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SAP advantages and importance of SAP training for Organizations

SAP advantages and importance of SAP training for Organizations

Importance of SAP Training for Organizations

SAP is one of the number one providers of business software solutions towards better work and data management in organizations across industries. When Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) was founded in June, 1972, it was centered to only A type or big businesses. However over a period of time, small and medium size companies adopted SAP towards achieving organizational goals and today SAP is the leader in enterprise applications. Various SAP modules have been developed over time focused on different areas. Professionals can become SAP Network Specialists, SAP FI/CO course for finance and accounting control, SAP Database Administrators, SAP Security consultants etc. On the other hand, management professionals can opt for SAP customer relationship management, SAP business intelligence, SAP sales and distribution, SAP business information warehouse and more. SAP implementation is a very complex process and requires adequate knowledge and training on the subject to attain the maxim benefits. It takes years for professionals to gain expertise in handling SAP. SAP training helps one to gain expertise in software and programs that run them along with SAP modules. SAP builds a strong technical support for organization.

Advantages of SAP HCM Module in Organizations

SAP offers software for the business world and a host of their solutions are management based. SAP HCM module is the apt software for the HR department of an organization. The job of an HR is much beyond just recruiting. From hiring professionals to managing details of designation, payment, compensation, promotion etc., are taken care by the HR. SAP HCM module enables one to keep a better track of everything. There are various sub-modules of SAP HCM for different processes such as organizational management, personnel administration, e-recruitment, time management, payroll, ESS and MSS, and reporting. Organizational management manages the human resources of an entire organization towards achieving a set goal; personnel administration on the other hand manages details like compensation, performance appraisal and so on. E-recruitments enhances the recruitment processes of an organization, time management enables better management of work and time of employees, payroll manages the payment details and so on.

Advantages of SAP CRM Module in Organizations

SAP Customer Relationship Management as the term suggests helps in better management of customer needs and help towards long term and profitable customer relationships. SAP CRM provides an organization the flexibility to create various unique solutions for better customer experiences. It helps in building consistent and relevant interactions across all branches that handles customers. This module helps organizations in driving customer value, loyalty and profitability across the entire value chain of an organization. Customer satisfaction is one of the common aims for every business and this SAP module helps to achieve the same.

Advantages of SAP SD Module in Organizations

SAP Sales and Distribution is the ideal software for every organization that helps in managing master data, system configuration, order and cash process related transactions and more. Using this module, organizations can better manage their Customer Master and Material Master Data, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Pricing, Billing and Credit processes and so on. There are various sub-modules of SAP SD for different processes such as Master Data, Sales Support, Pendulum List Indirect Sales, Sales, Shipping and Transportation, Billing, Empties Management, Credit Management, Foreign Trade and Sales Information System. Each SAP SD module provides easy and swift management of task lists within the broader process of Sales and Distribution.

Advantages of SAP BI Module in Organizations

SAP Business Intelligence, earlier known as SAP Business Information Warehouse is popularly known as SAP BI at an end user level. SAP BI helps in various processes of an organization. It is responsible for extracting data from different sources, applying rules on it and loading it to Data Warehouse area. SAP BI improves management of Data Storage within an organization. SAP BI enables one to represent data analysis in different formats such as grids, graphs, maps etc. SAP BI uses BEx tools in order to present these data and report presentation for organizations.

Thus, SAP provides various modules that enhance work processes within organizations. SAP training allows professionals to work out better with SAP modules. Training allows professionals to handle software presented by SAP towards better work process and data management in organizations. Owing to the various advantages mentioned, more and more organizations are moving towards adopting SAP by the day.

SAP is one of the number one providers of business software solutions towards better work and data management in organizations across industries.

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  • Aditya Sharma May 25, 2016 03:16 am

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  • sathwik May 22, 2016 04:56 pm

    Now i am studying 2nd puc, how can i start a sap basic cources and what qualification do i need for it...?

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    I want to now more information about the SAP

  • Naveen September 24, 2015 11:05 pm

    Hi i finished 2puc. But i didn't completed degree.now i'm doing sap.and i interested to softwere field. Any jobs available for me.?

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  • Sajad Shah August 29, 2015 10:17 am

    I am currently learning STAAD PRO .Now I am interested to do this software also.

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    Do I need a qualification for it...

  • chomba July 17, 2015 11:14 pm

    Am a diploma holder in HRM and everywhere I see an advert,having knowledge of SAP is an added advantage. .Please help understand it!

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  • vijay June 18, 2015 04:37 pm

    Good Info,useful to me a lot.

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