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CFA certification, offered by the reputed CFA Institute is one of the most popular and globally recognized credentials in finance profession. CFA charter program is structured to provide the candidates a strong ... foundation on real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills along with the practical knowledge required in the current investment scenario. CFA Level II exam is the second level of exam within the CFA charter program. Simplilearn provides CFA Level II training for aspirants looking forward to attain CFA certification. Write to for CFA Level II training.

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About CFA Level II Certification Training

  • About CFA Level II Certification

    CFA® Level II certification is the second of three exams included in the CFA certification program offered to professionals who qualify the CFA Level II exam offered by the CFA Institute. CFA Level II program majorly deals in asset valuation and is a standard for evaluating the proficiency and integrity of financial analysts. CFA Level II certification demonstrates one’s proficiency in asset valuation to potential employers.

  • Best Suited

    Any finance or investment professionals who are looking forward to move ahead in their career with a coveted CFA certification are the ideal participants for CFA Level II exam. Candidates need to successfully clear the CFA Level I exam to become eligible for CFA Level II certification.

  • CFA Level II Certification Benefits

    • Globally recognized professional credential
    • Demonstrates one as a skilled finance and investment professional
    • Demonstrates one’s practical skills on finance
    • Improves job performance
    • Opens up greater career prospects

  • Objective

    Understand investment analysis, portfolio management and related concepts to perform better in finance roles, especially in the investment banking sector.

  • Who should attend?

    CFA program is suitable for

    • Investment professionals who want to enhance their professional abilities
    • Career changers (non-investment professionals) to gain broader professional expertise and to make a career change into the investment profession
    • Students who want to enter finance or investment profession

  • CFA Exam Pre-requisites

    Candidates must have passed the CFA Level I exam before registering for the CFA Level II exam

  • Exam Structure

    CFA Exam has three levels which need to be passed sequentially in order to gain the CFA Charter. Level I exam is scheduled in June and December (first Saturday) each year and Level II exam is scheduled only in June (first Saturday) every year. One can register for only one exam at a time. Each exam is conducted in two sessions (morning and afternoon) with duration of 3 hours for each session.


    Exam Focus

    Question Format

    No. of Questions

    Level II

    Analysis along with application

    Item-sets Multiple Choice Questions in vignette style


    Exam Fee Schedule

    For June 2014 Exam (in US $)


    First deadline
    25 September 2013

    Second deadline
    12 February 2014

    Final deadline
    12 March 2014

    First time enrolment fee

    Deadline over



    Exam Registration

    Deadline over




    Deadline over

    $1,240 $1,610

  • FAQs

    Q. What is the accreditation of CFA course of Simplilearn?

    Simplilearn is listed on CFA Institute Prep Providers for CFA Level I training.  We follow CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines.

    Q. How can I become a CFA® charter holder?     

    Following criteria needs to be fulfilled to become a CFA charter holder

    • Clear CFA® Level 1, 2, and 3 exams
    • Have four years of qualified investment work experience
    • Become a member of CFA Institute
    • Pledge to adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

    Q. How much time does it take to complete the CFA® program?            

    Completing the program (all three CFA® Levels) usually takes as little as 18 months, but there is no limit on the number of attempts at any exam level or the time taken to complete each level.

    Q. What are the eligibility requirements to appear for the CFA® level 1 exam?   

    The main eligibility requirements for a candidate are:    

    • A completed bachelors or equivalent degree, OR
    • Be in the final year of a bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration, OR
    • Have 4 years of professional work experience – can be non-investment related, OR
    • Have a combination of full time professional experience and college education that totals at least 4 years                                            

    Q. Are there any scholarships for the CFA® program?    

    CFA Institute provides two kinds of scholarships for CFA® exam candidates:

    1. ACCESS SCHOLARSHIPS: This is a needs-based scholarship that can be availed by up to 2500 candidates who are not able to afford the full price of the CFA® program enrollment and registration fees.
    2. AWARENESS SCHOLARSHIPS: Awareness scholarships are awarded in three situations
      • Candidate is sponsored by a full time faculty member who is also a CFA® charterholder in good standing at the student’s university
      • Candidate is a student at a college or university that is part of CFA® Institute’s CFA® Program Partners initiative and University Recognition Program
      • Candidate is a full-time college or university finance professor

    Awareness scholarships bring down the CFA® Program enrollment and exam registration fees to $350, including the CFA® Program eBook. More details on scholarships at the CFA Institute scholarships' page

    Q. What topics will I see on the exam during the morning session or during the afternoon session?

    Traditionally on CFA Level I, all topics included in the CFA Level I exam syllabus are covered in the morning session and the same topics are covered again (with different questions) in the afternoon session.

    Q. If I pass the CFA Level I exam in December, can I register for the CFA Level II exam held the following June?

    Yes, candidates who pass CFA Level I exam in December can register for the CFA Level II exam held the following June. Candidates should consider whether they will have enough time to prepare for CFA Level II exam, given the approximately four-month period remaining until the June exam.

    Q. Do I have to pass each of the individual topic areas in order to pass an exam level?

    No. As long as you achieve a total score above the minimum passing score (MPS) set by the CFA Institute Board of Governors, you would pass the exam regardless of your performance on any individual topic.

    Q. What is the pass rate for the CFA® level I exam?         

    Pass rates for the CFA® level I exam have consistently come down over the years. The pass rate for the June 2012 exam was 38%

  • Structure

    Level II emphasizes on questions with analysis along with application of tools and fundamentals learnt at Level I and Level II.


    • Application of tools and concepts of investment valuation
    • Industry and company analysis
    • Analysis of investment vehicles and instruments
    • CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

    Exam Topic Coverage

    Topic Area    

    Level I

    Level II

    Level III

    Ethical and Professional Standards (total)




    Quantitative Methods








    Financial Reporting and Analysis




    Corporate Finance




    Investment Tools (total)




    Equity Investments




    Fixed Income








    Alternative Investments




    Asset Classes (total)




    Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (total)




  • Exam

    CFA Level II exam is governed by CFA Institute. Training is not mandatory but advisable. Professionals must be CFA Level I certified to attend CFA Level II exam. Know more about CFA exam centers and schedule.

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