“Great! You already have a Project Management Certification” such kind of appreciative statements are quite common with a Project Management certified professional. Project management, being one of the most sought after professional certifications in today’s era, guarantees a bucket full of professional and personal achievements. If we look at the advertisements of vacancies in Project Management, we find most of the advertisements mentioning, ‘Certification in Project Management desirable / preferred’.

Project Management Certifications have achieved global acceptance in the last couple of years. A large number of organizations across the globe are hiring such candidates who are either already certified or pursuing their certifications. The popular certifications in Project Management are viz.

  • PMP®: PMP® is the most important and globally accepted Project Management Certification which validates one’s knowledge and expertise in the execution of a Project. PMP® certified professionals are in great demand worldwide. They are often offered a higher salary package then their peers and are the most valued employees in any organization.
  • Prince2: Prince2 Certifications enable a professional to manage a project more efficiently with the available resources. It is a globally recognized International method for Project Management.
  • PMI- ACP®: PMI-ACP® certification covers tools, practices and trends of Agile principles. It helps in enhancing the professional versatility in the field of Project Management.
  • CAPM®- It is an entry- level certification program in Project Management offered by PMI®. CAPM®certification is exclusively designed for fresher’s or for people with less experience in order to give them a basic understanding of Project Management tools, techniques and terminologies.
  • MSP:  MSP Certifications or Managing Successful Programmes is another important certification in Project Management that deals with the successful delivery of project management practices. It is in great demand in both private and public sectors.
  • PgMP®: Offered by PMI®, this credential is for professionals who have achieved an organization’s objective through designing, outlining and supervising projects and resources.
  • RMP®: RMP®Certification or Risk Management Professional deals with accessing and identifying risks that may arise during a project life cycle. Globally accepted and demanded, it is one of the most sought after certifications in Project Management offered by PMI®.

Other important certifications in Project management are Business Analysis Certification and Software Estimation Certification.
Skilled, certified and trained Project Management Professionals are in demand everywhere, be it in IT companies, Government sector, Construction industry, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Hospitality, Private or Public sectors. An industry oriented and globally accepted certification shows that a person fulfills the requirements of being a successful Project Manager. These certifications however are not only meant for Project Managers but are also beneficial for anyone who is associated with a project at any point of time. He may be the client himself or a member of the team who is dealing with the project.
Today, time has changed and Project Management has become an independent profession of its own. Gone are the days when someone was promoted to the post of Project Manager just because he or she has served a good number of loyal years in that respective organization or performed well in the last couple of projects. Now what counts is competency. Whether the person is capable enough to take charge of the project?  What are the necessary qualifications to do so? Is he/ she able to efficiently make use of all his /her team members? Here, it should be noted that being a General Manager is very different from a Project Manager. A Project Manager is not only responsible for managing his/her team efficiently but also to carry out the project effectively and come out with a result within the stipulated timeframe.
Let us discuss the advantages of Project Management Certification in detail:

  1. Higher Salary: A Project Management Certified professional makes more money than his/ her non- certified peer. The demand for certified professionals has increased their marketability. According to a survey, PMP® professionals are the most paid professionals across the globe.
  2. Adds Value To Your Resume: As discussed above, Project Management certified professionals are in huge demand worldwide in every field. Hence, their resume is seldom subjected to rejection which provides better and bright career growth opportunities.
  3. Certifies Your Knowledge: A certification in Project Management validates one’s knowledge, skills and abilities while proving his/ her expertise in carrying out a project proficiently.
  4. Client Preference: Various case studies have now established the fact that even clients prefer to pick professionals who are certified than non-certified ones.
  5. Establishes International Recognition: Since all the Project Management Certifications are globally recognized and widely accepted, there is no geographical boundary for an opportunity seeker.
  6. Stand Apart In The Crowd: These certifications differentiate a professional from the masses. They add value and recognition inside and outside the organization.
  7. Helps In The Successful Completion Of Project: Undoubtedly, these certifications help a professional to understand the mantra of effective execution of project which in turn results in achieving the goal more efficiently. The candidate is aware of the technical and non-technical discrepancies which may arise during the life cycle of the project and hence is able to deal with the same with a fair amount of confidence and expertise.
  8. Customer Satisfaction: The primary objective of dealing with a project is customer satisfaction. Client is happy when everything goes well.

Thus, we can conclude that in order to hold a distinctive place in today’s market, it is important for professionals to remain updated and marketable. Project Management certifications serve to a great deal in this regard. Being certified is not easy though but it adds to the professional personality. It may appear difficult to get professionally certified after a certain age, as balancing between work and personal life is another tough task to perform. Yet, it is never too late to wake up and create the magic.
Simplilearn with its inception is dedicated in providing world- class Project Management Certification Training to professionals across the globe. Our blended mode of delivery makes it much easier for working professionals to opt for these courses at their ease and convenience. For more information about any of the PMP® courses please visit Simplilearn.


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