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Non Coding Courses Advisors

  • Bryan Campbell

    Bryan Campbell

    President at 7 C's Consulting and Agile Project and Program Manager

    Bryan Campbell is a highly respected Agile Coach and Project Manager with more than 25 years of experience managing projects, programs and PMOs around the world.  He specializes in agile transformation for enterprise, scale PMOs.

    Twitter  LinkedIn
  • Dr. Zhiwei Zhu

    Dr. Zhiwei Zhu

    Clinical Assistant Professor at Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

    With over 15 years of experience leading business analytics functions at global reinsurance companies, Dr. Zhu now uses his wealth of knowledge and business-relevant experience to provide analytics training to future business leaders at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management.

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Non Coding Courses Learner's Reviews

  • Giuseppe Giuffrida

    Giuseppe Giuffrida

    Product Engineer Manager

    The best part about the course is its flexibility and allowing participants to learn at their own pace. A great learning experience, overall!

  • Gerhard Van Der Westhuizen

    Gerhard Van Der Westhuizen

    Development Manager at Atterbury Property Developments

    Simplilearn is one of the best online training providers available. The training was very informative and the quality of the presentation was of a high standard and very helpful.

  • Claudette James

    Claudette James

    Strategic Planning & Project Management Professional

    The trainer was EXCELLENT. He gave real life examples which we could apply the concepts to, rather than go through the slide word for word. We could always read the slides on our own. The examples were much appreciated. very informative.

  • David Shusteric

    David Shusteric

    Project Management and Product Development Specialist

    I really participated in this course. The trainer's control of class, pace, knowledge, and ability to disseminate info is absolutely superior.

  • Dhananjay Vemuri

    Dhananjay Vemuri

    Sr QA lead Analyst @Redi2 Technologies

    Love the pace, and the learning experience.. learning can be fast, fun, and amazing with the good tutors.

  • Corey Wisneski

    Corey Wisneski

    Research Scientist @Battelle

    The trainer is a wonderful teacher, he maintained a good pace, and was very patient. Highly recommended!

  • Kelly Sonesen

    Kelly Sonesen

    Project Manager

    The experience and the trainer were great, I would definitely recommend this training to my colleagues!

  • Randy Conrad

    Randy Conrad

    Project Manager at Dell Federal

    Excellent course...It's interactive. Teacher shares great examples and is quick to watch Chat window to answer questions. Looking forward more sessions...

  • Conley Moore

    Conley Moore

    Director of IT - Product Quest/Ei SolutionWorks @ Ei - A Pharmaceutical SolutionWorks™

    If anyone is looking for an online PMP training or any other career certifications, Simplilearn is the place to start. The content is good and the trainers are very helpful. I highly recommend Simplilearn.

  • Katherine Ulloa

    Katherine Ulloa

    Project Manager

    My experience with Simplilearn was excellent. The instructor and the customer support were helpful. The recordings of the sessions and the simulation tests benefited me a lot. I highly recommend Simplilearn to those who want to get ahead in their careers.

  • Jo Ann cannon

    Jo Ann cannon

    The trainer provided practical scenarios and the insights helped a lot in gaining clarity in the concepts. I liked the fact of having the convenience of going through the training in my own home.

  • Paula Jones

    Paula Jones

    I'm getting smarter everyday - actually I am learning a ton.

  • J Schneider

    J Schneider

    President/Co-Founder at 64-4 Consulting Inc.

    Training was really good, it was easy to follow. The trainer was very knowledgeable, and provided great examples throughout the training.

  • Kristina Borštnik

    Kristina Borštnik

    Associate Director @AMRI

    There was a lot of knowledge sharing throughout the course. additional information was shared apart from the slides and that aspect made the training more dynamic and engaging. Good overview.

  • Jason Scott Armacost

    Jason Scott Armacost

    PM Consultant @NKH Safety, Inc

    Loving the 2016 PMP Training with SimpliLean. It is effective.


Industry Projects

  • Project 1

    ERP Implementation by Bombardier

    Navigate through the challenges of ERP implementation for a large-scale project. Drive major organization transformation while implementing ERP to gain maximum benefit.

    View Program
  • Project 2

    Good Shepherd Pharmacy Blockchain System

    Design a series of small-scale pilot tests to evaluate the technical, operational, and economic feasibility of a blockchain pharmacy system that will bypass industry middlemen.

    View Program
  • Project 3

    EVCard Pioneering CarSharing in China

    Through EVCard's journey, a car-sharing business in China, learn about changing market environment, building competitive advantage through rapid learning and product iteration.

    View Program
  • Project 4

    Era of Quality at the Akshaya Patra Foundation

    Step into the shoes of Muralidhar, Ex- Director of Quality at TAPF to reduce cooking-to-consumption time as the number of children increases.

    View Program
  • Project 5

    Capstone 1 Planning for Hypergrowth

    Capture the requirements for creating a launch plan to respond to the massive growth opportunity posed by the pandemic, and perform a risk analysis of possible outcomes.

    View Program
  • Project 6

    Capstone 2 Agile Scrum for Rapid Innovation

    Create a launch plan for implementing Agile Scrum methodology for development to support continuous rapid innovation.

    View Program
  • Project 7

    Best Buy Merging Lean Sigma with Innovation

    Step into the shoes of Mike Fisher, Ex Senior. Director of Lean and Six Sigma at Best Buy, to understand entrepreneurial leadership and how to merge Lean Six Sigma with innovation

    Best Buy Merging Lean Sigma with InnovationView Program
  • Project 8

    Implementing LEAN Operations at Caesars Casinos

    Successfully implement Lean Operating principles in service environment, as Caesars Entertainment's General Manager and Senior Vice President to improve customer service.

    Implementing LEAN Operations at Caesars CasinosView Program
  • Project 9

    Era of Quality at the Akshaya Patra Foundation

    Step into the shoes of Muralidhar, ex-Director of Quality at TAPF, to reduce cooking-to-consumption time as the number of children increases

    Era of Quality at the Akshaya Patra FoundationView Program
  • Project 10

    Telenor Revolutionizing Retail Banking in Serbia

    Analyze how Telenor had created a successful business by enhancing traditional strategy frameworks with innovative digital approaches in new, under-developed markets.

    Telenor Revolutionizing Retail Banking in SerbiaView Program

Non Coding Courses FAQs

  • Why Choose the IT Sector for Jobs?

    Billions of people worldwide find employment in the IT sector, and many are excited to join the same. Wondering what force has been driving the majority? The IT sector has been generating increased revenues and has become one of the fastest-growing sectors. The previous year witnessed total spending of $95 billion in the IT sector in India. The industry contributed 8% to the country's GDP in the fiscal year 2021 and employed more than 4 million personnel. Per forecasts, the IT sector will grow by 104% between 2018 and 2023.

  • Key Facts About the IT Domain

    The following three points are important for any candidate aspiring to pursue a career in the IT sector:

    Not Everyone Can Code

    Although technical jobs rule the industry, the sector hosts non coding IT jobs too. For instance, creating the primary interface of a product like Netflix requires a tech team. However, several people work hard in other units, such as marketing, growth hackers, PR content creators, and more, to provide you with an excellent experience. 

    You will come across a myriad of jobs without programming requirements, such as those related to designing, project management, and analysis. 

    It’s Easy to Pick up Tech Skills

    Gone are the days when your class 12 grade dictated your career trajectory. With an increase in the availability of courses, you can acquire tech skills easily. A thirst for knowledge and dedication can help you quickly master industry-relevant tech skills. Moreover, with the advent of online learning, you can easily switch fields and blend learning with your busy schedule. 

    A Broad Spectrum of Choices

    When you work closely with technical jobs, you gain knowledge. You can easily switch from a non-technical field to a technical job. The broad umbrella encompasses numerous technical and non-technical roles giving opportunities even to freshers lacking coding knowledge. 

  • Top Non-Coding IT Jobs

    The following list provides some of the best jobs in IT without programming requirements:

    1. Data Analyst

    One of the best jobs in the sector is that of a Data Analyst. These skilled professionals help organizations make data-driven decisions that increase revenue, market size, and profits. They analyze enormous data sets and resolve issues related to customers. Some of the critical responsibilities of a data analyst are as follows: 

    • Developing and maintaining databases 
    • Using tools for data extraction from sources
    • Fixing coding errors 
    • Eliminating corrupted data
    • Rearranging the data into a readable format 
    • Carrying out data analysis 
    • Using statistical tools for identifying and interpreting trends in complex data sets 
    • Preparing analysis reports 

    Skills Required

    • Knowledge of statistics 
    • Understanding of Econometrics
    • Familiarity with statistical packages like SPSS, SAS, and MS Excel for data set analysis
    • Proficiency in data models and data mining techniques 
    • Knowledge of Tableau, ClickView, Qlik, Power BI, and Data Studio
    • Familiarity with Hadoop, Apache Spark, and other platforms
    • Advanced mathematical skills s


    Some of the best benefits of a data analyst job include the following:

    • They are always in high demand.
    • Data analysts enjoy high salary perks.
    • They contribute to the decision-making process. 
    • They find multiple opportunities for promotions.

    Job Outlook

    According to BLS (The Bureau of Labor and Statistics), the number of hired Data Analysts is expected to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2030, representing a much sharper increase than other professions.


    National average salary: $65,520 per annum

    2. Scrum Master 

    Responsible for ensuring that team members adopt Agile practices, a scrum master addresses all facets of the agile development process. They serve the business and facilitate communication and collaboration between team members. It is one of the best non-coding jobs in the IT sector. 

    Some of the key responsibilities of a scrum master are as follows:

    • Lead the daily standups
    • Hold sprint planning meetings that demand effective planning
    • Coach the entire team on Agile principles 
    • Adopt practices that increase the productivity of the team

    Skills Required

    • Knowledge of conducting backlog meetings, sprint planning, and team review
    • Understanding of Scrum values, principles and practices.
    • Teamwork ability
    • Coaching skills
    • Effective communication and negotiation skills


    As a Certified Scrum Master, you have the benefit of motivating and leading your team. With the right expertise, you can work as a Scrum Master while carrying out project management responsibilities. It gives you a competitive edge.

    Job Outlook

    Scrum master skill demand is expected to grow at 49.8 percent over the next two years. 


    National average salary: $117,527 per annum

    3. IT Business Analyst 

    Business Analyst determines the requirements of processes and tools for project completion. You do not require any coding knowledge to excel in this field. Some of the primary responsibilities for this position will be as follows:

    • They actively assess current operations, products, systems, and services to suggest higher efficiency strategies. 
    • Business analysts guide businesses by enhancing their processes, services, products, and software via data analysis
    • They create an in-depth analysis of the companies, outline the problems, and provide solutions. 
    • They actively participate in budgeting, planning, forecasting, monitoring, and reporting. 

    Skills Required

    • Analytical and critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Negotiation skills
    • Familiarity with cost-benefit analysis
    • Knowledge of database and SQL


    Business Analysts explain complex change processes. They have the perk of influencing business requirements and helping owners understand the required changes. You can also pursue this job on a remote basis. 

    Job Outlook

    The data analyst job is expected to grow by 22% by 2030, in contrast to other related positions, such as budget and management analysts, which would grow by 5% and 14%, respectively. 


    National average salary: $82,327 per annum

    4. Project Manager 

    It is one of the most reputable non-coding jobs in the IT sector. Project managers are tasked with planning projects. They are responsible for the following:

    • Ensuring the projects are executed on time and are consistent with the roadmap via different stages
    • Daily evaluation of employees
    • Guiding team members and motivating them towards the success of the organization
    • IT project managers ensure that team members share the project vision and goals. 

    Skills Required

    • Effective communication
    • Negotiation 
    • Risk management
    • Time management
    • Leadership
    • Technical expertise
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem-solving


    As a project manager, you get to expand your skill set with every project by collaborating with cross-functional teams. The position is entitled to lucrative salary offers. 

    Job Outlook

    The employment of project management professionals is expected to grow by 7 percent from 2021 to 2031. 


    National average salary: $76,895 per annum

    5. QA Tester

    These skilled professionals test document issues that can hinder the user experience with the software. You do not require advanced coding skills for this job. They play an essential part in software development. Their primary responsibilities include the following :

    • Ensuring the end product is high quality
    • Conducting post-release testing
    • Analyzing the system specifications
    • Executing test scripts 
    • Evaluating the product code as per the requirements 
    • Reporting errors and bugs to the development teams

    Skills Required

    • Experience in QA methodology 
    • Profound knowledge of project management
    • Expertise in Agile frameworks and regression testing
    • Familiarity with test management software such as qTest and Zephyr
    • Understanding of the SDLC- Systems Development Life Cycle 


    A QA tester develops technical skills over time. Moreover, they develop a habit of organizing data and acquiring skills highly valued in various industries. Besides earning lucrative compensation, they have the advantage of easily switching industries. 

    Job Outlook

    The QA tester job is expected to grow by 25% between 2021 and 2031. Its growth is much faster than average. 


    National average salary: $89,978 per annum

    6. UX Designers

    These professionals ensure an appealing outlook of products. They aim to design software, platforms, or applications that meet user requirements. The following are the key responsibilities of a UX designer

    • Conducting concept and usability testing
    • Defining the right interaction model 
    • Evaluating the success of adopted practices
    • Creating personas via user research
    • Developing wireframes and prototypes
    • Building storyboards for effective conceptualize of designs 
    • Implementing designs with UI designers
    • Communicating prototypes and design ideas to developers

    Skills Required

    • Understanding of web technologies
    • Knowledge of wireframing tools like UXPin, Adobe XD, Figma
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Design Expert Evaluation techniques  
    • Knowledge of the SDLC-software development life cycle
    • Fluency in different software platforms


    The best benefits of UX designer jobs include the following:

    • You learn more than just design skills. 
    • You get a chance to impact the lives of the masses. 
    • UX designers drive business growth and work with new technologies. 
    • Your potential earnings increase as you add years of experience to your resume. 

    Job Outlook

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the demand for UX designers will increase by 3% year-on-year through 2028.  


    National average salary: $96,948 per annum

    7. Digital Marketing 

    SEO Specialists, Content Marketers, Influencers, and other related positions come under Digital Marketing. They work towards increasing engagement, website traffic, and lead volume. They have the following responsibilities:

    • Creating quality content that lures traffic. 
    • Developing strategies to enhance search engine results rankings. 
    • Collecting and analyzing data to recognize trends 
    • Collaborating with the web development team to ensure best practices are being followed
    • Determining measurable goals and assessing improvement.
    • Monitoring performance metrics by employing tools like Google Analytics.

    Skills Required

    • Basic understanding of web designs
    • Knowledge of search engines and social media platforms  
    • Proficiency in tools such as Google Analytics and other related tools


    Digital marketing jobs don't seek a lot of time. They provide you with ample time to enjoy the daily pleasures of living. You find multiple career opportunities in addition to promising salary packages. Moreover, this non-coding job is skill-based. You do not require a degree. Rather, acquiring skills and getting certified provides a much-needed competitive advantage. These jobs come with the utmost level of flexibility in terms of working hours.

    Job Outlook

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that digital marketing occupations will grow at a rate of 8% between 2020 and 2030. 


    National average salary: $58,510 per annum

  • Is there any course without coding?

    Yes, many non-coding courses offer a range of options to build a career in both the non-tech and tech fields. Coding is the new trend in the tech industry; however, many career-building courses do not require the learners to have coding knowledge, and some of these courses are:

  • What is a non-coding job?

    A non-coding job is where the professional does not require coding knowledge and skills to perform day-to-day responsibilities. These types of jobs are basically non-tech jobs, and a few examples are:

    • Project Manager

    • Business Analysts 

    • Market Research Analyst

    • UI/UX Specialist

    • Graphic Designer 

    • Data Analysts 

    • QA Analyst 

    • Operating Systems Manager 

    • Game Tester

    • Search Engine Optimization Specialist or Search Engines Experts 

    • Network Support Specialist 

    • Technical Writer

    • Tech Journalist 

    • Cyber Security Specialists

  • Which technology is good without coding?

    There are some technologies that do not require prior knowledge of programming languages, so professionals without coding skills can easily build their tech careers in these respective fields.

    • Project Management

    • Digital Marketing

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Data Science 

    • Product Management

    • Business Management 

    • Social Media Marketing 

    • Business Analysis

    • Search Engine Marketing 

    • Software Testing

    • System Administration

    • IT Network (Hardware and Software)

    • Marketing And Sales Management

    • User Experience

    • Mobile Applications 

    • QA Testing 

  • What are the highest-paying non-coding jobs in 2023?

    People assume that non-coding technical jobs do not have high salary packages, but they are wrong. There are many highest-paying non-coding jobs in the year 2023, but the best ones are:

    • Data Analyst

    • IT Business Analyst

    • Project Managers 

    • QA Tester

    • Digital Marketing Expert

    • Scrum Master

    • UX Designer

    • Product Manager

    • Software Quality Tester 

    • Game Tester

    • System Administrator 

    • Technical Writing Expert 

    • Tech Journalist 

    • Graphic Designer

    • Content Marketing Manager

    • Search Engine Optimization Specialist 

  • What are non-coding IT jobs?

    Non-coding IT jobs are where professionals do not require programming skills for their job roles. Even if they have a technical job and work in the areas of information technology or IT, they do not require coding skills to perform daily tasks. Some of the best examples of non-coding tech jobs are:

    • Data Analyst

    • Scrum Master

    • UX Designer

    • UI Designer

    • IT Business Analyst 

    • QA Tester

    • Graphic Designer

    • IT Support Specialist 

    • System Administrator 

  • What are non-coding courses for freshers?

    Non-coding courses for freshers are training programs where learners who wish to build a non-coding career explore various topics and skills in the areas of their choice. Non-coding courses focus on the skills learners must acquire to enter the professional world. Some examples are:

    • Business Marketing Courses

    • Digital Marketing Courses

    • Project Management Courses

    • Product Management Courses

    • Graphic Design Courses

    • Business Administration Courses

    • Management Courses

    • Marketing and Sales Courses

    • Data Analysis Courses 

  • What are some of the non-coding cloud jobs?

    Many freshers do not realize they can build a career in cloud computing without coding knowledge. While the cloud is considered an area for tech-savvy professionals, a non-coding professional can easily begin a career with cloud jobs that require zero coding skills. The many tech careers that a non-coding professional can begin with are:

    • Scrum Master

    • Agile Project Manager

    • Cloud Security Specialist

    • DevOps Specialist

    • IT Business Analyst

    • Cloud Architect

    • Software Tester

  • Can one survive in the IT industry without coding?

    One of those frequent questions asked by non-coding professionals, it is indeed possible to survive in the IT industry without any coding language. This is because several job positions in the IT sector do not rely on codes for day-to-day operations and, instead, rely on advanced technologies and software tools. So, even without coding skills, building a career in the IT industry is quite easy.

  • Which technology is best in the future without coding?

    The future of technology is not solely dependent on coding; therefore, the best technologies that can become the best future career options for non-coding professionals are:

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Digital Marketing

    • Blockchain Technology

    • Product Management

    • UX/UI Design

    • Graphic Design

    • Marketing And Management 

  • Is there no future of jobs without coding?

    If learners think there is no future in jobs without coding, they are absolutely wrong. Coding is not the only key to a successful career. Besides coding, professionals with industry-relevant tech skills can have a brighter future than skilled professionals. Non-coding jobs in digital marketing, project management, product management, graphic design, busines analysis, software development etc., are breaking barriers and helping professionals build lucrative careers in the tech sector.

  • Which courses in IT don't require coding?

    There are some of the best IT or information technology jobs that do not require coding skills at all. Therefore, there are IT courses that do not focus on coding skills and instead let the learners explore the latest technologies and tools and acquire professional skills. The top IT non-coding courses are:

    • Project Management Courses

    • Business Marketing Courses 

    • Product Management Courses 

    • Digital Marketing Courses 

    • Business Analysis Courses 

    • Business Administration Courses 

  • Is it hard to learn to code?

    Coding languages are often introduced through school curriculums, and initially, learners find coding a bit difficult. But as they proceed with skill-building courses, coding becomes the easiest thing to do. Platforms like Simplilearn make it easier to learn coding skills and prepare for the professional world. Simplilearn's coding courses and bootcamps partnered with leading world institutions, offer the best learning experience.

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