Prepping for the most anticipated Concentrix Interview Questions can help get a job in the company. Candidates who want to obtain a full-time position in the company must have in-depth knowledge about the company's interview process, the company, their work-life culture, and most importantly, the questions asked during the interview. Concentrix interview questions consist of behavioral and situational questions. In the written test, candidates are tested for their technical abilities, thinking capacities, and analytical skills. The recruiter wants to test the aptitude for work and whether the candidate is the right fit for the company or not. 

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About Concentrix

One of the largest BPO companies in India, Concentrix, is known for its opportunistic behavior towards its employees. Founded in 1983, the American giant, a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation, is now the leading global provider of CX (customer experience) solutions and technology. Since BPOs work in the principle of bulk-hiring in sales procedures, Concentrix follows the same. They have recently announced the acquisition of ServiceSource, a global B2B digital sales company, to expand their capabilities, motivating the growth of Concentrix in both the financial and technological world. 

When it comes to work-life, Concentrix assists its employees in giving their careers a great start. It offers several opportunities to grow their careers. Their staff is well-trained, which helps in delivering next-gen customer experiences. Concentrix claims its working style is different by design. They do so by being bold in making decisions, helping each other the best way possible, and being tenacious in their pursuit of excellence. 

Concentrix Interview Process

The Concentrix interview process is also a tough nut to crack like any other company. But it's not impossible. With thorough preparation and research, anyone can ace the interview. Candidates must concentrate on improving their communication skills and upskilling their abilities. 

Process of the Interview

Unlike the earlier recruitment process at Concentrix, where interviewees have to attend eight rounds of interviews, they now have to attend only four rounds. The interview process is streamlined and is completed within a day. The results are also announced on the same day of the interview process or by the next day. 

Rounds of the Interview

HR Round 

This is the first round of the Concentrix interview, where HR evaluates the candidate's fundamental skills. A series of questions are asked about yourself, the reason for applying at Concentrix, your expectations, and more. Having good communication skills and a positive attitude can help make it through this round. 

Written Test 

This round tests the candidate's technical, analytical, and reasoning skills. Having a clear understanding of topics and in-depth knowledge about the subject can assist in clearing this round. 

Manager/Assistant Round 

The interviewee interacts with the manager or assistant of Concentrix. They ask behavioral and situation questions to test your dedication and eagerness to learn and work for the company. Answering the questions with passion and confidence can benefit the candidate to clear this round. 

Vice President Round 

In the final round of Concentrix interviews, candidates interact with the vice president. To create an impression on the vice president, the candidate must demonstrate their creativity and answer the questions uniquely and practically. Explaining all the concepts with a clear, innovative mindset can aid clear this round. 

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Commonly Asked Concentrix Questions and Answers

  1. Illustrate your style of managing work. 
  2. How will you handle multiple projects by ensuring you complete them within the deadline?
  3. What is your source of motivation? How do you keep yourself motivated?
  4. What is your position preference if you are put on a big project?
  5. What will you look for in a person when hiring them for a job at Concentrix?
  6. What are your salary expectations?
  7. Do you have any experience of working with a team? Will you be willing to work as a team at Concentrix?
  8. You are not provided any tools for success. How would you proceed with it at Concentrix?
  9. What other initiatives can you handle?
  10. You have met with a conflict with your colleague or client. How will you deal with it?
  11. Have you influenced someone by using your presentation skills? How was the experience?
  12. Tell us about your experience when you have had to think on your feet?
  13. How will you deal with the situation when your coworker has highlighted your mistakes in front of everyone?
  14. Have you ever been in a situation where you have to fire a friend?
  15. Where do you see yourself five years from now at Concentrix?
  16. Do you get irritated easily? When was the last time you got irritated at work?
  17. Describe Concentrix in a sentence or six words. 
  18. What are your weaknesses and strengths?
  19. Are you familiar with someone who works at Concentrix?
  20. Do you feel the position you are working in is challenging? What is the critical component that is making it so?
  21. Why did you leave your last job?
  22. How will you cope if you are being bullied or irritated by a coworker at Concentrix?
  23. Do you feel technology improves work life? Should we focus on technology at Concentrix? 
  24. What would you do if you had enough money to retire? 
  25. Have you ever been in a fight with your previous supervisor? How did you handle it?
  26. How do you save time? 
  27. What do you do to reduce costs and boost revenue?
  28. How do you enhance productivity at the workplace?
  29. Why should we hire you for this role at Concentrix?
  30. Illustrate a situation where you had trouble meeting the needs of the client. 

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1. Is the Concentrix interview hard?

Concentrix interview questions test the basic aptitude and dedication to work in the company. The interview is not hard. Preparing for the Concentrix interview questions beforehand will assist in gaining confidence and sharpening pinpoints that could help create a solid impression on the interviewer. Explaining the experience and learnings from them will also aid in landing the dream job at Concentrix. 

2. Is it easy to get hired at Concentrix?

Concentrix conducts an easy interview process that anyone can clear with fair skills. Being familiar with the working culture at Concentrix can make the hiring process easier and more favorable to the candidate. The selection criteria depend upon how fit the candidate is for the role the company is looking for. They hire people in a day if they are the perfect match for the job profile. After all the interviews are over, they will inform whether the candidate is selected or not. If they haven't, it's better to wait for their response as they usually do it within no time. 

3. How do I crack my Concentrix interview?

Cracking Concentrix interviews are easy. Anyone can do it if they have the right and positive attitude. At first, the interviewer asks the candidates to introduce themselves. The answer to this question will decide how experienced they are and whether they fit the role or not. Practicing the most anticipated Concentrix interview questions discussed above will be advantageous and help nail the interview in the first attempt. 

4. What is the basic salary at Concentrix?

According to Payscale and Indeed, the average salary for a Concentrix employee in India is ₹3,61,062 per year and ₹12,149 per month, respectively. The salary varies from ₹7,376 to ₹36,442 per month, depending on the job profile and experience. 

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Practice these Concentrix interview questions and get your dream job hassle free. However, having a professional degree will increase your chances of getting a job in Concentrix or other established companies. All you have to do it, sign-up for our ITIL Managing Professional Master’s program. This program covers the key concepts necessary to run IT-enabled products, services, teams, and workflows. Explore more such courses on Simplilearn and give your career the right push! 

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