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IC Agile

ICP ACC Course Overview

The ICAgile ICP-ACC course equips you with the tools and frameworks to guide individuals and teams towards Agile excellence, master collaboration, and spark continuous improvement. Get Agile Coaching Certification to earn industry recognition, unlock team potential, & drive success . Elevate your impact - get ICP-ACC certified today!

Skills Covered

  • Agile Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Release Management
  • Scrum Framework
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Team Development Models
  • Leadership
  • Agile Coaching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Release Management
  • Team Development Models
  • Scrum Framework
  • Leadership
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Agile Coaching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Release Management
  • Team Development Models
  • Scrum Framework
  • Leadership
  • Product Backlog Management


This ICP-ACC certification course helps you secure a role as an Agile coach in an organization which is both respected an highly paid.

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    Wells Fargo
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  • Annual Salary
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    Source: Indeed

Training Options

Corporate Training

Upskill or reskill your teams

  • Flexible pricing & billing options
  • Private cohorts available
  • Training progress dashboards
  • Skills assessment & benchmarking
  • Platform integration capabilities
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Course Curriculum


This ICP-ACC certification training course is best suited for:
Agile Coaches
Executives and Managers
Product Owners
Team Leaders
Project Managers
Scrum Masters
Aspiring Coaches
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There are no prerequisites for taking this course, although learners should hold either an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma.
It is recommended having prior basic Agile experience to enhance your training experience. Also, familiarity with both the Scrum Guide and the Agile Manifesto will maximize your learning outcomes.
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Course Content

  • ICP-ACC (ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching)

    • Lesson 01: Agile Coaching - Part 1

      • Need for an Agile Coach
      • Agile Manifesto Refresher
      • Desired Personal Traits of a Successful Coach
      • The Agile Mindset
    • Lesson 02: Agile Coaching - Part 2

      • Core Competencies in Coaching
      • Coach as Teacher, Mentor and Facilitator
      • The Coaching Arc
      • The Social Domains of Humans
      • The Coaching Contract and Alliance
      • Internal Vs External Coaches
      • Conflict and Resolution
    • Lesson 03: Agile Coaching - Part 3

      • Organizational Barriers to Adopting Agile
      • Team Development Theory (Tuckman Model)
      • The Change Cycle (Kubler-Ross, Kotter)
      • Mentoring Agile Role Changes
      • Different Coaching Formats

ICP ACC Training Course Advisor

  • Jerry Rajamoney

    Jerry Rajamoney

    Agile Program Delivery Manager and Coach

    He is passionate about building Hyper-Productive Teams which helps organizations in their quest for Agility and Digital Transformation. Currently involved as Lead Consultant for the Digital and Agile Transformation programs with MNC’s across APAC region.

  • Prashant Shinde

    Prashant Shinde

    Enterprise Agile Coach

    He is offering training for more than 14 years, trained more than 6000 people & conducted 30+ ICAgile Certification sessions across the globe. He has been part of an enterprise agile coaching squad in 3 big companies.

  • Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan

    Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan

    Agile Consultant

    He is an adept professional having years of experience with strong coaching, mentoring and training skills. Proficient in Agile Transformation in Distributed Agile environment and IT divisions in organizations. Involved in transforming organizations from traditional to value-driven culture.

  • Venkatesh Rajamani

    Venkatesh Rajamani

    Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org

    He is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer& Professional Facilitator helping organizations to exploit the fundamentals of Agility to leave behind the conventional style of working and enable continuous delivery of the highest value of all. 


ICP ACC Exam & Certification

ICP-ACC Certificate
  • What is ICP-ACC Certification?

    The ICP-ACC is among the two knowledge-based certifications designed for professionals aspiring to become skilled Agile coaches. The main focus of an ICP-ACC certification is the roles and responsibilities and the mindset required in agile coaching. Through the accreditation, aspirants can validate their knowledge, hone their skills, and explore the real-world responsibilities of an Agile coach. They also familiarize themselves with the frameworks and tools necessary to obtain Agile excellence and fulfill several Agile-based organizational roles. 

  • What does an Agile coach do?

    The role of the Agile Coach is very important in an organization. This professional is responsible for helping teams, organizations, and individuals adapt advanced Agile methods and practices that result in the faster achievement of business goals and better collaboration and communication opportunities within the organization. 

    A certified agile coach creates and implements Agile processes, builds and implements new strategies, and aligns with teams to bring out better solutions. Through agile coaching, this professional helps teams and individuals achieve long-term Agile success. As a mentor, the coach helps organizations transition to a modern Agile approach while leaving behind the traditional, backdated ones.

  • How to become an Agile coach?

    As more organizations begin to adopt Agile methodologies, the demand for certified and skilled Agile professionals is increasing simultaneously worldwide. Considering these booming opportunities globally, becoming an Agile Coach can prove life-changing. The process of becoming a skilled Agile involves the following steps: 

    Build Agile Coach Skills

    The initial and the most important step towards becoming a skilled Agile Coach is to build strong coaching skills. It is crucial to gain in-depth knowledge of Agile, its principles, practices, and frameworks, as well as the techniques and tools that play a significant role in Agile methodologies. It is equally important to adopt the Agile culture, understand the significance of Agile transformation within an organization, and how it can become a catalyst of change. The list of skills that are mandatory to acquire include:

    • Strong communication skills

    • Leadership skills

    • Mentoring skills

    • Coaching skills 

    • Problem-solving skills

    • Knowledge of Version Control Systems

    • Understanding of coding languages

    • Familiarity with Agile tools    

    Gain Agile Project Management Experience

    The next step to becoming an Agile Coach involves gaining hands-on experience in Agile project management. This expertise teaches you how to manage different Agile projects simultaneously and contribute towards on-time deliveries. By exploring Agile project management methodologies, you will learn to identify customer needs, set business objectives, and achieve specific goals.  

    Get An Agile Coach Certification

    The final step is getting yourself certified. An Agile Coach Certification is designed for professionals who wish to validate their skills and knowledge and get identified across industries as an Agile expert. This training equips you with everything you need to get certified and begin your career as an Agile Coach. 

  • Agile Coach Salary: What is the Average Salary of an Agile Coach?

    A certified agile coach is a highly-valued professional serving multiple impactful organizational roles and responsibilities. A coach enjoys a lucrative career, and here is a glimpse of their average annual salary below: 

    Average Annual Salary in India (INR)

    Average Annual Salary in the US (USD)

    INR 25,00,000


  • Is there any exam for ICP ACC certification?

    There is no examination associated with an ICP-ACC certification. An aspiring candidate must only attend the 24-hour professional training to obtain this certification. The training does include workshops and practices, but there aren’t any examinations to worry about.

  • How long is the Agile Coach certification?

    The agile coach certification is a 24-hour long training led by an ICAgile member organization. This certification training includes in-depth Agile coaching along with practices and workshops. The accreditation obtained after the training is valid for a lifetime. 

  • What is the difference between an Agile coach and a Scrum master?

    Although the responsibilities of an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master seem very similar, many stark differences separate their roles, responsibilities, and values within an organization. Take a look at the table below for an in-depth understanding of how different these roles are: 


    Agile Coach

    Scrum Master


    The main focus is on the transformation and agility of organizational processes. 

    The main focus is on implementing advanced Scrum practices within a particular team. 

    Main Responsibilities

    • Mentoring and training individuals and teams.

    • To help  organizations adopt Agile practices and principles.

    • Facilitating growth and advancements in an organization. 

    • Introducing Scrum practices within a team. 

    • Keeping the team away from any external interruption.

    • Planning and facilitating all Scrum events. 


    This professional interacts with several teams.

    The interactions remain restricted within a single team.


    Mentoring, training, coaching, change management, Agile transformation, organizational development.

    Problem-solving, communicating, and planning.  

    Continuous Improvement

    Agile practices focus on continuous improvement within an organization.

    The main focus is on the continuous improvement of the particular team. 


    To become an Agile Coach, a professional must obtain one of these certifications:

    To become a Scrum Master, a professional must take the following certifications:

ICP ACC Training Reviews

  • Amit Bhavnani

    Amit Bhavnani


    My certification journey was delightful. I found it to be incredibly collaborative, with the trainer keeping us all engaged throughout. What made it particularly rewarding was the opportunity for learners to connect with each other, sharing experiences and insights that enriched the overall learning experience.

  • Vanitha Bhaskaran

    Vanitha Bhaskaran

    Senior Business Analyst

    After this course, I feel more confident. I moved from a mid-level designation to one at SEMM level 3, which is a big change. I also got a decent 30% salary increase.

  • Latha Rajesh

    Latha Rajesh

    Delivery Manager

    My learning experience was great. The mentor was knowledgeable and approachable, and the support team was always there to help.


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