While physical data centers and server rooms have been phased out, cloud computing platforms are in strong demand. According to the tech news site TechRepublic, roughly two-thirds of large companies are migrating business apps and data storage to cloud solutions. More than half of those firms' IT departments are focused on moving to the cloud as a strategic priority.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are the three primary cloud services used by companies to manage their use of cloud computing. An experienced cloud management team is essential for a company's success, from application development and resource allocation to effective utilization of cloud service capabilities.

Some of the typical tasks that a cloud engineer performs on a daily basis are listed along with information about cloud engineer salary and the necessary education, roles, and responsibilities.

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What Does a Cloud Engineer Do?

A cloud engineer is a member of the IT staff tasked with setting up and managing a cloud computing environment. Specific positions for Cloud Engineers include Cloud Architecture, Cloud Development, Cloud Administration, etc.

In recent years, cloud computing has become commonplace. When it comes to technology, you're more than likely already familiar with cloud computing. Cloud technology has made it feasible for people to watch or listen to their favorite streaming services, use an online email platform, or back up their phone photos to the internet. A cloud engineer works behind the scenes to ensure that everything is working properly.

Skills Required to Be a Cloud Engineer

It is necessary for all Cloud Engineers to be proficient in the following skill sets:

  • Linux: The Linux operating system is widely used for cloud development and requires cloud developers to have a good command of the language. Engineers working on cloud platforms should be familiar with Linux server architecture, administration, and management.
  • Networking: Cloud engineers should have a working knowledge of virtual networks and network management.
  • Database skills: Cloud database administration abilities and familiarity with MySQL and Hadoop are essential for cloud engineers.
  • Programming: Strong general programming skills and awareness of programming languages such as SQL, Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails (Golang) are necessary for cloud engineers to be successful.
  • DevOps: A grasp of DevOps principles, which is a common foundation for cloud engineering, might be beneficial to employers. Cloud providers, in particular Amazon Web Services (AWS), are always on the lookout for DevOps experts.
  • Understanding of cloud service providers: If a cloud engineer is interested in becoming more marketable, they should familiarize themselves with the many cloud features and engineering methods offered by various service providers.
  • Security and recovery: Cloud security is an increasing concern for service providers, and having some familiarity with cybersecurity in the cloud is a plus.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

Listed below are some of the most common duties of cloud computing specialists in high demand.

Cloud Engineering

An organization's IT infrastructure is assessed, and cloud migration options are explored by those in cloud engineering roles. A cloud engineer is accountable for managing and sustaining the organization's transfer to the cloud, which is referred to as migration.

Cloud Architecture

Thes job roles are primarily responsible for building the cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing has a wide range of computation, networking, and security services that must be configured correctly. A company's configuration serves two important functions: ensuring that only the proper people have access to the relevant services and avoiding unexpected or excessive costs.

Cloud Administration

They are comparable to typical system administrators, except they focus on cloud-based services instead of managing on-premise gear and software. It is their job to set policies for cloud service use, manage demand for additional technology, provide a safe environment for cloud services, and ensure that services are available at all times, also referred to as uptime.

Cloud Development

Cloud-based functions, applications, and databases are created via these roles. Many of the best practices, such as utilizing as little memory as possible and supporting numerous Internet browsers, can be compared to more traditional software and network design methods and techniques.

Companies That Hire Cloud Engineers

Despite SaaS offerings from the biggest cloud computing suppliers, many firms still require in-house cloud computing experts to operate their cloud infrastructures. Job opportunities are increasing on both the vendor and client sides of the business.

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Many companies in a variety of industries are looking to hire cloud computing experts. The following is a list of the top 10 cloud computing companies presently seeking new employees.

Sr. No








Accounting and Professional Services



Professional Services and Technology









Professional Services and Technology



Accounting and Professional Services









Accounting and Professional Services

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Cloud Engineer Salaries for Freshers and Experienced Professionals

As of June 3, 2022, the average annual cloud engineer salary in the US is $121,205, with a $10,500 annual bonus.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cloud engineer salary in India is INR 5.5 lakhs. Similarly, the average cloud engineer salary in Canada is $98,636 per year.

Azure, AWS, and Google are the three most popular cloud service providers. Following are some of the most typical salaries offered to Cloud Engineers:

Cyber Security Roles


Pay Per Annum

Cloud Application Architect



Cloud-Native Architect



Senior Cloud Engineer

JPMorgan Chase


Cloud Engineer



Cloud Operation



Cloud Developer



Cloud Engineer



Cloud Solution Professionals


$89,149 - $183,116

Program Managers Or Sales Engineers


$134,000 - $174,000

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1. Which career path should a cloud engineer follow?

If you're a Cloud Engineer, you can work in many different roles, from a cloud architect/network and a computer engineer to a cloud security expert. Obtaining any of these positions is a significant accomplishment for Cloud Engineers.

2. Is cloud engineering a viable career path?

Cloud engineers and the roles they play are in high demand due to the burgeoning cloud technology market and the widespread adoption of cloud computing by businesses of all sizes.

3. Why should you pursue a career as a cloud engineer?

Cloud engineers are in high demand right now, owing in large part to the fact that so many businesses are migrating their operations to the cloud. Cloud engineers are in high demand as more and more companies move their data storage to the cloud.

4. Is cloud computing a suitable choice for freshers?

Yes, it's a great choice for starters. The demand for cloud computing professionals is so high that there is no scarcity of work or employment in any sector or company.

5. What role does Linux play in cloud computing?

Linux accounts for 90% of all cloud computing platforms. This operating system is used by nearly all servers and embedded devices nowadays. Any cloud architect, cloud engineer, network engineer, or network architect should have a working grasp of Linux in their portfolio.


Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving topic that is currently in high demand within the IT industry. You can have a rewarding career helping companies stay on the cutting edge of technology by learning how to deal with the cloud.

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