Various types of trending business certification courses, online and offline are offered by a number of institutions all over the world to develop the professional skills of the people involved in business world. These programs include courses from starting from basic level to the level of top executives, so that the whole business world can get benefit of specific education in this regard and make their career successful in it.
Most of these programs are offered by local institutes as well as international business schools all over the world. Some of these institutes also offer online education programs for business world which business professionals of all levels can join as per their suitability as these programs are uniquely flexible. The main aim of these business certification courses is to make the business professionals well versed in global business languages. A comprehensive education is provided in these courses for the development of business professionals to develop their skills in global business concepts with a broad mindedness and improve their marketing skills. 
Brief information about some of the business certification courses trending in 2014 is provided here under for your consideration.
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Certification courses in Project Management 

Business Analyst Certificate Program: Analytical thinking, communication and problem solving skills have become more essential in today’s business environment to improve business systems, processes and development of an organization. A certification program for Business analyst enables a business professional not only in analyzing the techniques, practices and competency of the business but develops his leadership and communication skills. In order to get this certificate one will have to complete all the courses along with 2.5 units of elective courses required for it at least in C grade or above. The candidate has to submit Declaration of Candidacy to be eligible candidate for this certification course. 

PMI's Project Management Professional or PMP certification courses: PMP certification can enable an experienced Project Manager in improving his project management skills so that he can maximize his earnings by giving outstanding services to his employers. Project Management Institute offers globally respected and recognized certification courses for Project Managers to validate their standard skills about initiating, maintaining and managing large business projects. PMP certification ensures the potentials of project managers on the basis of his education, experience and capabilities. A project manager can earn up to 20% more after earning this certificate.

Agile and Scrum Certification courses

PMI's Agile Certified Practitioner: If a business organization uses Lean, Kanban, XP and scrum then it is right to employ the professionals with Agile Certified Practitioner certification a new certification program introduced by Project Management Institute. This certification course can improve the skills of the project managers holding project management professional certification who are using agile practices in their projects. They can enhance their careers by broadening their impact and influence in their organization with PMI-ACP certification.  

Big Data and Analytics certification courses 

Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization (CPEE) – INSOFE: The candidate of this certification course has to complete 10 courses including lectures and lab in its 18 week intensive program. He can learn all the analytical aspects like using Hadoop while working with big data. Main focus in this certification program is given on developing Hadoop and R skills along with data analytics, statistical modeling, text optimization and mining and machine learning. Students are recommended for a series of puzzles and capstone project to evaluate their potentials.

Certified Analytics Professional – INFORMS: This is a very accurate analytics certification program as it enables the candidate to completely understand the process of analytics starting from framing analytic problems of the business to collecting methodology, data, building models and deployment of model management lifecycle. The successful candidate in CAP exam should be dedicated to its code of ethics. 

Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate -- Stanford University: This certification program is designed specifically for statisticians, software engineers, market researchers, predictive modelers, and data miners and analytics professionals. One has to complete its four courses along with demonstrating his competency in efficiency, algorithms and strong techniques so that he can be competent to extract information from a large data base. It may take one to two years to complete this certification program by an eligible candidate.

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences -- Columbia University: The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The FU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University jointly offer this certification program in data science. Probability & Statistics (STATS), Algorithms for Data Science (CS/IEOR), Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization (STATS) and Machine Learning for Data Science (CS) are the four courses included in this certification program.

IT Security Management certification programs

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC): This IT certification program offered by ISACA improves the IT governance skills of the IT professionals. Main focus of this certification program is on risk management in IT field. Those who are experienced in technology and business risk management and designing, monitoring, maintenance and implementation of IS control can get this certification. 

Certified Wireless Network Expert by CWNP: IT security management professionals can give a considerable boost to their salary after completing this certification program. The eligible candidate for this program should have excellent skills of installing, configuring, troubleshooting the Wi-Fi network of the business organization. One must have earned CWSP, CWAP and CWDP certifications along with three years documented experience of implementation of enterprise Wi-Fi to be eligible for this certification course. 

GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst or GCIA: An IT security professional can increase his pay by up to 405 within one year after passing this certificate exam as Certified Intrusion Analysts are much in demand in business world. The candidate for this certification course must be familiar with analysis of network traffic and log files and intrusion detection systems.  

Microsoft certification course 

Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: It is one of the highest level certification courses in the field of Information Technology. According to Microsoft the successful candidates of this certificate course will get deep expertise in product management. In the rapidly changing IT industry it is the right certification program that can enable the IT professional to tackle these forthcoming changes.

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