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  • Nov 04 - Nov 12 Weekday classes 22:30 - 01:30 CDT 4 sessions
    • Nov
    • Fri 04
    • Sat 05
    • Fri 11
    • Sat 12
  • Nov 12 - Nov 20 Weekend classes 08:00 - 12:00 CDT 4 sessions
    • Nov
    • Sat 12
    • Sun 13
    • Sat 19
    • Sun 20
  • Nov 26 - Dec 04 Weekend classes 08:00 - 12:00 CDT 4 sessions
    • Nov
    • Sat 26
    • Sun 27
    • Dec
    • Sat 03
    • Sun 04
  • Dec 09 - Dec 17 Weekday classes 21:30 - 01:30 CDT 4 sessions
    • Dec
    • Fri 09
    • Sat 10
    • Fri 16
    • Sat 17
  • Dec 17 - Jan 08 Weekend classes 08:00 - 12:00 CDT 4 sessions
    • Dec
    • Sat 17
    • Sun 18
    • Jan
    • Sat 07
    • Sun 08

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Key features


How this works :

At Simplilearn, we greatly value the trust of our patrons. Our courses were designed to deliver an effective learning experience, and have helped over half a million find their professional calling. But if you feel your course is not to your liking, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Just send us a refund request within 7 days of purchase, and we will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked!

For Instructor Led Training :

Raise refund request within 7 days of commencement of the first batch you are eligible to attend. Money back guarantee is void if the participant has accessed more than 25% content of an e-learning course or has attended Online Classrooms for more than 1 day.

  • 16 hours of instructor-led training/16 PDUs
  • 7 hours of high-quality eLearning content
  • 3 live Scrum games / 7 scenario-based Scrum games
  • 2 live projects and case studies
  • Exam fee included

Course description

  • What is the focus of this course?

    The Agile Scrum Master course introduces you to Agile and Scrum values and concepts, and helps you build the requisite skills and expertise you’ll need to pass the certification exam on the first attempt. The course’s goal is to make you an expert in Scrum ways, enhancing your capability to deliver shippable products by the end of each Sprint. With the practical application of Agile methodologies, you will be able to maximize business value while mitigating potential risks.

  • What are the course objectives?

    This course will enable you to be:
    • Proficient in Scrum terminologies and their applications
    • Ready to facilitate daily scrums, user stories, sprint planning, and sprint reviews
    • Capable of producing the different Scrum artifacts including the product backlog, sprint backlog, finished deliverables, and definition of done
    • Equipped to implement distributed Scrum over teams spread across geographies
    • Prepared for a Scrum Master role with any Scrum implementing organization
    • Prepared to pass the EXIN Agile Scrum Master exam on your first attempt

  • Who should take this course?

    The Agile Scrum Master certification course is best suited for:
    • Team Leaders
    • Project Managers
    • Members of Scrum teams such as developers, Scrum Masters, and product owners
    • Managers of Scrum teams
    • Teams transitioning to Scrum
    • Professionals intending to pursue the Scrum Master certification

  • What projects will I work on as a part of the course?

    You will complete two industry-based projects, provided by the product owner of a new technology division. The projects are based on creating a portal to provide weather-based services to multiple clients. The portal needs to pull the weather forecast from various public services, so that the captured data can be used for various purposes.

    Project 1:
    BigBucks Café, a leading chain of premium coffee shops, wants you to use weather data to regulate and manage their daily operations. As a Scrum Master, the project requires you to resolve the backlog.

    Project 2:
    The world’s largest life insurance company, LeViva, wants to launch an app to serve its customers, and they would like to use the weather forecast. As a Scrum Master, the project requires you to resolve the backlog.

Course preview

    • Lesson 00 - Course Overview 07:05
      • 0.1 Course Overview 07:05
    • Lesson 01 - Agile Way of Thinking 14:17
      • 1.1 Agile Way of Thinking 14:17
      • 1.2 Scenario-1 Agile Way of Thinking
      • 1.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 02 - Other Agile Frameworks 19:56
      • 2.1 Other Agile Frameworks 19:56
      • 2.2 Scenario-2 Other Agile Frameworks
      • 2.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 03 - Scrum Events and Artifacts 14:33
      • 3.1 Scrum Events and Artifacts 14:33
      • 3.2 Scenario-3 Scrum Events and Artifacts
      • 3.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 04 - Scrum Roles 25:43
      • 4.1 Scrum Roles 25:43
      • 4.2 Scenario-4 Scrum Roles
      • 4.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 05 - Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control 31:29
      • 5.1 Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control 31:29
      • 5.2 Scenario-5 Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control
      • 5.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 06 - Agile on Complex Projects 29:04
      • 6.1 Agile on Complex Projects 29:04
      • 6.2 Scenario-6 Agile on Complex Projects
      • 6.3 Quiz
    • Lesson 07 - Adopting Agile 21:40
      • 7.1 Adopting Agile 21:40
      • 7.2 Scenario-7 Adopting Agile
      • 7.3 Quiz
    • What’s next? 04:52
      • The Next Step 04:52
    • Agile and Scrum simulations
      • GAME 1 Standup Meeting
      • GAME 2 Planning Poker
    • Course Feedback
      • Course Feedback
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    Exam & certification FREE PRACTICE TEST

    • How will I become an ASM® certified professional?

      Obtain a formal Agile Scrum Master Training from a Registered Education Provider like us.

      Register with EXIN to purchase the exam voucher and schedule your web proctored exam online.

      Upon clearing the exam successfully you will be awarded the Agile Scrum Master certification from EXIN.

    • What are the prerequisites for the ASM Certification?

      There are no particular eligibility criteria for the Agile Scrum Master course; it is suited for any professional aspiring to a career in management.


    Fantastic training! This was fun, interactive, and I learned!…The trainer keeps you on your toes and has a multitude of ways to keep you engaged and move ahead - the fastest 4.5 hours of my life ever! He provided real life, great examples, and practiced scrum in class!… from Videos and Polls, to Q&A, everything was so interactive and fun!

    Read more Read less

    Very impressed with progress of the training, the content of the course material and the knowledge of instructor.

    Great class, Great instructor, really explained the material well.

    I liked the way all the Scrum concepts are explained and the interactions with the attendees.

    Great session, the trainer was great and the training was interactive. Loved the examples which really brought the lessons to life. Keep it going!

    Read more Read less

    I really appreciate the multiple formats that you offer with the online learning, downloads, and the WebEx interactive sessions. It's really helping me grasp the material more quickly. The trainer made sure we have the concepts down. He provided great pointers regarding the exam. I really appreciate his training style.

    Read more Read less

    The course is detailed and informative. The aspects covered in the course were significant in terms of practical application. I have definitely created a strong foundation and I am able to apply the methodology at work.

    Read more Read less

    The information was crisp and to the point. The learning has been beneficial as the importance was given to the vital aspects of Scrum terminologies and its practical application. I am confident in my new approach to Scrum implementation across geographies in my organization.

    Read more Read less

    My role in the new organization demands my expertise in facilitating daily scrums and after taking up this course I am able to execute the task with confidence and ease. I have gained a lot of knowledge in this area and I quite impressed with the depth of understanding I have gained through this course.

    Read more Read less

    I cleared the exam in my first attempt and the certification in Scrum Master has helped me land several job interviews and I have cleared the interviews with confidence, portraying a deep sense of understanding in Agile Scrum Master. I am glad I took up this course.

    Read more Read less

    I am now able to efficiently track and manage my team spread across several geographies. I am comfortable with expediting the process of managing several teams and I am confident in implementing the agile scrum at my workplace.

    Read more Read less

    The topics were covered in detail and emphasis was given to the practical application of scrum at an organizational level. I now have an enhanced perspective and I am able to share my knowledge on Agile terminologies with confidence and ease.

    Read more Read less

    Great trainer, Great training material, and everything worked well. The training sessions were impressive.

    Real life/live scenario's were included in the training. The trainer's command on the subject is commendable.

    Trainer was excellent. He took a lot of time to give examples, made the sessions more lively and interactive.


    • Is the Agile Scrum Master certification better than the Certified Scrum Master certification?

      Simplilearn developed the Agile Scrum Master certification in partnership with EXIN, which has a number of benefits over the Certified Scrum Master certification offered by the Scrum Alliance. From the innovative online teaching methodology to exhaustive course content, the Agile Scrum Master certification course has several features that set it apart. The table below describes the benefits of ASM in more detail.
        ASM (Agile Scrum Master) CSM (Certified Scrum Master)
      Geographical Advantage The Agile Scrum Master training is delivered online, making it accessible to learners across the globe. Certified Scrum Master training is conducted by CSTs. Learners need to attend offline workshops at the trainer’s location, making remote training impossible.
      Coordination with remote teams The ASM course was developed with the needs of geographically-dispersed teams in mind. Teams are co-located yet coordinate online also stand to benefit from the course. Scrum Alliance’s offering is not designed to meet the flexibility that modern-day Scrum teams need.
      Important Agile modules In keeping with the latest trends, the ASM course incorporates elements of Agile training, with Agile modules preceding the Scrum training. The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification course focuses only on Scrum and includes no Agile modules.
      Standard of examination The bar for passing the ASM certification is higher, making it more valuable for professionals. But Simplilearn’s comprehensive training course makes it simple for anyone who takes the course to pass the exam with ease. The level of the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) examination is below par.
      Price Although more comprehensive and valuable than the Scrum Master certification, the ASM certification delivers better ROI. The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) Certification is more expensive and less valuable to recruiters.
      Gamification The ASM course is currently the only training on the market that supplements training sessions with eLearning content that’s aligned to the course—and with game-based learning scenarios. The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) course does not come with eLearning content. This makes revising key concepts difficult as there are no means to revisit what was learned.
      Flexi-Pass advantage Learners may repeat multiple sessions with the Flexi-Pass; payment is made only once. The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) training fees only include a single training session per person.
      Standardized training, global faculty ASM training is delivered by high-profile thought leaders and is standardized across batches. CSM training varies from trainer to trainer, leading to different learning outcomes.

    • What is ASM Online Classroom Training?

      Agile Scrum Master Online Classroom Training is live online training conducted via live streaming of a class. The sessions are run by a Scrum Master certified trainer with more than 15 years of training, and work experience in the domain. The class, attended by a global audience, enriches your learning experience for geographically diverse Scrum implementations.

    • What certification will I receive after completing the training?

      After the successful completion of the training and exam you will be awarded the Agile Scrum Master certificate from EXIN, the global body of accreditation for Agile Scrum Master. The actual certificate will be emailed to the participant 10 days after the declaration of result.

    • What is offered as part of the training?

      As part of the training you will receive 16 hours of instructor led training and 2 sample tests that you can use to prepare for the certification exam.

    • Is exam fee included in the course fee?

      Yes, the exam fee is included in the course fee.

    • How do I apply for the exam?

      You can raise a request for booking the exam online with our support team by raising a request at Help and Support by clicking on the Help and Support Tab at the bottom of the page.

    • How many questions are there in the Agile Scrum Master Certification exam?

      The EXIN Agile Scrum Master certification exam is an online test comprising of 40 questions, for a duration of 90 minutes. The minimum pass percentage is 65% (that is 26/40).

    • What tools do I need to attend the training sessions?

      The tools you’ll need to attend training are fairly basic:
      • Windows: any version newer than Windows XP SP3
      • Mac: any version newer than OSX 10.6
      • Internet speed: Preferably faster than 512 Kbps
      • Headset, speakers, microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to the others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and microphone.

    • Are the training and course material effective?

      Yes. Our Agile Scrum Master training course is designed to guarantee you’ll pass the exam on your first attempt. With a hands-on learning approach, the training not only gives you the confidence to pass the exam, but also helps you retain the knowledge beyond the exam.

    • Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

      Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our Refund Policy.

    • I’d like to learn more about this training program. Who should I contact?

      Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives will be able to give you more details.

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