Top 50+ Online Resources to Learn Java Programming Faster and Better

Top 20 Online Resources to Learn Java Programming Faster and better


Last updated July 14, 2017


Looking to beef up your programming skills? Need to upgrade your Java skills –and quick?

Worry not. Here are top 50+ online Resources to learn java programming faster and better:

Just explore:

1. Mkyong: Most developers find quick overview of coding scripts with descriptive examples and images here. It is a platform to explore various frameworks. Free tools can be downloaded either for commercial or non-commercial use. Visit Mkyong

2. Programmingbydoing: consists of more than 100 articles with hundreds of discussions for the most problematic of topics, ultimate and best alternative to learn; Visit programbydoing

3. Stackoverflow: geared towards universal skills learning from one another and gets benefited; teaches how to increase inclusion both internally and in tech community? Once active, you can access all the questions and answers in multiple communities. Visit Stackoverflow

4. HackerRank: to check the potential and to make ready for face competitive heat with career gains; used by 846 thousand developers, offers 30 languages to learn from, 4000 day today challenges to crack and more than 1000 companies that hire coding experts. Visit Hackerrank

5. Javacodegeeks: comprehensive reference of tips, examples or libraries; online, readable documents for java, Programming skills covering, tutorials, and many free downloadable programming books: Visit Javacodegeeks

6. Simplilearn: focuses on offering training and certification courses online (virtual), all in one place. Broad overview, almost all, aspects explored by excellent and experienced trainers. Visit Simplilearn

Course Preview for Java provided by Simplilearn is as follows:

i.  Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming
ii. All-in-one Java Development Suite

Advanced Java Programming Training Video by Simplilearn. 7. for any Java Problem, this blog is the depth knowledge for programming scenarios which you may not have solved easily; read, learns and share concepts with the project-based learning approach of Java. Visit Javarevisited

8. FunProgramming: experiment and build while you work: its initiative has unique concept of coding a Java program, helps you in asking questions and comments on each video you visit. New and older recorded videos on Java coding can be searched and later: Visit Funprogramming

9. completely meant for beginners who can start from beginning without any prior knowledge.  The resource has enabled a couple of book links: Visit

10. Sanfoundry: suitable for intensive knowledge on all areas of Java Programming; more than 100 topics of java are covered here. It has embarked on a mission to provide free quality content (10000+ Quizzes & Programs) on C, SAN and other core computer science topics. Visit Sanfoundry

11. Powerful collaboration of open source tools, wide code host on the planet with over 21.8 million repositories. The repository simplifying team management, to support over 200 programming languages, integration tracking, field test tools etc. Visit Github

12. Javalessons: “learn Java and more”; focus on simple examples to make easy learning for beginners. Tutorials are taught in Interactive lesson Viewer. Visit Javalessons

13. Journaldev: posts are categorized in form of tutorials; consists of Java collections Framework, interfaces, classes, algorithms and more tools. The blog’s aim is to have a clear understanding in Java with examples and project code explanation: Visit Journaldev

14. Leetcode: project- based- learning approach; discussing test cases and examples, access to over 190 questions and solve them on your own, ensures to give knowledge in about eight different languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby and MySQL. Visit Leetcode

15. Dzone: earlier known as Javalobby, gives you a deeper insight of real developer user cases, perfect tools and scenarios. Preview of various downloadable latest books; depicting Infographics, 750 IT professionals and developers give result of survey taken for the articles. 

16. Buggybread: vibrant community across globe; can ask questions, give advice, and contribute,  Creative Data Models, hundreds of practical working examples, lessons, Groups of related lessons:Visit Buggybread

17. Java9s: dedicatedly communicates through video based tutorials; responsible to help register, remove and notify observers. Visit Java9s

18. Hub of video tutorials including Java and other programming languages, comprehensive and detailed in skilled Programming videos, free to contact in PVT for any query, addition, improvement or any other explanation. Visit Pvtuts

19. Showmedo: can be called as “open source educational site”. An archive of 10 video-series, 38 videos and 3 learning-paths with the tag java is a good kick start for any Java beginner or Professional. Visit Showmedo

20. Codingbat: optimized for learning, testing, and training. References, Tutorials and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors.  Visit codingbat

Some more high quality blogs which are regularly updated:

1. Introduction of Java, their Design patterns, Comparison, Algorithms, Java Basics, Advanced Java and lot more of Questionnaire session are focused. Visit Programcreek

2. Java Deep: learning trails provide everything in java execution; which gives you in depth knowledge of pros and cons of each and every programming scenario. Visit Javadeep

3. Java Tutorial: the vibrant Java community gives a complete A-Z articles and articles on Java.  The blog teaches with best examples and details of respective topics. Visit Java Tutorial

4. Adam bien’s weblog: blogs is designed with supporting videos, questions and programming Articles. Their Solutions are simple of ever –changing requirements. Visit Adam bien’s weblog

5. an online media and software product company makes its own products and websites. The blog develops concise and understanding software application from idea and beyond. Visit

6. Frankel: good explainer integrates in testing; which is an advantage for geeks. Visit Frankel

7. Vladmihalcea: Publishing articles, mapping diagrams, inspects cache strategies. Visit Vladmihalcea

8. Marxsoftware: inspired by observations and thoughts in code demonstrations. Visit Marxsoftware

9. NoBlogDefFound: Spring framework, algorithms, validates, strategies – in implementations of Java. Visit NoBlogDefFound

10. Jooq: alternative to JPA, Code is much better at expressing algorithms than configuration: continue using JDBC and more. Visit Jooq

11. Takipi: java blogs with lots of images representation: tells when and why code breaks in production. Once installed and connected, detects all events (caught and uncaught exceptions). Visit Takipi

12. Plumbr: combines in and out java: discovers performance issues and setting automatic problem solutions; Solutions guidelines: Problem in any code or Problem in JVM Code. Visit Plumbr

13. Javapapers: testing and code quality tools: useful java libraries. A wide index of Java tutorials. Visit Javapapers

14. RaibleDesigns: open source consulting: develops and enhances web applications: technologies used here are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Java. Visit RaibleDesigns

15. InfoQ: Covers all topics going around globe in Java community:  Presentations, News, Articles, and books, Research: have 980,000 unique monthly visitors. Visit InfoQ

16. Javaworld: Core Java, Enterprise Java, Events, Java App Dev, Learn Java and Mobile Java: are some of enhanced tabs. One of Best blog for Java developers, Java architects and Managers to get professional as well career growth. Visit Javaworld

17. JavaEESupport: tutorials include articles on Java, Java EE and more. Visit JavaEESupport

18. Jonathangiles:  one of best blog on Java. A continuous follower of Java articles around the globe. Visit Jonathangiles

19. HowtodoinJava: vocation blog, specific and clear content, Quality targeted. Visit HowtodoinJava

20. Jaxenter: collection of everything in Java you want to look for the Articles, Java Videos, News and more. Visit Jaxenter

21. Java2Blog: A Java blog that is for beginners as well as experienced folks, Visit Java2Blog.

Learn Java Programming from Examples:

1. KodeJava: lot of examples grouped under for better understanding. The blog asks you to learn from others and donate your knowledge for others. Visit KodeJava  

2. Java2novice: Knowledge center: very simple examples for Java beginners; already tested in dev environment. Visit Java2novice

3. Programmr: Live Java Exercises, Examples and Projects: contains e-books, courses, contests. “Challenge Your Friends” is best tab to check yours and yours friend in-depth knowledge. Visit Programmr

4. Java2s: Repository of examples for Basic and Advanced Java, covering all Topics. Visit Java2s

5. Java-Examples: Examples are set to increase your fundamentals towards Java. Functionality becomes easier if you follow example rather than going theory articles. Visit Java-Examples

6. JavaTPoint: Ground of very simple examples for beginners to very complex coding to the Advance Level. Practice Quiz and online tests promote you for better learning. Visit JavaTPoint

7. JavaCodeGeeks Examples: Dashboard is always hot with latest lessons and Examples: gives you an overview and to analyze around the globe. Visit JavaCodeGeeks Examples

8. Fluffycat: supports Java Reference through basic, simple examples online. Precise articles carrying many examples are the best part. Visit Fluffycat

9. Javaranch: consistent examples: better learning is the key here. Visit Javaranch

10. Learntosolveit: Motive: Programming tasks: Many Examples. Aims to fast, correct and independent problem-solving. Visit Learntosolveit

11. Javafaq: a huge collection of introductory Java code examples, Free Java E-book ensures performance without assistance. Visit Javafaq

Bonus Resource:

Java Coding is categorized into ‘controversial' or 'hot’ etc. based on their level of importance. Questions could very basic, like: “Could I turn my code into an executable file?” Click on any of them here and somewhere you'll get a path to your solution.

Best way to learn Java programming:

Including online resources, blogs, and examples in this article make Java Programmers thrives and continues to grow. Certification in Java Programming gives you a boost in career path for maximum benefits.

If you know any resources like this, you can comment about it, it will add more value to this article.

Here's the video of our course on Introduction To Java, Java EE, SOA Certification Training

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