.Automation and other technologies have become the norm at enterprises, making certain IT skills are irrelevant; people are realizing that re-skilling is no longer a mere buzzword. Employees are moving out of their comfort zones to take ownership of their careers and investing in learning new skills.

Yet learning requires dedication and discipline. You will be more successful if you make constant learning a part of your lifestyle. If you’re ready to make an investment in your career, here are five tips to help you kick-start your learning journey and ensure you stick with it.

1. If you have been doing the same kind of job for the last 3 years or more, it’s time to ask yourself if your skills are still in demand. Find out what the future looks like for your job and skills and determine which skills you should learn to increase your salary potential or get promoted in the coming year.

2. Stay focused on learning a new skill by knowing the outcome you want to achieve. Identify the bigger purpose of your learning. Ask yourself where new skills might take you. Knowing your purpose will keep you motivated and on track.

3. Ditch traditional methods of learning and try something new. Choose courses that let you practice as you learn because hands-on activities help you retain your lessons. Complement your learning with projects, watch informative videos by industry thought leaders, read blogs and attend webinars.

4. Challenge yourself. Map out the skills you want to learn throughout the year and set deadlines for your learning goals. Having deadlines to adhere to keeps you accountable and increases your confidence as you check items off your list.

5. Share your goals and what you learn with your manager, your spouse, a friend at work, or even strangers in the virtual world who have similar interests. As you share, people around you will support you and give feedback, motivating you even more on your learning journey.

Make 2018 the year of continuous learning, let it become part of your lifestyle and bring in opportunities.

This article was first published on LinkedIn Pulse.