An HTML image slider is a group of boxes that are set in a row that you can navigate between. You can easily customize the features according to your requirements too.


Let’s create an HTML file named slider.html


In this HTML file, there will be a container that will serve as a frame for each slide. And each of these slides will have an image.

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Now it’s time to style our page. Since you are building an image slider, we will be assuming that you have a basic understanding of CSS.


Currently, the side display property is set to none. We will use a little bit of JavaScript to add the functionality and the timer.

Now we will style the navigation buttons and dots.





The ‘currentSlide’ variable is used to store the index of the current slide.

The function next () is used to change the current slide to the next slide. The function checks if the current slide is greater than or equal to the last index of the slide, which is an array. If it is true, we reset it to zero.

The prev () function is used to check if the ‘currentSlide’ variable is less than or equal to zero.

The next () function is used to change the slide automatically after 5 secs. 

Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job

Full Stack Developer - MERN StackExplore Program
Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job


By completing this article, you’ve gained a practical understanding of how to create an interactive image slider. By using a bit of JavaScript, you’ve also learned to add the timer functionality to it. If you’re looking to learn further and get a more in-depth, and comprehensive educational program on web development, a certification program would be the ideal way to go about it - and get started on your new career path. 

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