Our Top Courses for Working Professionals Duration And Fees

Top courses for working professionals typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Project Management

Cohort Starts: 22 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 3,000
Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma

Cohort Starts: 26 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 3,000
Lean Six Sigma Expert11 Months$ 1,999

Career Growth Stories

  • I had a fantastic learning experience with Simplilearn, and the course helped boost my career. I was promoted from Cybersecurity Analyst Level -1 to Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2 with a 40% salary hike. 

    - Aakash Raymond
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro

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Top Professional Learner's Reviews

  • Manisundaram Balakrishnan

    Manisundaram Balakrishnan

    Senior Engineer at Mindtree

    The trainers' in-depth knowledge of the subject helped me understand DevOps better. The course content is very informative and the trainer's expertise helped me learn about the challenges involved with implementing DevOps.

  • Minal Deshmukh

    Minal Deshmukh

    Software Specialist

    The training was conducted very well. The course content is very informative and the trainer gives sufficient time to explore the lab, which is really helpful. The trainer explained the concepts with clarity & provided in-depth details.


FAQs Related to Courses for Working Professionals

  • What are Simplilearn's online certificate courses for working professionals?

    Simplilearn offers a number of professional development courses specifically created for working professionals. These online courses for working professionals cover various domains, including IT, project management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, online marketing, data science, data analysis, cloud computing, computer science, business analytics, supply chain management, cybersecurity, and more.

    Simplilearn offers online courses for working professionals that include:

    Post Graduate Courses:

    Master’s Programs:

    Certification Courses:


  • Who can take advantage of these courses?

    Working professionals focused on career development, staying up-to-date with market trends, upskilling, or transitioning to a different domain may find these online programs by Simplilearn beneficial.

  • What advantages do working professionals receive from enrolling in Simplilearn courses?

    By enrolling in courses for working professionals offered by Simplilearn, individuals can:

    Develop Marketable Skills: Simplilearn offers courses for working professionals in various domains to help learners get a salary hike. These online courses seek to teach learners skills crucial for success in the contemporary workforce. 

    Gain An Industry-Recognized Certificate: With recognition and a deeper understanding of the topic, learners receive certificates from esteemed institutions, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

    Acquire Relevant Experience: Simplilearn’s featured programs enhance leadership skills, ensuring business success. Learners can get practical knowledge and experience through real-world projects and case studies. 

    Learn From Experienced Instructors: Industry experts act as a student’s compass and offer professional and academic support throughout these enabling courses, assuring a high-quality online education.

  • What are the best courses for working professionals offered by Simplilearn?

  • How do I pick the right course as a working professional?

     Various professional development courses are available through Simplilearn, and learners can take the following into account to choose the right one:

    • They should evaluate their career objectives and identify the skills that will enable them to advance in the desired direction.
    • It's critical to assess their current skill level and pinpoint any areas that require development or upskilling.
    • Learners can browse the course catalog on the Simplilearn website for detailed information, objectives, and outcomes.

  • When the course is over, will I receive a certificate?

    Indeed, Simplilearn's courses come with certificates of completion. These certifications have the seal of approval of prestigious, leading universities and companies, making them important assets for boosting one's professional profile.

    These certificates prove that a student has completed a course and mastered the required skills. They can demonstrate their expertise and commitment to professional progress by showing these industry-recognized certificates to prospective employers of top companies.

  • What is the average duration for these courses?

    The duration of Simplilearn courses for working professionals can vary depending on the course material. While some online courses can take a few weeks, others may take place over several months, guaranteeing thorough subject coverage.

    Simplilearn provides predicted course durations on its website to help learners plan their learning journey effectively. These estimates are a valuable tool for people to organize their time wisely and plan out their schedules.

  • Will I receive any support if I run into any problems during the course?

    Absolutely! Simplilearn is dedicated to offering thorough support at every step of the learning process. Simplilearn provides email, chat, and call support around the clock. Through the community forum, they have a committed team that offers assistance as needed.

  • How are the instructors for these courses for working professionals selected?

    All the highly skilled instructor has years of relevant industry experience and are subject matter experts. Before being approved as instructors for Simplilearn, they underwent a thorough selection procedure, including profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo. Simplilearn ensures that instructors with stellar knowledge and experience continue to serve as faculty members.

  • How can I enroll in a Simplilearn course?

    People can visit the Simplilear website and sign up for one of the programs offered there. They can continue by clicking the "Apply Now" option to start the application process after choosing the required courses. Once the application form has been submitted, it goes for further review. Selected candidates will receive a notification and can start the course within one to two weeks.

  • Are there any requirements for enrolling in these professional development courses?

    Depending on the courses, different prerequisites may apply to programs offered by Simplilearn. While some courses could have eligibility requirements like having a basic understanding of a certain subject or prior experience in a similar field of study, others might have more lenient ones. By looking at the course details page on the Simplilearn website, learners can get detailed information on the prerequisites for each course.

  • Will I get any job assistance if I enroll in courses for working professionals offered by Simplilearn?

    Yes, those who sign up for Simplilearn's courses for working professionals can take advantage of job support and assistance through their JobAssist programs. Simplilearn recognizes the value of career growth and offers tools to support candidates in their job search. They provide career assistance services, such as resume building, interview coaching, and career mentoring.

  • After completing one of the courses for working professionals, what is the average salary I can expect?

    In a study, it was found that major firms in the USA recognize certifications. The average hike in salary after submitting a certification to the firm is $13,000. Getting certifications by completing professional courses can help learners leverage these certifications to accelerate their careers.

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