Quick Tips for Clearing CCBA Certification Exam

Quick Tips for Clearing CCBA Certification Exam

Eshna Verma

Last updated September 11, 2017


For those who have a plan of taking the CCBA certification exams, it's important to be familiar with the do's and don'ts that would help you prepare.

CCBA Certification

Here are some quick tips for clearing the CCBA certification exam:

Visit the IIBA Website

Before anything else, it's important that you visit the IIBA website, because it has all the information you need, especially if you don't have any idea on where to start with the certification process, such as how to apply and the requirements needed for the exam.
Obtain and Skim The BABOK (A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)
BABOK is a comprehensive guide that's generally accepted and practiced in the BA profession. Likewise, the CBBA certification exam is heavily based on the BABOK-- that's why it's advisable to have and read this book. You could download it for free if you're a member of the IIBA, or you could purchase it through Amazon.com in case that you're not. Aside from helping you prepare for the CCBA exam, this could also be a valuable job reference for you.

Exam Structure

The CCBA exam is generally based on BABOK and this is divided into several categories. However, each knowledge area has a different bearing, so it's important to focus on those categories where more questions would be presented. Here's the breakdown.

  • Requirements Analysis: 18% KA; 23 questions
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring: 18% KA; 26 questions
  • Solution Assessment and Validation: 15.33%; 25 questions
  • Requirements Management and Communication: 15.33% KA; 24 questions
  • Enterprise Analysis: 14% KA; 24 questions
  • Elicitation: 12% KA; 17 questions
  • Underlying Competencies: 4% KA; 6 questions

Based on the supplied data above, the Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, as well as the Requirements Analysis outweigh the other knowledge areas. Thus, you should focus on these categories during your preparation.

Tips to clear CCBA exam

Use Online Flash Cards

You could visit the flash card exchange website and you'll be welcomed by a list of 1000 questions related to the BABOK. Aside from that, if you'll explore the site further, you'll come across other pages with useful tips that would help you easily remember the different sections of the BABOK.

Absorb the BABOK

Some people are lucky enough that they could easily pass the exam by just reading the BABOK. However, not all are that "smart" and they need a foolproof plan that could guarantee their certification. This includes additional study that would help you retain the key concepts needed.
The three key methods are the following:
  • Classes
  • Study Groups
  • Individual Study

Prep Class

By attending a preparation class, you could jump start your brain and prepare yourself to study. Through this method, you could learn from the instructor and other students whom you could keep in touch with even after the class ends. Also, depending on your preference, you could form a study group, which we would discuss in the preceding paragraph.

Study Groups

Study groups are one of the effective ways that could motivate a lot of people to study. For one, being part of a group that meets regularly could be something that most participants look forward to. Aside from that, some participants learn from one another, by teaching one another, and by brainstorming. These are just some of the most helpful, yet convenient learning aids. Furthermore, you could also benefit in a study group with the use of flashcards of concepts, as well as key terms and working with a group or with a partner is a great way to encourage each other.

Individual Study

If you don't enjoy being a part of the group or it's hard for you to manage your time-- just to attend those prep classes, then the individual approach might be ideal for you. Likewise, even if you participate in a study group or have enrolled in a prep class, there's still a huge chance that you'll be engaged in individual studying by the end of the day. Try to create your own study outlines as you read your BABOK. This would help you think of ways on how you could understand and memorize the key terms effectively.

Practice Exams

As much as possible, one of the foolproof ways on how to clear your CCBA exam is by practicing a lot. You could use Watermark learning, and other online prep websites that would help you study.
These learning sites have thousands of questions that are quite similar to the CCBA and CBAP exam. This kind of questions would help you determine what areas of the BABOK you need to focus on. Also, this site allows the users to do a mini or full exam, depending on their preference.

Do Final Preparations

It doesn't matter what method you're going to choose; whatever it is, you should spend your final preparation by focusing on areas that you have difficulty with, or areas that need further improvement. By paying a great deal of attention on this, you could focus your final preparation time on the techniques, tasks, and knowledge areas that are quite challenging for you. Make sure that you also read the BABOK over and over again, even if it seems like you've understood everything, because there's still a slight chance that you missed something.
Lastly, for your final preparation step, try to get plenty of rest the night before you take your CCBA certification exam. Having a relaxed and well-rested mind is a lot better, than staying all night just to cram.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the preparation for the CCBA certification exam could take a considerable amount of time. So, don't be surprised if you end up spending more than 8 hours to complete the online application process. Likewise, it's crucial to memorize the BABOK as much as you can, and if it's possible, read it a number of times before the exam. There's no need to purchase any additional resources just to clear your CCBA certification exam. All you need to do is be familiar with the areas that you need to focus on and this is considered to be an effective way on how you could prepare. By doing this, there's a huge chance that you're going to pass, or even ace the certification exam once you take it.

Here is a sample video that takes you through introduction to CCBA certification. Hope you find it beneficial.

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