Rebranding is not a simple process; so, when a brand gets it right, marketers take notice. During the past year, we saw several brands re-imagine logos, content, and products — even redefining the customer experience.

Let’s have a look at the best rebrands of 2019 to learn from their decisions and be inspired to make positive changes in the future.

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Staples has long been recognized as a fun-natured office supply chain in the U.S., but in early 2019 it re-introduced the brand by way of a new, modern logo — plus new internal brands and digital experience for customers.

According to the brand’s press release, Staples wants to be known as the “Worklife Fulfillment Company.” Recognizing the changing nature of work, Staples aims to support careers “fueled by purpose, people and fulfillment” with five new business lines offering distinctive products and services.

Staples is one of the best rebrands of 2019 because it addresses a new demographic (the remote worker) without alienating its core client base (in-office workers), opening up possibilities for all customers with investments in the future.

Towson University


The new branding for Towson University in Maryland takes top honors not only because it received an award, but also for its integration beyond the new logo design.

As you may already know, rebranding is about more than developing new identities; it’s also about the messaging, acknowledging company history, and calling out brand values. Towson University checks all the boxes with key messages across various marketing channels, highlighting the university’s rich history and its focus on inclusion and momentum.



When you spend the past 65 years developing outdoor products like Polaris has done, you inevitably end up with many different product lines — for Polaris, it’s more than 30 of them.

The company determined it was time for a rebrand, which would allow them to “define the unifying thread that runs through all our diverse line of products, services, and experiences, and tells the story behind the larger Polaris brand.”

Their new tagline, “Think Outside,” reflects the core of what the company is all about, and also invites people to embrace the mindset of new experiences and adventures in the outdoors.

Polaris is one of the best rebrands of 2019 because it acknowledges its roots while making room for new possibilities on land — and off — across its exciting product categories. Yes, it features a new identity, but it also carries that spirit throughout its messaging to define the Polaris brand of today clearly.

Read Across America


Read Across America is a program created and supported by the National Education Association (NEA), and this year it wanted to rebrand not only its logo but also a new focus: to share “books that tell children of color or different gender identities that they belong in the world and that the world belongs to them.”

The rebranding is part of a nationwide effort to appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds and to celebrate the diversity of readers across U.S. public schools.

The Read Across America rebrand is one of the best of 2019 because it acknowledges its expanding demographic, communicates its values across digital and print channels, and sets teachers and students up for success in the future.

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