Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture


Last updated November 22, 2016


Cloud Computing is trending in today’s technology driven world. With the advantages of flexibility, storage, sharing and easy accessibility, Cloud is being used by major players in IT.
Apart from companies, individuals also use Cloud technologies for various daily activities. From using Google drive to store, to Skype to chat and Picasa web albums, we use Cloud Computing platforms extensively. Cloud Computing is a service provided via virtual networks, especially the world wide web.

Cloud Certification Cloud Computing architecture refers to the various components and sub-components of cloud that constitute the structure of the system. Broadly, this architecture can be classified into two sections:

- Front-end
- Back-end

The front-end and back-end are connected to each other via a virtual network or the internet. There are other components like Middleware, Cloud Resources, etc, that are part of the Cloud Computing architecture.

Front-end is the side that is visible to the client, customer or the user. It includes the client’s computer system or network that is used for accessing the cloud system. Different Cloud Computing systems have different user interfaces. For email programs, support is driven from web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Back-end is the side used by the service provider. It includes various servers, computers, data storage systems, and virtual machines that together constitute the cloud of computing services. This system can include different types of computer programs. Each application in this system is managed by its own dedicated server. The back-end side has some responsibilities to fulfill for the client
- To provide security mechanisms, traffic control and protocols
- To employ protocols that connects networked computers for communication


A single central server is used to manage the entire Cloud Computing system. This server is responsible for monitoring traffic and making each end run smoothly without any disruption. This process is followed with a fixed set of rules called Protocols. Also, a special set of software called Middleware is used to perform the processes. Middleware connects networked computers to each other.

Depending on the client’s demand, adequate storage space is provided by the Cloud Computing service provider. While some companies require huge number of digital storage devices, others do not require as much space. The Cloud Computing service provider usually has capacity for twice the amount of storage space that is required by the client. This is to keep a copy of client’s data secured during system breakdown. Saving copies of data for backup is known as Redundancy.

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