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Chef is an open-source configuration management tool developed by Opscode. Chef is available for free, but there are paid versions, such as Chef Enterprise, and is written in Ruby and Erlang, and offers a means of defining infrastructure as code that can be deployed onto multiple servers, which also includes automatic configuration and maintenance. If you are interested in knowing about Chef and how it works, you are in the right place.

Advance Your DevOps Skills!

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Advance Your DevOps Skills!

This Chef tutorial will help you learn about Chef and its nuances, configuration management, its components, its benefits and uses, and also helps you understand ways to use it. If you’re looking to jumpstart your career in the DevOps industry, then mastering Chef is your first step to success. Start learning now!

Skills Covered

  • Configuration Management
  • Components of Chef
  • Chef Architecture

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

Advance Your DevOps Skills!

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Advance Your DevOps Skills!


Chef has the capability to configure and manage servers and applications, both in-house and on the cloud. This versatility of Chef makes it one of the best tools for deploying new services and software in an organization. After completing this Chef tutorial, you will have a thorough understanding of Chef and its key applications -

  1. Easy to learn for developers - Chef can be easily picked up by anyone who has some sort of development experience. It uses Ruby language for configuration, so it is fairly easy to learn.
  2. Excellent integration with cloud - It can be easily integrated with cloud technologies through the Knife, the command-line tool for Chef. This makes it the best tool for organizations in a multi-cloud environment.


Chef is an easy tool to learn for most developers, but anyone who wants to learn from scratch should have an understanding of network protocols, system administration, and IT infrastructure. You should also have a basic command of Ruby language and some more features which you will learn in this Chef tutorial.

Table of Contents: Chef Tutorial

What is Chef?

Chef is an open-source configuration management tool that enables you to configure and manage multiple systems with ease. It uses Ruby script to develop essential building blocks that convert infrastructure to code. These building blocks of Chef are key in DevOps to speed up the deployment process and software delivery. In this Chef tutorial, you will learn all about what Chef is, the underlying architecture of Chef and how it works, and its importance in configuration management.

Advance Your DevOps Skills!

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How to Install Chef?

Before you install Chef, you need to first learn about the three main components of Chef - the workstation, the server and the client or node systems. This Chef tutorial will give you an introduction to each of these components, including a hands-on demo of the installation process. There are six main steps outlined in this Chef tutorial to help you install Chef easily and efficiently on any system.

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Advance Your DevOps Skills!

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Here’s What You Can Do Next

With this Chef tutorial, you have a basic understanding of Chef, its architecture, and components, and you are one step closer to success in your DevOps career. If you want to learn more about Chef and more tools to help advance your career in DevOps, you can enroll in Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer Master’s Program that is built around a structured learning path recommended by industry experts. This course will help you get an in-depth understanding of the principles of continuous development and deployments, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility, using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins and more. Get started with this course today and unlock the door to your DevOps career success now.

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