Good news for candidates aspiring for CISSP exam. CISSP exam schedule is available online. It provides the opportunity for candidates to take computerized examinations via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) at local testing centers worldwide. Now candidates can register and take the exam on the same day (subject to seat availability) which saves both traveling time to testing site and money. All (ISC)2 credential exams are available via CBT at all approved Pearson VUE® testing centers worldwide.  After September 1, 2012, all (ISC)2 credential exams will be offered via CBT only, with the exception of a very limited amount of remote areas. August 24, 2012 is the last day candidates can register to sit for regularly scheduled Paper Based Testing (PBT) exams occurring through August 31, 2012. This transition provides numerous benefits to candidates, members and the information security community, including:

  • Easier registration process for increased convenience – In addition to offering more exam centers around the world, computer-based testing through Pearson VUE also increases the number of exam scheduling opportunities. Candidates can schedule an exam online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any time a testing center is open. In most cases, candidates will receive notification of their test results immediately after completing the exam.
  • A consistent testing environment & better evaluation –The testing experience is mostly the same for each Pearson Professional Center; all facilities are equipped with nearly identical layouts, materials and process to ensure a consistent experience for all candidates. In CBT the answers are recorded directly into the computer. This eliminates possible transcription errors from scanning format answer sheets this gives assurance to candidates of fair and precise evaluation of their competency.
  • Rapid turnaround of exam results- Candidates taking an examination via CBT are that most candidates receive their scores immediately upon completing their examination.
  • Reduced travel costs – By offering more testing location options, computer-based testing through Pearson VUE reduces the cost of travel and overnight stays for individuals and organizations.
  • Fortified exam security – Security is woven throughout the Pearson VUE testing system. Pearson VUE testing centers include certified proctors, advanced biometric verification to confirm the identity of the exam candidates, video and audio monitoring, encryption of all test packages and results, anomaly detection and other forensic safeguards.
  • Information Protection – Securing all aspects of intellectual property and private candidate data is paramount. Pearson VUE protects test content and candidate information end-to-end by operating in secure facilities, applying controls across firewalls, restricting data access and carefully monitoring personnel and processes.
  • Forensic Services –Pearson VUE offers forensic services such as data analysis and automated Web monitoring, allowing (ISC)² to identify security breaches and act upon them quickly.

Registering for exam
Candidates can register for the exam by visiting the following link You can schedule your exam either online or over via phone by calling Pearson VUE.  If you choose online option you can start the registration process by signing in with your (ISC)2 account. If you don’t have an account, you can create a new web account by signing up which is simple 4-step process. Locate the desired test center by entering your location information in the required fields. Check the available time slot before scheduling your exam. At the beginning of your exam you will be presented a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which you need to agree to proceed further. Failure to read/accept the agreement within the allotted 5 minutes will result in your exam ending and a forfeit of your exam fees. Please take a moment to review the agreement now so that you are familiar with it when you sit for your exam.

Exam pattern
As with Paper Based Exam CBT will also consist of 250 multiple choice questions with four (4) choices each. The duration of the test will be of 6 hours and the candidate is required to score at least 700 points to pass. There may be scenario-based items which may have more than one multiple choice question associated with it. These items will be specifically identified. Each of these exams contains 25 questions which are included for research purposes only. The research questions are not identified; therefore, answer all questions to the best of your ability. There is no penalty for guessing, so candidates should not leave any item unanswered. Examination results will be based only on the scored questions on the examination. Most candidates will receive their results immediately after they have completed the exam. In some cases, candidates may have to wait longer to receive official results.

Exam retake policy
(ISC)²’s policy for retaking the exam via CBT states that after the first unsuccessful exam attempt, candidates will have 3 more attempts to take the exam. For 2nd attempt the candidate must wait for 30 days before next exam attempt.  For 3rd attempt he needs to wait for 90 days and for 4th attempt the wait period is 180 days. For further information please visit  

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