Looking for the right career options after B.A? You have come to the right place. Read on.

Most students face a dilemma of whether to pursue higher studies or rather begin looking for job opportunities immediately after completing their graduation. However, the truth is that a graduate degree is no longer enough to sustain the cutthroat competition of the professional world today. To get a competitive advantage, students need to pursue higher studies and take up extra courses. 

Top 10 Career Options After B.A.

Congratulations on completing your B.A. Let us now guide you with the ten best career options after B.A. Some of the career options that you may be interested in after getting your B.A degree are:

1. Pursuing a Degree in M.A

If you are very interested in a specific subject you studied, then an M.A degree is the ideal choice for you. A Master of Arts (M.A) is a postgraduate degree in the field of Arts. You will mainly learn about the subjects you select in detail. You can also choose to do a Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis from Simplilearn. This 6-month program will help you learn how to tackle complex business problems using in-demand tools.

Important Takeaways

  • Courses after BA like MA completion qualifies students for doctorate programmes, allowing them to gain more expertise in their fields and broaden their career horizons.
  • You'll primarily learn more about your chosen subjects in depth.
  • Postgraduate studies are an option for those who want to work in academia.
  • Candidates can also enroll in short-term courses after BA to upskill or pursue job-related certification and diploma programmes.

Eligibility Criteria for M.A

  • A bachelor's degree
  • Different colleges have different eligibility criteria, such as minimum graduation passing marks.

2. Become a Software Developer 

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to get started with a career in software development after completing your B. A. There are various exams you can take to get into some of the top software development courses. One of the most popular courses is Simplilearn's Full Stack Java Developer. This course can help you accelerate your career as a software developer.

Important Takeaways

  • After receiving your BA, you must enroll in a programming language course to learn about various programming languages.
  • You can become qualified as a software developer by taking an MCA course as well.

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming a Software Developer

  • Programming language knowledge.
  • Graduation degree.

3. Specialize in Business Analytics

If you have always had an interest in using the latest technologies to solve day-to-day issues, then you can pursue a career in Business Analytics. As the name suggests, Business Analytics professionals assess and analyze problems and gain practical solutions. Simplilearn offers a Business Analysis Masters program where you can learn key analytics concepts and apply these to real business problems.

Important Takeaways

  • You would learn how to use Tableau, Python, and other similar technologies to solve business-related problems.
  • You'll also learn about analytics applications in marketing, human resources, supply chain, machine learning, and core management skills.
  • You can have a career after BA as a Growth Manager, Management Consultant, or in positions of leadership in Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Strategy.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Analytics 

  • A Bachelor's degree with at least 55% marks
  • Professional work experience is also advantageous.

4. Become a Data Scientist

There has always been a delusion among people that one needs to have a tech-related or a science degree to get into the field of Data Science. One can become a data scientist with a B.A degree too. This is a great career option after B.A. All you need to do is take up a Data Science Certification and get on board with a new journey. 

Important Takeaways

  • Data science is the study of extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data using scientific methods, systems, and algorithms.
  • It has applications in deep learning, big data, and data mining.
  • You must enroll in a Data Science Diploma Program Courses after BA.
  • You must gain knowledge of a variety of technologies, including Kera, MongoDB, Python, MS Excel, Hadoop, Tableau, and MySQL, in order to become a data scientist.

Eligibility Criteria for Data Scientist 

  • An undergraduate degree.

5. Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing has evolved dramatically with time as the internet has expanded considerably too. Digital Marketing is one of the best courses that a student can pursue today. Online businesses are growing rapidly; thus, the internet is essential for any digital-based business. However, to lure customers to any venture, Digital Marketing skills are essential. Become a Digital Marketing expert with the help of the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in collaboration with Purdue University.

Important Takeaways

  • Your Career after BA in Digital marketers ensures clients make better use of online platforms in order to gain more customers and grow their businesses.
  • To become a digital marketer, you must first complete a postgraduate course in digital marketing.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, and Marketing Analytics will all be covered.
  • You'll learn how different websites work and how to leverage social media platforms properly.
  • After completing a postgraduate course in digital marketing, you will be able to choose from a variety of job roles such as digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, SEO executive, content writer, social media marketing expert, search engine marketer, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing

  • A Bachelor’s or equivalent degree
  • The right skills or certifications.

6. Enter the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is rising at an excellent pace in India. And in times like every-one needs financial backing for emergencies. If you are a people person, then do consider the insurance field and begin your career. To enter into this field, you can register in a PG Program in Life Insurance. Your salary after finishing the program can start from 2.5 LPA. 

Important Takeaways

  • You should have knowledge of the insurance sector, sales techniques, fundamentals of financial services, insurance products, and their rules.
  • It's a fantastic way to break into the financial industry.
  • You are guaranteed a position as a Business Development Manager, Corporate Agency Manager, or Financial Planning Manager in HDFC's front-line sales team if you enroll in the course.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • An undergraduate degree

7. Become a Manager (MBA) 

After your bachelor’s, MBA is one of the top choices among Indians. MBA is basically the door to multiple career opportunities for the students and that is why MBA is always preferred. While pursuing your MBA, you will learn to solve various business problems, which will help you be a competent manager. You can understand a bit about business management through a one-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Simplilearn.

Important Takeaways

  • MBA is one of the most popular career choices among youth.
  • A Masters of Business Administration programme will teach you how to solve business problems, allowing you to become a competent manager.
  • Similarly, knowing how to solve business problems will help you succeed even in  entrepreneurship.
  • MBA programmes teach management, administration, and organization.
  • Leadership positions are available in Business Development, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Finance.
  • MBA professionals are in high demand.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA 

  • Graduation degree. (every university sets their own cut-off)
  • A good score in GMAT/CAT/XAT or other management entrance test, as preferred by your selected university. 

Here is the list of most-preferred MBA specializations and their career scopes! 

8. Human Resources Specialist

HR, which is short for Human Resources, is also one of the best career options after B.A. All organizations hire human resources specialists to manage all the matters connected to their workforce. You can pursue a full-fledged MBA in HR course to get a professional degree in the field of human resources management.

Important Takeaways

  • While courses after BA in business administration, psychology, and other related fields may be sufficient, human resources administration-specific majors are frequently chosen.
  • Specialists in human resources manage all facets of hiring and employee relations.
  • They identify promising candidates, conduct preliminary interviews, recommend applicants to hiring managers, and train new hires.
  • Specialists in human resources act as a point of contact between an employer and potential, existing, and former employees.
  • There are additional specializations for human resources specialists

Eligibility Criteria 

  • A bachelor's degree
  • Professional experience in a related field

9. Government Jobs After B.A 

You can take up a government job after you complete your B.A. A government job will provide one with excellent benefits and this is why most students seek a government job. Following is the list of main government exams that can help you land a great government job. 

  • SSC (Staff Selection Commission) 
  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) 
  • Indian Railways (via RRB exams)
  • Defense Services (Indian Army) 
  • Indian Foreign Services
  • State Public Services 

Important Takeaways

  • Candidates can look for attractive opportunities working for the government through competitive government examinations in addition to applying for jobs for BA students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree
  • You will have to clear the required entrance examination. 

10. Specialize in Cybersecurity

As organizations dive deeper into the digital age, the requirement for prevention against cyber threats is essential. It is not mandatory to have a tech or a science background to enter into the field of Cybersecurity. Take up a Cyber Security Expert Masters Program with Simplilearn and become industry ready within six months.

Important Takeaways

  • Computers, networks, and data are safeguarded using techniques known as cyber security or information security.
  • You must learn about intrusion, identification and authorization, VPNs, cryptography, and other topics.
  • Students majoring in cybersecurity courses after BA may be prepared for careers as source code auditors, security analysts, or vulnerability assessors.
  • Students might need to complete additional cybersecurity education requirements to advance to a more advanced technical role or a security leadership position.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Bachelor's degree
  • A certification in cybersecurity

How to Get Started With Online Learning?

If you have decided to pursue your course online, then we are here to guide you on how to get started with studying online. 

  1. Keep in touch: Maintain regular contact with your peers, tutors, and your place of study. Utilize the online learning platform communication tools to contact your tutors and peers.
  2. Create a devoted study space: It is essential to think about where you can study and to spend some time creating an appropriate study space. A study space helps you segregate between your home life and your study life.
  3. Be proactive: Check your online learning platform frequently and look out for information and announcements coming from your instructors, as it will help you to stay on track and alert you to essential information.
  4. Make a study schedule: Time management is very critical for students who are studying online at home and may be surrounded by multiple distractions. 

It is crucial to analyze your study approach frequently and think of ways in which your approach could be enhanced.


1. Can an art student build their career in a government department?

Yes, an art student can definitely build their career in government departments such as Administration, UPSC, Defense services, Railways, Civil services, and so on as per their Specializations.

2. Can a student pursue higher education after completing their B.A?

Yes, a student can pursue higher education in fields such as, MBA (Masters of Business Administration), Masters of Arts (M.A), Post Graduation Diplomas in, Digital Marketing, Management, Computer Technology, Media, Filmmaking, and Journalism, Human Resources, Photography, Hospitality Management, and so on.

3. Can a student pursue an MBA degree by completing their graduation from the Arts?

Yes, students who complete their B.A can pursue an MBA degree as well. MBA specializations such as MBA in Interior Designing, MBA in Airport, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Aviation, MBA in Management, and so on can be opted for.


This blog has given you information on some of the best career options after B.A. With online being the most preferred mode of study since the pandemic hit, you can choose to complete any course of your interest online. Explore the most in-demand online courses from Simplilearn right away.

We recommend you check Simplilearn's Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis in collaboration with Purdue University. This program can help you hone the right skills and make you job-ready.

If you have any questions or queries about what career to pursue after completing your B.A., feel free to post them in the comments below. Our team of experts will respond as soon as possible.

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