Roadmap to CSPO Certification

Roadmap to CSPO Certification

Eshna Verma

Published on May 29, 2015

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a certification initiated by the Scrum Alliance for professionals who have the ability to serve as excellent Product Owners for Scrum teams. The certification is achieved through passing a CSPO exam. An individual who holds this kind of certification is charged with the following roles;
•    Fulfilling the task of a product owner on a Scrum team
•    Responsibility for delivering the product
•    Ensuring stakeholder satisfaction
•    Maintaining product backlog
•    Ensuring the team knows the priorities

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CSPOs are basically individuals placed closest to the “business side” of a project. The CSPO course is necessary for an individual to become more agile. Mastering the art of Scrum requires experience and continuing education.

 Accreditation body

The main accreditation body for the CSPO certification is the Scrum Alliance. They initiate and hold all rights to the originality of the certification. Scrum Alliance offers individuals a chance to be recognized as product owners. The organization has given candidates from all over the world a chance to access this certification by delegating the training responsibility to some certification providers globally. They insist on the importance of experience and the right training to become a member on their platform. Also, they have outlined CSPO objectives and even provide candidates with the modules to study for CSPO exam.

 Eligibility Requirements

There are no known official qualifications to take up the CSPO certification. The candidates interested only have to register with a Scrum certified trainer and accreditation body. However, any candidate willing to take up the training and qualify after passing the exam has to read and understand all the basics related with the course that leads up to its certification. The other qualification you may need to have is the efficient knowledge of some of the Scrum based platforms. All professionals are welcome to take up the course and acquire the certification.

Certification process

In order for a candidate to acquire the CSPO credential, they need to familiarize themselves with Scrum. They then need to go through a list compiled by Scrum Alliance that gives insight to their aim. The candidates then need to attend a two-day CSPO course that can be given by a certified Scrum trainer. This course helps candidates get a clear view of how Scrum operates by focusing on a candidate’s role as the Product Owner for a Scrum team. There are several topics covered during the training some of which include managing stakeholders, backlog grooming, ROI, acceptance criteria for user stories, creating effective user stories, and defining “Done.”

  Accredited Training Partner

Learning is systematic and requires careful lectures for a candidate to do well in the final examination. Choosing the right partner, therefore, is the best solution to avoid time wasting and getting just what you bargained for.Simplilearn is a well-recognized trainer with a good record of preparing and qualifying candidates for the CSPO certification. They offer a lot of benefits like exercises and games to get hands on Scrum practices, 16 PMI PDUs, and provide two years of Scrum Alliance membership.
Once a candidate has gone through the two-day training period, they then need to prepare and sit for an online examination conducted by the Scrum Alliance. Once a candidate passes the exam and is given the certification, they then need to commit to a high level of excellence in the CSPO sector by learning more about the certification from Scrum. Also, a qualified person needs to join a user group and share their experience with Scrum through writing and posting an article on their website. Holders of the certification also need to attend Scrum Alliance meetings and improve their experience in product ownership.

 Exam Format

The CSPO examination is an online based examination conducted by Scrum Alliance themselves and all candidates who have attained the minimum requirements can go ahead and apply for the exam on Pearson Vue or by sending an email showing that you are ready for the examination and provide necessary identification. The exam has 36 questions based on the Scrum stipulated syllabus. A candidate needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they deserve the credential. The test is taken free after proving you have the minimum requirements.

 Retaking the Exam

The CSPO exam conducted by Scrum is a very intensive activity that requires a lot of concentration and commitment. It is, therefore, advisable for candidates to make sure they understand every bit of the two-day course to be able to succeed in the examination. Doing well in the examination is something every candidate is expected to achieve. However, if a candidate is not able to attain the pass mark, they have a chance to retake a free CSPO exam twice within 90 days after which they will be charged a $25 fee for every attempt they make.

 Career growth

The Scrum Alliance’s CSPO certification is a very important landmark in a professional’s personal and career life. According to Scrum Alliance’s website, by taking a course you not only get to learn the foundation of Scrum but also get a chance to understand the scope of CSPO’s role from the best minds in Scrum. You will also be able to demonstrate to prospective employers and business organizations as you acquire core Scrum knowledge. As a candidate, you get a chance to expand your career opportunities by maintaining your relevance across industries adopting Agile practices. You will get a chance to interact with a community of known Scrum experts who are committed to continuous improvement. You will also be able to accomplish the duty of Product Owner on a Scrum team. Gaining access to local user groups, online social platforms, and other exclusive resources is part of what you gain as a CSPO certification holder. 

 Post examination requirement

After passing the Scrum examination and earning your certification, there are some things you must do to remain a respected and viable member of the Scrum team. As a holder of the certification, you can join a user group, share your experience with the Scrum Alliance community through writing an article on the website. You can also attend Scrum Alliance’ meetings, participate in CSPO LinkedIn Group, earn added qualifications, become an accredited Scrum professional, and then also let others know about your achievements with a CSPO certificate its logo and an active editable profile on Scrum’s website.

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