Free eBook: The Marketer's Guide to Cracking Twitter

Last updated August 21, 2017


About the E-book

About the E-book

With 305 million monthly active users and 6,000 tweets every second, Twitter has proven its influential value. Brands have recognized the importance of having a Twitter presence, and are willing to invest in managers who can make the most of it.
But what happens when your brand’s tweets get overshadowed by a million others? How do you ensure your message reaches your audience?
This eBook will be your guide to devising the perfect Twitter strategy. Find inside:
#1 – The secrets to creating a kickass Twitter profile
#2 – The various elements you need to consider when planning campaigns for Twitter
#3 – The best tools to help you monitor and analyze your Twitter performance
Solve the Twitter marketing puzzle and get your brand noticed – download your copy today!

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