Discover How to Set up Matlab on Your Laptop

The technologies such as control systems, machine learning, signal processing, deep learning, robotics, and many other high-demand fields deal with a huge variety of data. And analyzing this massive amount of data is difficult, but Matlab makes it simple. Multiple tools are available in the market, but Matlab is still the most popular tool. It is software used for high-performance visualization, mathematical computation, and programming. But Matlab is not open-source; it is a proprietary tool. Proprietary software is owned by an organization or an individual and is not "public-domain software" that can be freely distributed.

How to Install Matlab?

To install Matlab to your laptop, First, you need to download the file from MathWorks.

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Downloading Matlab for

Step 1: To download MATLAB, you must visit the official website

Step 2: Move to the base/ footer area of the webpage and click on the Trial Software link under Try or Buy section.


Step 3: A new page opens after clicking on the Trial Software link. Enter your email id in the area provided.


Step 4: After clicking on continue, it also asks for more details to create your account with MathWorks to access the products. Create your account by giving all the required details. 

Step 5: A new page opens. Here your confirmed email id will be shown. Below it, one I agree button is there. Could you select it and click on the submit button? Now we have completed an account with MathWorks.

Step 6: Now click on the get MatLab Button and download the EXE file to your laptop. 

(Click on the install Matlab button to download the Matlab Software)



(Click on the Download button to download Matlab for Windows)


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MatLab Installation 

Step 1: Double-click on the MATLAB icon. After clicking the icon, a pop-up will request for the installer to run, click the Run. A MathWorks Installer window will pop up on the screen.  


By default, the first option will be login. Login to the account with your credentials or create a new account. Accept the license terms by selecting yes on the next page and clicking the Next button.


Step 2: A license Selecting window will appear. Choose your license ID and the package. The license ID is the same as you gave while downloading. And then select the default location to install. 



Step 3: Next is the Product Section window. The superior product is MATLAB 9.6. This is demanded to select because it is the MATLAB environment, and other products are optional.


Step 4: After downloading all installation products, an activated window appears, no need to do anything. Click the next button. 


Now the MatLab is installed on your laptop, and an icon will appear on your desktop if that was the location given while downloading. 


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Alternative IDE For Matlab

1. Julia 

  • Julia is a dynamically typed programming language with built-in parallel computing elements and functions for matrix manipulation, data visualization, and much more. 
  • Julia's syntax and capabilities are popular for a variety of reasons. 
  • For example, it has a broadcasting feature that allows you to apply a function to one or more arrays without creating a complex loop.

2. GNU Octave 

  • GNU Octave is the most well-known alternative to MATLAB. 
  • Octave has been in active development for nearly three decades and runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. 
  • If you're Searching for a project that is as close to the existing MATLAB language as possible, Octave may be a good fit. 

3. Scilab 

  • An open-source numerical computing option that runs on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Scilab is the most well-known alternative, and its implementation is very similar to MATLAB.
  • However, there are more precise tools for project developers.

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In this tutorial,  we saw how to download and install Matlab. And we also saw some alternative IDEs for Matlab. If you need clarification about Matlab Installation, this tutorial will help you. 

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Do you have any questions for us? Please leave them in the comments section of this tutorial, and our experts will get back to you on it at the earliest.

Happy learning!

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