The global electronics powerhouse– Samsung began its journey as a low-tier manufacturing brand. A strong Samsung marketing strategy revolutionized its stance in the market, making it the No.1 smartphone producer worldwide. The tech giant ranks 4th in Forbes' list of the World's Largest Tech Companies. A perfect blend of digital marketing and innovation has established Samsung as a unique, high-quality brand worthy of customer loyalty.  

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Digital Presence of Samsung

Samsung's adept use of social currency has contributed to its success in digital marketing. Expanding its social media presence, Samsung provides customers and brand loyalists several chances to share their experiences with those in their circle. 


Samsung YouTube Channel

To connect with the various segments of the population their products target, Samsung has social profiles on all of the major social networks, including 

  • Facebook: 162M
  • Twitter: 12.5M
  • YouTube: 6.24M
  • Instagram: 4.5M


Samsung Facebook Page with 162 Million Likes

Moreover, Samsung has several profiles on each platform. For instance, Instagram has Samsung, Samsung India, Samsung UK, Samsung UA, Samsung Mobile and more.

The company adheres to the best digital marketing practices like SEO and quality content creation that solves customer problems. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns of Samsung 

Being a community-oriented brand that impacts audiences worldwide, Samsung introduces various marketing campaigns. The promising Samsung marketing strategy focuses on leveraging the power of exceptional marketing campaigns to promote its products and appeal to the audience. 

Social media ads, sponsorships, and online advertising strengthened the brand. Some exceptional Samsung marketing campaigns are as follows: 

  • #YouMake Campaigns: It brings up a global marketing platform for consumers to take the lead with device customization. It brings a better way of personalization via customized control enabled by SmartThings IoT solutions. The #YouMake campaign offers continuous services and virtual benefits, encouraging customer participation by utilizing the best metaverse platforms.
  • Growing Up: Another commercial on YouTube that made people reconsider their options. The company directly targeted its main competitor–Apple, and the video took the internet by storm.

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Marketing Mix of Samsung

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion–the 4Ps of the marketing mix constitute an integrated marketing model. Samsung’s marketing mix plan gives insights into the company’s success secret. 

1. Product Mix

Delivering excellent results in recent years, Samsung products are well-known for their services and quick support. Samsung’s marketing mix in its product line is one of its major strong points. The products fall into the following categories: 

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Televisions – LEDs, Plasma TV, LCDs, SMART TV, HDTV
  • Cameras
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Washing Machine
  • IT – Printers, laptops, and accessories

2. Price Mix

Price mix is one of the strongest points in the Samsung marketing strategy. It offers two pricing schemes to satisfy its clients. The corporation adopts a price skimming tactic whenever it releases a new smartphone with the latest technology. Moreover, it reduces the price of that product when the competitors launch identical products. 

3. Promotion Mix

Samsung attracts customers via advertising while employing the best tactics to push products through sales promotions.

The company employs several marketing vehicles both during the festive season and outside of it. It grants numerous discounts and incentives to business partners, encouraging them to sell Samsung products above the competition. 

4. Place Mix

Samsung service dealers are responsible for corporate sales. Its selling point is its distribution. They distribute their goods via a single distribution business. They then distribute them to other locations.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the best ways to dive deeper into the Samsung marketing technique. It provides insights into Samsung’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats concerning its marketing competitiveness.

Samsung’s Strengths

  • It has held a strong position in the smartphone manufacturing industry for years. Climbing the ladder, Samsung ranks first on the world’s best smartphone manufacturers list. 
  • Significant investments in the innovative research and development sector have helped Samsung generate a diverse product offering compared to its competitors.
  • Its transition to a customer-centric management system has brought about revolutionary changes. 
  • Its consistent efforts for sustainable development, such as the adoption of eco-packaging for TVs, give it the upper hand. 
  • Samsung leads the development of advanced technologies like AI, 5G, automotive and robotics. 
  • Lastly, it is rapidly expanding commercial marketing in India and China. 

Samsung’s Weakness

  • Despite expanding its operations in Asia, the company relies heavily on American markets.
  • Samsung’s defective items, such as the Samsung Galaxy A20e and a malfunctioning foldable phone.

Samsung’s Opportunities

  • Samsung can achieve tremendous development in the smartphone industry by setting the standard with innovative goods like foldable phones.
  • As the world adopts 5G, Samsung has the know-how to capitalize on the opportunity.
  • The company can hire exceptionally skilled professionals using its brand image. 

Samsung’s Threats

  • Samsung’s entanglement in controversies can jeopardize its business, such as the lawsuit filed by Apple for patent infringement.
  • Xiaomi, Apple, and Huawei stand as major threats and technological competitors who can outsmart Samsung. 

Results of Samsung Marketing Strategy

Samsung’s revamped marketing programs and competitive strategy implementation have significantly contributed to its huge success over the years. 

Performing continuous market research, adding new features, serving customer pain points and employing special efforts to reduce costs, Samsung has paved the way for its success from the very beginning. 

Its global value increased by more than 200% in a short span ranging from 2003 to 2008. 

Samsung took over Sony–one of the most valuable consumer-electronics brands worldwide. Consequently, Samsung’s sales reached $119 billion by 2009. When the company introduced Samsung Galaxy and leveraged the power of digital platforms for promotions and marketing, its revenue grew to $218 billion in 2018. 

Today, Samsung stands 5th on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Brands with a brand value of USD 74.6 billion. It has witnessed a 20% increase in comparison to the last year.


Sparking creativity worldwide, Samsung is the most profitable tech company. The robust Samsung marketing strategy has made it one of the most valuable brands today. Its smart digital marketing tactics set an excellent example of how to revamp your online business as a digital marketer. 

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