Why Should You Choose Project Management As a Career?


Last updated March 10, 2017


Now-a-days project management profession is on the top in each and every industry. Whenever a project is undertaken,  there will be need for a manager to plan and furnish the work. A project manager should determine strategies to commence the project, evaluate and understand the project requirements, analyze and get the required professionals on board and consider benefits of the team.

Apart from these, a project manager will also address queries such as which skill set is required for the project, what should be the cost of the work, that should be the timeframe of the work, how you will be completing the work, and many more. You know that all these are the parts of active project management. And now, you can understand how important this role is for any organization. It is correctly stated about project management – ‘project management is the mirror of any organization’. Truly, a project can be difficult and extremely complex in nature; but, it is good project governance that can manage such complex project in the right manner. So, are you keen to take up this profession as your career?

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Now, few questions might arise in your mind such as why should I with project management? How to gain an entry into this profession?  What are the possible benefits offered by this profession? Whether this can be my cup of tea? Well, yes it can be your cup of tea. Let us now discuss how can it be your cup of tea?

Reasons to Select Project Management as a Profession

Project management is one of the prestigious professions in this competitive market. This is because it is more challenging and an individual could enhance his/her learning exponentially day-after-day by gaining experience in solving critical issues pertaining to various project requirements. If you are a good problem solver and ready to take the challenge upfront then you should certainly go with this profession. You need a good attitude towards work, good acceptability level and huge patience in this profession. Overall money matters – and in project management with respect to earning you will be on good edge. This can solve all your financial requirements. You could live lavishly and enjoy many other benefits.

Distinct Recognition and Appreciation

By managing the project successfully, you could earn a name and fame in this arena. People will recognize through your work and hence there could be a separate recognition for you. People will recommend your name for any project-related issues. Furthermore, your company may kick off a project and seek your advice on the same – everything depends on how you reciprocate on that and how far it can be useful for the organization. Your higher management could recommend your expertise to the next level of the management and the top-level bosses might seek your assistance while commencing and planning the project.

Most Challenging Task:

As we all know, the project management profession is the most challenging task now-a-days. The reason behind this is - this profession is completely based on the good procedures and best methodologies. There is no separate theory for project management that you can take up or follow for governing a project. No project manager can ever judge whether a project undertaken will be ended successfully or will it fail miserably. This is because of the nature of work, which is unpredictable and only project managers can guess on the fate of a project. There are some basics that have to be considered while initiating a project. These include project planning, project execution and project monitoring. Only a project manager will know all the necessary steps that should be incorporated in the project to make it a huge success. All these requirements make this profession challenging and every individual who is ready for accepting the challenge taking this profession in their career.

Good Networking Skills

Working on a project for any organization will open a new door for the professional. If you are working on a project, mind you – you need to meet, discuss and manage so many professionals to get the work done. For example, stakeholders can be account managers, human resource, operation, program manager, other senior managers, suppliers, buyers, other project managers, project team, project management team and members of project management office. Hence, by meeting or discussing with them, you are increasing your knowledge, learning curves moving upwards and you are managing the project successfully. In other words you are increasing your networking by gaining experience through these activities. See how other project managers are working on the project – how PMO is helping in mentoring and providing templates and many other important issues – increase your learning and hence increase your networking. So, considering all these factors; why not select project management as a profession if it is giving you a different taste. So, what is your decision? Are you ready for this?

Job Security

If you are working as a project manager and your track record is good; you can be assured of your job security. Though it is not true always but a project manager could think that they will be not jobless if they know how to manage project effectively. As there are several job openings for a project manager, thus as far as job opportunities are concerned you can be relieved.


The bottom-line is project management profession is the one of most challenging and useful professions that can be chosen by young professional in order to increase their learning exponentially and enhance their social esteem. Although it is not a cup of tea for everyone, it is one of the most beneficial and globally accepted professions globally accepted. If you are determined to accomplish your goals then you should consider project management as a profession. So, what is your decision?


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