports and statistics help in SEO management, scheduled and automated reports, trends and websites, visual analysis, user management and much more. 

25. Ocoya

It provides AI-based writing, automation, analytics and scheduling with integration with more than 30 applications. It comprises thousands of images and video templates to be compiled manually or automatically through the power of AI. It is also used for shortening long links and providing a collaboration workspace for members.

26. Zapier's OpenAI integration

The interesting AI-integrated tool is a multi-tasker with facilities to perform multiple actions. It includes generating creative images, creating and sending alters and notifications and performing customer communication. It can generate and market the content saving time and increasing efficiency by providing engaging matter. The tool is also useful for to-do lists, project management, product and customer support tickets, transcription and translation of audio tools.

27. Bing Chat

Bing Chat, launched by Microsoft, can perform advanced conversations through the help of NLP. Users can enquire about its knowledge base and language models. It is also helpful for citations and source links for validation and credibility. Adding to creativity, it also assists in writing songs, stories, and poems and provides innovative ideas and guidance. The image creator feature transforms text into images on the sample platform by producing posters, illustrations and graphics. It also provides multilingual communication and personalized recommendations and is able to integrate with Bing’s search.

28. Bard AI

Offered by Google, it can take voice inputs and curate numerous drafts to choose from. It can code in more than twenty languages, fix bugs, create games and even a website. It is also not limited to knowledge up to a particular year, thus providing up-to-date information. It can summarize webpages and websites, and the chats in Bard AI can be easily exported to Gmail or google docs easing collaboration and sharing. Assisting email writing facilities is a great hit among users. 

29. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the most commonly used AI tools with a user-friendly interface and pre-trained NLP mode. However, it is an interactive tool serving updates on all the queries, with information limited to 2021. It has the extensive capability of text comprehension, learning and development capacity while intaking suggestions and understanding its mistakes. Though the reliability of the free version of chatGPT is still questionable, it serves numerous aspects, such as education, writing, assisting in tests, interviews and much more. 

30. CodeWP

It is the code generator AI tool built and trained specifically for WordPress. It has multiple plugins, including PHP, JS, and WooCommerce. It can accept prompts in more than 11 languages and generate codes with more than 12 models with wide sharing options. It helps to create WP_Queries effectively, generate functions, use filters and actions and create complex workflows according to ACF values. Serving as a mentor, it has maximum efficiency along with code tutorials. 


Another AI in the list of automation tools, it helps with assessment management, call monitoring, scripting and recording. It also has options for automatic call distribution, outbound dialer, archiving and retention, alters and escalation. It also provides market insights with dynamic updates and customer interactions. 

32. Zest Al

It is a finance-based assisting AI that aids you in related decisions. It can find good borrowers ignored by credit scores, thus increasing the company’s revenue. It has risk management facilities to fastly combat the losses with evidence-based outputs of reduction in charge-offs or default with constant approvals. It encourages faster and more responsive lending business, enhancing business growth. 

33. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize how meetings are conducted and insights are captured. It offers automated transcription services, enabling users to record, transcribe, and search through their meetings effortlessly. By leveraging natural language processing, Fireflies can highlight key points, decisions, and action items from meetings, making it easier for teams to focus on what matters most without worrying about missing important details.

34. Browse AI

Browse AI is an innovative tool that automates web data extraction, making it simple for users to scrape and monitor websites without any coding knowledge. By using AI to recognize patterns and data structures on web pages, Browse AI allows users to extract data points, track changes, and receive alerts in real-time, streamlining data collection and analysis processes for businesses and researchers.

35. Tenserflow

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework developed by Google, widely used for creating complex neural networks and algorithms. Known for its flexibility and scalability, TensorFlow supports both research and production, allowing developers to experiment with deep learning models and deploy them across various platforms. Its comprehensive ecosystem and community support make it a go-to choice for professionals working on machine learning and AI projects.

36. AIVA

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI-driven platform that composes emotional soundtrack music for movies, games, TV shows, and commercials. By analyzing the structure of music theory and drawing inspiration from a vast database of classical and contemporary music, AIVA creates unique compositions, showcasing the creative potential of AI in the arts and entertainment industry.

37. Caffe

Caffe is a deep learning framework known for its speed and modularity. Developed by the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center, Caffe is particularly popular for applications that require real-time processing, such as image classification and convolutional neural networks. Its expressive architecture and efficient performance make it suitable for both academic research projects and industrial applications.

38. Google AI

Google AI encompasses a broad range of AI initiatives and tools developed by Google, aimed at pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. From advanced machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow to AI-powered products like Google Assistant and Google Photos, Google AI is at the forefront of innovation, working on solving complex challenges in healthcare, environmental conservation, and more through the application of cutting-edge AI technology.

39. aiXcoder

aiXcoder is a smart programming assistant designed to enhance the productivity of developers by using AI to predict code snippets and suggest completions. It integrates with popular development environments, learning from a vast codebase to offer real-time recommendations, thereby reducing coding time and helping programmers write more efficient and error-free code.

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1. Which are the most useful AI tools?

Some of the must-have useful AI tools are Keras, Scikit-learn, Theano, Pcitory, Jasper, Fireflies, Murf and Tidio. 

2. What is the best AI right now?

The best AI tool in current times is Bing, ChatGPT, and Jasper.

3. Which is the best free AI tool?

The AI tools topping the list of best and free ones are ChatGPT, Google Assistant,, Jasper, Synthesia, and Adobe Firefly. 

4. How to use AI to increase productivity?

You can use AI tools to manage tasks, use them for creating reference schedules, prioritizing goal, and performance management, create reference schedules and track time. 

5. Can AI increase efficiency?

Yes, AI is capable of increasing efficiency by removing redundancy in your tasks, easing the time and effort consuming tasks. It allows more time for creativity which aids in saving energy and thus increasing efficiency. 

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