Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “’ Tis better to have learned AI and lost than never to have learned AI at all.” OK. He didn’t write that. But were he alive today, he would because if you don’t learn AI or artificial intelligence, whether you’re a computer programmer or a full stack developer, you risk having your skill set become obsolete.

Indeed, AI use is increasing exponentially and will only continue to do so. According to Adobe, by the end of 2018, 31% of enterprises will be using it. In addition, jobs requiring knowledge of AI increased by 450% since 2013. As you can see, learning artificial intelligence will be crucial to your success, no matter what your field is. So, no love will be lost should you learn AI.

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Everyone Agrees: Learn AI Now

Learning AI is not an easy task, especially if you’re not a programmer, but it’s imperative to learn at least some AI. It can be done by all. Courses range from basic understanding to full-blown master’s degrees in it. And all agree it can’t be avoided.

For example, Shival Gupta, a full-stack programmer, realized in 2017 he’d be out of a job without embracing AI and learning it. Thus, he writes, “The relevance of a full stack developer will not be enough in the changing scenario of things. In the next two years, full-stack will not be full-stack without AI skills.” He credits Spiros Margaris, who he calls a “renowned venture capitalist and a thought leader in AI and Fintech,” and explains, “If startups and companies rely only on cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to compete — it will be not enough. AI will be not a competitive advantage but a requirement. Do you hear anyone saying they use electricity as a competitive edge?” in the same article. Obviously, with such urging, he quickly started to learn AI.

Similarly, Risto Siilasmaa of Nokia talks about why he wanted to learn AI in “Why You Should Study AI and Machine Learning and How I Did It.” Here, he explains that key takeaways from knowing AI help CEOs and other C-level executives be competitive and at the top of their games, while keeping their companies top-notch, the organization running well internally, retain customers and more.

Even business executives agree that once you learn AI, your business will run smoother and less expensively. For instance, humans have problems processing large amounts of data quickly, but machines can do so rapidly and expertly. Thus, says Dr. Danko Nikolic, Ph.D., the University of Oklahoma in Data Science and BD&A of the Computer Sciences Corporation, “Predictions require many variables, complicated nonlinear relationships between them and in some cases are highly stochastic. So it is often only algorithms that can learn those relationships. Humans alone would have a hard time.” Of course, most businesses need people to watch over the AI applications as they run, which is why you need to learn AI – so you understand what’s happening with the processes and can ensure the machines are working as they should be. Again, no love lost.

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Career Benefits of Learning AI

More reasons than your job becoming obsolete exist for a desire to learn AI. First, jobs will shift from boring, mundane ones to more creative ones as people get new training in critical thinking and the humanities. People will need to work next to machines, which have no creative abilities, so using such reasoning will become paramount. And exciting!

Also, business growth will develop, and with it, people’s business knowledge will grow, too. This will help the global economy grow, which it must do as the population further develops and resources deplete.

And, labor productivity could increase by up to 40%. Imagine that!

How Do You Learn AI?

Convinced? Ready to get all Tennyson on the subject? You have many options. A lot of courses have sprung up for you to learn AI – from teaching you a basic understanding of earning you a master’s degree of some sort.

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Simplilearn offers many options to learn AI your way. We provide a AI ML Course, for example, a form of artificial intelligence that automates data analysis to enable computers to learn and adapt through experience to do specific tasks without explicit programming. It’s a great start on your quest to learn AI. Then, we have a Deep Learning (with TensorFlow) course that will help you become a deep learning scientist by learning AI through the open-source platform, TensorFlow. You’ll learn to implement algorithms, artificial neural networks and traverse layers of data abstraction to understand the power of data, too. And, we’d be remiss to omit our Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course. This will be a beginner’s course encouraging every participant to learn AI.

Also, Simplilearn offers an amazing AI courses. To receive it, you take the courses described above (minus the introductory one) and really master them, the programming, designing and building of intelligence agents used in AI, and master and comprehend advanced topics such as convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks and high-level interfaces, among many other exciting things. Truly, this is the level of understanding that will take you to the future. Tennyson will be proud of you once you have this under your belt!

You can also take-up the AI and ML courses in partnership with Purdue University collaborated with IBM. This program gives you an in-depth knowledge of Python, Deep Learning with the Tensor flow, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, and Reinforcement Learning.

The comprehensive Post Graduate Program provides you a joint Simplilearn-Purdue certificate, and also, you become entitled to membership at Purdue University Alumni on course completion. IBM is the leading player in AI and Data Science, helping professionals with relevant industry exposure in the field of AI and Data Science, providing a globally recognized certificate, complete access to IBM Watson for hands-on learning and practice. The game-changing PGP program will help you stand in the crowd and grow your career in thriving fields like AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Our AI & Machine Learning Courses Duration And Fees

AI & Machine Learning Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Generative AI for Business Transformation

Cohort Starts: 31 May, 2024

4 Months$ 3,350
AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 3 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 10,000
Professional Certificate Program in No Code Machine Learning

Cohort Starts: 12 Jun, 2024

4 Months$ 2,565
Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning

Cohort Starts: 13 Jun, 2024

11 Months$ 4,300
Applied Generative AI Specialization

Cohort Starts: 25 Jun, 2024

4 Months$ 4,000
AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp - UT Dallas6 Months$ 8,000
Artificial Intelligence Engineer11 Months$ 1,449

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