First of all, let me tell you that PMP® credential is given by PMI® (Project Management Inst.) on the successful result in the PMP certification examination. PMI® conducts this examination throughout the year on demand in the entire Prometric center. Nowadays this certification is highly in demand and for a project manager; it is almost mandatory to pass this credential examination. This exam consists of situational and knowledge-based questions (200 questions) and for an individual; it is required to secure almost 65% for passing this exam. Once you pass this examination and the three magical characters ‘P’ ‘M’ ‘P’ added to your name; your demand is very high in the market as this credential is now no. 1 credential in the arena of Project Management. Each and every organization recruiting project managers on the basis of the credential you have. So, you can understand that having a credential like PMP® is always a plus or an edge in the crowd.

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Leading from the front:
PMP® credential certifies that you know the best methodologies and the best practices. Just imagine your position when there is a problem in a project in your current organization and someone needs your suggestion for improving the situation; you can help them in a positive way by utilizing your knowledge based on PMP®. There are so many examples on PMP® certified project managers who helped the organizations in the poor situation. You need not to worry on the expertise area whether you are from software industry or from banking industry; you can go for PMP® certification and can provide the benefit to the organization through your credential.

High market demand:
Many organizations are now using the credential for getting the new projects. So you can understand your credential can bring new projects as well for your working organization. Additionally, you will be in an advantageous position in your organization, if you are PMP® certified project manager. Such as your salary can be more, preferably by 15-20% compare to other project managers who are not PMP® certified project managers.

Your job is secure:
Furthermore, if you are a PMP® certified project manager; your job is secure up to a level. Because once you have added the magical three letters with your name in your resume; your resume will be attractive and so many job portals can contact you for the lucrative vacancies in the different organizations, locally and globally both. If your current organization is not giving complete honor for your certification; you can apply for the new position in the different organizations and as you are PMP® certified; you will be getting some extra advantage in the selection procedures. So, you can understand that PMP® certification is highly fruitful and useful for your career growth as well.

PMP® certified project manager as a true mentor:

With PMP® certification; you can be a better mentor in the arena of project management. That can enhance your learning up to a great level. Meeting with new people, taking their ideas on how they are performing in the project; is always a plus for an individual. So, in this way, you can upgrade your knowledge level. It can increase your income in another way as well. The ability to mentor is based greatly on experience, but the best mentors can reach beyond their experience. They are able to extrapolate from their experience and relate it to someone else's entirely different experience.

Extra advantage:
Apart from this, if your organization wants to send someone on an offshore trip for business purposes; they can think to send you there as you are a certified project manager. The customer can welcome the organization’s decision to send you across as the success chances will be high in this case.

The best thing is if you are a PMP® certified project manager; just pick an organization where PMP® values are highly recognized (though it is a tough task to get this type of organization) and establish yourself there with your credentials knowledge and experience. You can show your professionalism from project inception to project closure and can bring the great results in project processing. Use your knowledge, use the best methodologies, use the concepts for using the tools in the project effectively; I am sure the result will highly be in better shape.

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