An Introduction to Big Data: A Beginner's Guide

Last updated on Jun 17, 20212429
  • Big Data Overview
  • Big Data Industry Applications, Trends, and Predictions
  • Big Data Key Terminologies

About the ebook

Data analytics is the "brain" of some of the biggest and most successful brands of our times. From the big tech giants, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix to entertainment conglomerates like Disney, to disruptors like Uber and Airbnb, enterprises are increasingly leveraging data analytics to drive innovation, business growth, and profitability. However, it's not just these big names making the use of data analytics. Today, the number has grown massively, with 67% of small businesses spending more than $10K annually on analytics tools and technologies. 

And as businesses grapple with more data than ever, they are increasingly relying on data analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions. This is pushing their demands for skilled specialists who can help them crunch through Big Data, unlock the potentials and opportunities, and predict trends and failures. 

Our Big Data beginner's handbook is aimed at introducing you to the concept of Big Data, its characteristics, and applications, and how to get started with a career in Big Data and the courses you should pursue to move up the career ladder in this emerging field.

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