Value of SAP certification

SAP is one of the most demanded technology certifications in today’s world. SAP was founded in the year 1972 aiming at developing enterprise resource solutions that enhance data management and work processes in organizations. Since it started its journey with inventory management, SAP has come a long way developing diverse ERP modules for different work processes in organizations. Today, SAP has software systems for almost all the departments in an organization such as SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) module for the HR department, SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) module for the sales team, SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for the CRM department, SAP Payroll module for the payroll team, SAP FICO (Financial Accounting) module for the finance team and more. Also SAP NetWeaver is developed to provide enterprises a unified system that can manage diverse data from different departments or companies. SAP aims at managing data from a single unified system and its number of modules ensures that the aim is achieved.  SAP implementation is at times difficult and complex and adequate knowledge and experience in handling SAP systems is necessary in order to manage SAP modules. SAP certification plays a major role in establishing your expert knowledge in the global market. A SAP certification validates your ability to use SAP systems for managing huge data bases of an organization and expert skills on SAP reporting.

Conflict between SAP certification and Actual Skills

Every time a new certification is introduced, the question of the certification being worthy or not emerges and SAP certification is no exception. There are many discussions on the value of SAP certification in the IT field. The conflict between the value of having a SAP certification and having actual technology skills is one of the major topics in such discussions. A certification doesn’t prove one’s actual skill sets. But it definitely validates one’s skills in the professional world. A SAP certification showcases a participant’s effort and dedication to go through an exam and get certified. SAP certification is one of the best ways to self-educate people. The testing procedure to certify professionals in SAP exams is rigorous and participants need to gain adequate knowledge to attain one. Also surveys say that employers are always keen to hire certified professionals than the non-certified peers. The debate on the important of SAP certification will continue to move on without a conclusion. Let’s have a look at the advantages of attaining a SAP certification and the most helpful to attain it in this post.

Advantages of attaining a SAP Certification

  • Global Recognition: SAP certification is one of the most popular technology certifications and is recognized globally. By attaining a SAP certification, you validate your SAP skills in the global market.
  • Improves SAP Skills: To attain SAP certification one needs to qualify in the SAP certification exam that requires training and adequate SAP skills. Participants improve their SAP skills towards attaining the SAP certification.
  • Diverse SAP Modules: There are different SAP modules for different organization processes. Users can take up certification for SAP modules that fit to their job profile. For example, HR professionals can take up SAP HCM certification, finance professionals can take up SAP FICO certification, and sales people can take up SAP SD certification and so on.
  • Improves Job Performance: Adopting SAP systems enable organizations to manage data base and work process of different departments and branches from a single unified system. Thus, SAP certification improves one’s job performance towards attaining organization goals.

SAP Certification Training

The need for SAP training to attain a certification is important. SAP implementation can be very challenging for beginners and therefore, self-study always might not be sufficient. SAP training forms the base of SAP knowledge for beginners and polishes SAP skills and expertise for existing SAP users. Owing to the striking benefits resulted of SAP implementation; many companies sponsor their employees for SAP certification training. SAP certification is however not enough for mastering SAP tool. Along with SAP certification, professionals also need to build in experience in handling SAP systems. Expert SAP consultants are those who have both experience and certification on SAP and thus the ability to effective manage SAP system. Thus, SAP certification training is definitely a worthy investment for professionals looking forward to build a career as a SAP consultant.

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