Artificial intelligence is the engine behind many of the tasks we no longer need to perform. You can simply look to the facial recognition software on mobile devices or the robots taking your fast-food orders for evidence. 

Yet, when it comes to content writing, the value of AI is a bit more nuanced. In fact, if you are considering going the way of the machines, this article is going to help you look at the pros and cons of AI writing tools before making the investment.

(And, if you’re wondering — no, this article wasn’t composed by an AI writing tool.)

The Pros of AI Tools for Writing

  • Saves time: The amount of time saved by employing AI-assisted writing is undeniable. Especially given the demand for higher volumes of content, artificial intelligence can process website or ad copy in minutes. Some AI tools can write an entire piece of content given only a couple of keywords.
  • Saves money: The salaries for content writers vary across the world, but it’s still likely more expensive to hire human writers than it is to pay the monthly subscription for an AI product. Businesses with a modest budget may find artificial intelligence a compelling alternative to real-life writers.
  • Generates ideas: If you have ever struggled to come up with a topic for your next blog post, you may appreciate the ability of AI to provide one for you. Some tools simply ask you to provide the link to one of your website pages to serve you new ideas for content.
  • Employs SEO standards: It may come as a surprise to you that some AI writing tools can also write your SEO copy, including meta title tags and meta description tags. Especially for those who don’t want to spend time learning the requirements of on-page SEO, this feature can be a welcome addition to any content marketing strategy.
  • Serves location-specific language: For businesses serving audiences in multiple countries, there is a definite pro for machine-based writing tools: location-based language. For example, if you have ever mistakenly used the word “sweater” with your British audience, the AI tool can correct you to use the word “jumper.” It can also make copy suggestions based on the location where your content will be used.
  • Gets smarter with time: Most machine learning content tools are set up to learn over time and request your feedback with the content it provides you. By doing so, you help the program become even more intelligent and effective.

The Cons of AI Writing Tools

  • Requires human involvement: While there are several benefits of AI writing tools, you may find it surprising the technology still requires some amount of human assistance. That’s because, while AI writing has come a long way, it does make mistakes in both grammar and composition. This isn’t necessarily a “con” of AI writing tools as much as it’s a requirement of using the software, but you should know what to expect if you decide to employ these tools.
  • Makes some errors: Again, the technology has come a long way, but AI content tools do commit errors, including punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. It will require some of your time to analyze and fix the content before it goes out into the world.
  • Lacks human personality: It’s true there are several pros to AI writing tools, but the cons include a lack of human personality and nuance behind the content. Machine writing technology can only learn from what it’s trained to do, while humans have an expansive base of knowledge and experiences from which to draw upon. Humans also communicate with emotion, something that AI tools are trying to replicate but have yet do effectively.
  • Includes bias: With humans being the ultimate creators and trainers of this technology, it’s impossible to serve content that’s completely bias-free. For example, when someone does provide feedback to the program, who’s to be the judge and jury to say whether it’s correct or not.
  • Comes with plagiarism and quality concerns: AI tools frequently scrape the internet for examples of written content, which goes against Google’s guidelines for automatically generated content. Google also considers AI content to be spam, which affects the performance of your content in search engines.


While the pros and cons of AI writing tools are many, there’s one thing for certain: this technology should be positioned as an assistant to your content strategy rather than a replacement for humans. Machines will continue to make errors, and you need real-life writers to make those judgment calls — even if they, too, are prone to mistakes.

After all, we’re only human.

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