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Career Building Courses Learner's Reviews

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This coding bootcamp features a comprehensive curriculum that provided me with a deeper understanding of the domain. The coding bootcamp online, utilizing a blended learning model delivered by industry experts, along with 24/7 learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules, made it the best choice.

  • Hans Friedhoff

    Hans Friedhoff

    Senior Manager, Digital Communications

    After completing the bootcamp, I transitioned to a Machine Learning Engineer within my organization. I was also able to obtain an 18% salary increase.

  • John Scott

    John Scott

    VP Global Finance Technology and Innovation

    The prevalence of big data in business decisions makes this a valuable course for working professionals and executives. This comprehensive online boot camp curriculum includes Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Business Analytics, Deep Learning, and Data Engineering.

  • Carlos Fuad Abi Ganem

    Carlos Fuad Abi Ganem

    Managing Consultant

    The training sessions were engaging. The instructor explained complex concepts clearly, concisely and in an organized structure. I am looking forward to the rest of the course!

  • Robert Briggs

    Robert Briggs

    Planning and Economic Development Director

    I had great training sessions with a skilled instructor who covered concepts thoroughly and effectively. He presented complex concepts very clearly and provided ample practice time.

  • Ron Moore

    Ron Moore

    The instructor was clear, and I had a great learning experience. The training sessions were engaging, and insightful questions were asked. I liked the course curriculum. Thank you.

  • Gordana Vujec

    Gordana Vujec

    Business Analyst

    Simplilearn has been a great pathfinder for me. It gave me great insight, knowledge, and guidelines about Business Analysis with a well-formulated course structure and interactive instructors. I was able to grab a new job after the course. So, I would highly recommend Simplilearn to everyone.

  • Jorge Barboza

    Jorge Barboza

    Cloud Engineer

    After three weeks of finishing my course, I got hired as a cloud engineer. I changed my domain, and my salary just doubled. I got the job because I learned Azure during the course.

  • Okechukwu E Ogori

    Okechukwu E Ogori

    It was a satisfying learning experience. The live training was well aligned to the subject matter and filled with practical examples, while the self-learning section was adequately structured for easy learning and comprehension.

  • Carlos Linare

    Carlos Linare

    Assistant Professor

    After six months of weekend classes, I finally got my Business Analysis Certificate from Purdue University. Thank you to all the instructors at Simplilearn for sharing their knowledge.

  • Craig Wilding

    Craig Wilding

    Data Administrator

    My instructor was experienced and knowledgeable with broad industry exposure. He delivered content in a way which is easy to consume. Thank you!

  • Rosemary McLaughlin

    Rosemary McLaughlin

    Regional Director of Operations

    Finally, my six months of commitment paid off with the achievement of PGP lean six sigma certification with Simplilearn and UMass. Along the way, I also earned PMI-ACP, Minitab, Digital Transformation, Green Belt, & Black Belt certificates. Kudos to the committed faculty, rich content, and support of my fellow learners.

  • Carlos Arteaga

    Carlos Arteaga

    After completing the course, I could crack my dream internship as a Junior Cyber Security Analyst Intern at Chase, with a 25% increment in my income now.

  • Thomas McManus

    Thomas McManus

    Information Systems Engineer

    The instructor is exceptionally knowledgeable. Capstone nicely wraps up what we've been trained in the previous seven courses, and I feel more comfortable handling data analysis now. I look forward to bringing my newly obtained data scientist skillset to my job.

  • Charles H. Lowery

    Charles H. Lowery

    Director of Software Engineering

    I have completed the Post Graduate Program in DevOps. It was a fun course, and I learned many exciting and powerful tools.


Career Building Courses FAQs

  • What are the best career courses you can attend?

    Several career courses available for students can help them achieve their goals and get established. The best courses they can choose from are:

    • Data Science 

    • Business Analytics

    • Digital Marketing

    • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

    • Blockchain Technology

    • Product Management

    • Business Development And Business Administration Courses

    • Data Analytics

    • Ethical Hacking

    • Cloud Computing

    • And Various Programming Courses Or Coding Bootcamps

  • What is the purpose of career courses?

    Career courses are designed to work as career coaches; they provide students with knowledge and skills needed to establish their new careers. These courses are comprehensive and emphasize practical skills that are highly demanded in the job market. In other words, career-oriented courses are more focused on training learners to prepare for industry standards. 

    Other than practical skills, career-oriented courses also help develop a few important skills that are demanded in a professional such as:

    • Leadership Skills

    • Personality Development

    • Management Skills

    • Leadership Skills

    • Decision-Making Skills

    • Problem-Solving Skills

    • And The Ability To Face Unique Challenges With Confidence

  • How can career courses help you have a rewarding career?

    Career courses are packed with knowledge and skills necessary for a professional to learn. These certifications lead students towards career exploration, meaning through the curriculum, they begin to understand their career path and job roles. This is where they start training and become career ready. 

    Another benefit of pursuing career certifications is they enhance the resume of job seekers. They help to create a good impression in the eyes of top employers. Therefore, their career eventually becomes a success. Another advantage is a boost in salary; career certificates boost skills, enhance expertise and knowledge, and increase income potential.

  • What type of skills do career courses teach?

    There is a long list of skills that these career courses teach. Students can expect to learn the following:

    • Communication Skills

    • Leadership Skills

    • Organizational Skills

    • Time Management Skills

    • Decision-Making Skills

    • AdaptiveThinking Skills

    • Research And Planning Skills

  • Is it worth it to enroll in an online career training course?

    Yes, it is worth pursuing an online career training course because it enhances knowledge and skills. In these courses, learners explore the best professional education and get trained by top-rated instructors who are faculties of world-recognized universities. Also, these courses add more value to college or university degrees and help land the best jobs.

  • How are Simplilearn's career courses the best?

    Simplilearn courses are the best because they help students decide on their careers and focus on the skills in demand in the job industry. They can pursue these programs at their own pace and prepare for their future. Simplilearn introduces students to career coaches, offers top-notch education and hands-on experience in practical skills, engages them in real-world projects and assignments, and assists them in finding the best jobs.

  • What are the top career courses you must attend?

  • What qualifications do you need to enroll in a career training program?

    Students can attend career-oriented courses after completing high school, college, or university degrees. Career training courses do not specifically ask for higher degrees; they just want students to have some prior knowledge of the field before pursuing it. For instance, if a student has chooses a data science program, they must have a degree in computer science, statistics and analytics, mathematics, or similar ones. This will help them follow the curriculum easily.

  • Which career courses should students choose after completing school?

    After completing high school, deciding which courses to pursue and which careers to choose becomes very confusing. The best fields to choose for pursuing majors are:

    • Engineering In Any Desired Area

    • Data Science And Big Data

    • Architecture And Design

    • Business Administration

    • Management Degrees

    • MBBS Or Any Other Medical Degree

    • Accounting And Finance

    • Software Development

    • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

    • Business Intelligence And Analytics

    • Computer Science

  • Can career courses help you get a better job?

    Without a doubt, career-oriented courses can help establish the careers of students. These courses are their pathway to the industry in which they desire to work in the near future. These courses offer hands-on learning experiences; students can enhance their skills and understand the roles they must fulfill in their chosen field.

  • Which career paths have the highest salaries?

    According to various surveys, the highest-paid professionals are:

    • Data Scientists

    • Medical Professionals

    • Software Engineers And Developers

    • Web Developers

    • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Experts

    • Cybersecurity Professionals

    • Cloud Engineers

    • Business Intelligence Professionals

  • What are the advantages of pursuing a career development course from Simplilearn?

    Once learners choose a career-oriented course from Simplilearn, they enjoy several benefits such as:

    • Helps Gain In-Demand Skills

    • Career Advancement

    • Access To Faculties From World-Renowned Universities

    • Job Assist

    • Enriched Resume

    • Job Placements

    • Study At Your Own Pace

    • Meeting Education Goals

    • Career Goals Fulfilled

  • What are the benefits of professional skill development?

    There are multiple benefits of professional skill development, such as:

    • Enhanced Skills And Knowledge

    • Improved Productivity And Efficiency

    • More Confidence 

    • Ability To Work Under More Significant Positions 

    • And Earn More Money

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